Mensla - Staff Report: Enforcement Action Taken - Clairion

Mensla - Staff Report: Enforcement Action Taken - Clairion

What’s your BYOND key:


Round ID:

Initial round:16931
Continuation of PMs:16934

Your character name:

Mark Levine

Their BYOND key:


What are you reporting?:

Enforcement Action Taken

Description of the incident:

A PO decided to abandon marines on the ground and caused the death of 15-20 marines. After the PO decided to murder those marines, everyone started calling for the arrest and the lynching of the PO all the way back to the ship. I, after being treated in the med-bay, saw him and slammed him in the wall and went to look for the Alamo. I failed to find the Alamo and returned to the med-bay, where I saw a marine stabbing him, so I stabbed the PO once. Some time later, the hijack occurred and I went to the med-bay. A doctor, who was in the med-bay treating him, took him out of the OT and dropped him outside of the med-bay, at which point I took him and stuffed him into a locker. Roughly 15 seconds after doing this, the xeno dropship crash-landed nearby and I podded out.

The reason for my warning was:
“Rule 4: Griefing. Noted. In a round where there was a botched evac the PO that did that evac was in medbay recieving treatment after getting attacked. Player took the PO out of medbay while they were still wounded and shoved them into a locker, hiding the body and letting the PO die in there. Player was told to not do stuff like this and to stick with more conventional means of venting frustration over a botched evac in the future.”

I personally did not take the PO out of the med-bay, I told the doctor to leave him and run (if memory serves). The doctor then brought him out of the medbay and dropped him in the hallway near briefing and I dragged him, went to pods, put him in a locker, and ejected. The dropship landed roughly 15 seconds after the locker incident and the round crashed about five minutes after this. The time from the doctor taking him out of the med-bay to me putting him in the locker was about a minute. The admin makes the statement that I left him with no chance of survival. It wouldn’t matter if I left him by the med-bay or in the locker, there were no other marines around and he would’ve perma’d regardless.

I disagree with this ruling as the rule states in first sentence, “Griefing is the intent of one player wanting to cause grief or annoyance to other players or the server without a valid roleplay reason.” I did have a valid roleplay reason, as with numerous other people. If a marine caused the deaths of numerous other marines with no evacuation ordered and with a secure FOB (note, the departure of the DS caused a people to rush the DS en-masse and the FOB fell), that would (and did) generate outrage. People were calling for the death of the PO and I assisted others in doing this. I feel that the warning is unfair as I had an in-context roleplay reason for this.

Edit: Sentence clarity and misspellings


Round logs. Wish I had the ID for you but numerous crashes occurred in the span of a few minutes.

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Heya! I don’t think there is too much for me to add since you do line out the situation pretty clearly.
Looking at your testimony again combined with the logs it does appear the the doctor was taking them out of the operating room and ended up dropping them at your request in the briefing area. So I actually got that wrong in the note.
I’d be totally willing to amend that and reword the note regarding it, but I do stand by my conclusion that taking the POs body and stuffing them into a locker does cross the line into griefing territory.
And I personally dont think the botched evac around 10 minutes before you stuffing them into the locker is enough RP reason.

P.S. I edited the report to add the roundID’s to the report for easier logpulling. I believe the PMs were only in those two rounds but it might be worth checking if any were sent in the really short rounds in-between. (The server crashed a few times).

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Hi the PO here i want to say that i was alive for a short while before you stole my body and put it the locker i died mid way being taken from medbay so no i would not have gone perma if you did not ask the doc to leave me to die

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Hey, thanks for the response. The griefing warning was levied against me for where I dumped your dead body, hope that clarifies what I’m reporting.

Well before the described incident, the pilot is killed:

4 minutes after the PO has already been killed, Mark finds his body:

Immediately, the previous attacker comes back to kill him a second time, during which Mark also decides to join in (after throwing him several times)

Note: I do believe this would be IE

Gretta performs surgery:

Mark intervenes:

One minute later with intent:

Thank you for the more in-depth logs. I, unfortunately, had not realized he had been killed earlier. If I would’ve known then I most certainly wouldn’t have bothered him.

However, I do still believe that my intentions were not to annoy the player or ruin their game. I wasn’t privy to this earlier killing and as such, decided to take matters into my own hands without knowing that someone had already done.

In regards to the final two messages, I stand by them. My character was angry at the PO for what they had done.

Note will be amended regarding the doctor dragging the PO at first, but the warning will stand. Textbook IE, please follow proper escalation (which is described on our Rules Page) next time.