Mensla - Player Report: Commanding Officer - Hanna Von Rosenberg, Rule 3. Community Expectations, Rule 11. Marine Law

Mensla - Player Report: Hanna Von Rosenberg, Rule 3. Community Expectations, Rule 11. Marine Law

What’s your BYOND key?


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Mark Levine

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Accused character name:

Hanna Von Rosenberg

What rule(s) were broken?:

Rule 3. Community Expectations, Rule 11. Marine Law

Description of the incident:

I was playing as the CMP on the round and a dead rat was in briefing. Everyone, including myself, were beating it, stabbing it, etcetera. We all settle down and go our ways and the Major enters the briefing hall, sees a marine dragging the dead rat, and then immediately orders their arrest for animal cruelty. I inquire as to why and try to reason with her saying that rats spread diseases which can be a burden to the medical team and their resources. She then points to the other two MP in the briefing hall and orders my arrest for neglect of duty and insubordination. She then threatens to BE all of MP if they don’t arrest me (they hadn’t said a single world in protest and were going to perform the arrest).

I find this to be unbecoming of a whitelisted role. The CO did not do any investigation at all into who actually killed the rat, she just made a split-second decision which could’ve ruined someone’s round due to how long the animal cruelty charge is. The CO also should not threaten most of a department with a battlefield execution as they’re a serious matter and killing three MP is effectively crippling the department. I also highly disagree with it being “animal cruelty” as the rat’s description even says “a disease ridden rodent”. No one should be punished for pest control.


Screenshot - 4f0461892ddf8e2d6a31a98f321981c4 - Gyazo - Threatening to BE all of MP


Everyone, including myself, were beating it, stabbing it, etcetera.

This report has been passed to the CO council. Logs still needed for the time being.


can confirm, i was one of the MPs who she pointed at.
also got screenshots of the threat

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Hey there, I’m the CO in question.

I was walking into the hall and I saw a Marine stabbing a rat over and over again, it was really disturbing.

Then I saw that Marine doing that in front of three MPs, I pointed the CMP and ordered for that Marine’s arrest for Animal Cruelty.

CMP claimed that rat isn’t an animal… That moment I realised I shouldn’t argue with him. I called over the other MP, ordered CMP’s arrest for NoD and Insub.

About BE threat, it wasn’t a threat but a legal BE warning, we have to warn the other party before performing the BE. Given that three MPs watching a Marine stabbing a rat over and over again in briefing hall without any warning or charge, is enough for me to think that CMP and MPs are rather incompetent or corrupt. I was afraid of MPs would refuse CMP’s arrest order since they already ignored a major crime, therefore I thought I have to show some authority to make them intimidated.

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These events happened roughly as described. There was also an appeal filed and faxed by Mensla’s character, Mark Levine, to Provost, however as I was the only staff actively online at the time, it received no reply [Trial Mod].


Rats do not fall under the purview of the animal cruelty charge. The charge states:

Injuring or killing any domestic animal or wild life with malicious intent. Research monkeys used for chemical research, scientific purposes or hostile wildlife are exempt.

Rats are not domesticated animals. Nor are they wild life as they’re not from the native fauna.

And again, I never refused to perform the arrest, I was just attempting to argue on behalf of the marine.

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I was not seeing the rat being attacked, I was interacting with the marines in front of me, that’s why it took so long for me to realize you were calling us over.

The CO Council has investigated this report and has found the reported party, NessiePendragon, not liable for their actions in this player report. The Commanding Officer is the highest authority of Marine Law on a ship - if they say to do something, do it, and ask for justification later. Refusing a direct order by the Commanding Officer is insubordination; coupled with participating in a crime (Animal Cruelty has been determined as a valid charge due to mutilation), the CO’s threat to perform a BE was justified.

This report has been denied - no action needed.