Mentor Application - 18flighM

Mentor Application - 18flighM

Byond CKEY:


Discord ID:


Character Name(s):

Maki ‘Sushi’ Dinkelvert

Why do you want to become a Mentor?:

I love teaching new players and have always taught new players in medical roles such as nurse and researcher as well as having taught new PVT’s in my extensive time playing SL. I would love to continue to help teach new people with a official role and the tools to more effectively help people.

What gameplay areas do you know and which areas are you strong and weak in?:

Strengths -
Medical / Research - I am very competent in both medical and research roles being able to know all of the Surgery’s custom chem’s and the ways to treat injured marines being able to deal with multiple injured marines at once (I have also spent allot of doctor rounds teaching new nurses the basics of medbay). As well as being proficient at most areas of research being able to create custom chems, do botany and make Greenos without much issue.

Military police - I have got a decent amount of hours on MP roles mainly as Normal officers and as the warden. I have a decent understanding of ML and how it is applied and used ingame as well as understanding all of the game side mechanics of a MP.

Engineering - I have a solid grasp on all of the construction and building mechanics of a MT or Comtech.

Requisitions - I don’t have a huge amount of hours playing as a CT however i am able to understand how to use the vendors and create frontline and FOB drops for the marine force having spent a decent amount of time managing req as a SO.

Command / JTAC - I like to think i am competent at command having a decent amount of hours playing XO and SO enough to be able to understand CIC completly and teach a new SO/XO how to play the roles. As well having a large amount of Squad leader hours meaning i have a good grasp on how to use JTAC and coordinate with mortar/CAS and OB’s (Haven’t hit the fob yet).

Weaknesses -
Xenos - I have never particuly enjoyed the Xenos game play preferring to Roleplay and communicate with my fellow marine players. However i think i have enough of a understanding of the Xenos side of the game play to teach a New player the basic mechanics roles and ability’s of the xeno side of CM

OT - I have not played a huge amount of time on the OT role and it is probly my weakest area. However i think i am able to take still a newplayer though the basics of the role and making Maxcap grenades and rockets. (playing research helps me understand the basic principal of the role)

How often are to able to play CM?:

I play mostly between 5-10pm GMT in the week and 6-11GMT on the weekend

A screenshot or transcript of your human and xeno playtimes:

Human Hours -

Squad Leader 116.7 hr
Doctor 98.5 hr
Researcher 68.1 hr
Executive Officer 49.7 hr
Staff Officer 49.3 hr
Intelligence Officer 25.8 hr
Rifleman 20.5 hr
Combat Technician 14.1 hr
Military Police 13.1 hr
Smartgunner 12.7 hr
Chief Medical Officer 11.9 hr
Pilot Officer 10.2 hr
Cargo Technician 7.9 hr
Hospital Corpsman 6.5 hr
Chief MP 6.3 hr
Military Warden 6.2 hr
Maintenance Technician 4.9 hr
Fireteam Leader 3.4 hr
Corporate Liaison 3.1 hr
Veteran Honor Guard 2.1 hr
Nurse 1.5 hr
Ordnance Technician 1.5 hr
Weapons Specialist 1.3 hr
Survivor 0.9 hr
Chief Engineer 0.6 hr
Mortar Crew 0.4 hr

Xenos hours -

Praetorian 5.1 hr
Bloody Larva 2.0 hr
Spitter 1.8 hr
Drone 1.6 hr
Boiler 1.4 hr
Sentinel 1.4 hr
Warrior 1.3 hr
Defender 1.2 hr
Lurker 0.7 hr
Runner 0.4 hr
Facehugger 0.3 hr
Hivelord 0.3 hr
Burrower 0.1 hr
Lesser Drone 0.1 hr


Anything else you’d like to add?:

I don’t have anything else to add but feel free to ask me questions.


I can vouch for Maki’s ability to mentor and do it well. Whenever I can’t spare the time to teach new nurses as CMO and Maki is on the shift, she’s more than willing to take over their training and from what I’ve seen, she’s been nothing but lovely towards her students and comprehensive in her lessons. Big +1 from me. If she doesn’t get the mentor role, I will riot.

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I do not know you very well so I will ask you some questions.

Q1) You are ghosted and your see a doctor struggling with surgery what do you do?

Q2) You are playing SEA, and you have a private that shot you what is your next action?

Q3) You are helping a doc in surgery, and he is lost very lost how do you find where he is at in the surgery?

Q1) - If i see a struggling doctor when i have ghosted i would use the imaginary friend tool and introduce myself as a part of the doctors imagination. I would then ask the doctor what’s wrong and then once i know what’s wrong would help them figure out what to do.

Q2) - If i was shot by a PVT that i was trying to teach, I would make sure to tell them to be carful when they are using firearms then i would teach them how to use the saftey function on there gun to avoid any further accidents. If the private deliberately shot me and didn’t stop arfter the first shoot i would flash and restrain them then get a MP to supervise the rest of the training arfter making it very clear in OOC that CM is not the kind of server where you can just shoot people. Explaing to them how there are roleplay standers. If they dont stop arfter explaning this to them i would let the MP’s deal with them.

Q3) - If a doctor is very lost in surgery there are a few ways to tell where they are in the surgery first i would ask them to go through all the steps that they have completed to see if i can tell where they have gone wrong. Helpfully once they have explained they have gone wrong i would be able to tell where they in the surgery and explain to them how to finish said surgery from there current step. If they are not able to explain it well and i am with them i can always check chat log to see what they have done. And if i have just arrived to help them and so cant see the surgery chat log as a last resort i would tell them to stop quickly and try out a hemostat or somthing on the surgery as it tells you the next step you can complete so i can help from there.

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Solid alpha SL and other supportive roles. +1

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shes based, would be a great mentor. +1

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I like your answers plus 1 from me.

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+1. Maki is a superb candidate - I’ve found them reliable and competent in pretty much every role I have encounter them in. I have full faith they’ll work well with newbies in marine, medical, and command positions.

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I’ve seen Maki around IG ALOT, great Doc and Alpha SL. Def a +1 from me. Superb Candidate as People have said before me.

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Seen Maki quite a bit, specially as Alpha SL and Doctor. They are great at it, and can vouch for their abilities to teach and help new players.

I will ask some few questions about the Xenos tho considering the hours.

Q1: Hello, it’s my first time playing xeno, how do i cap marines?

Q2: I have devoured a marine and cant spit it out, what do i do?

Q3: First time being Queen, what should i be doing?

Q4: I’m a lesser drone and cant place weeds, what am i doing wrong?

Q1: Player mhelps that they were reverse bursted by a marine after devouring, despite them still having a lot of health, they need an explanation why this happened.

Q2: Another asks why they werent inmidietly exthinguished from being on fire after resisting in the river.

Q3: Third one asks why they can only pounce a couple tiles as runner/lurker.

Q1 (How to cap a marine) - I would tell them to start with that not all classes of xenos are desgined for getting caps for the hive. I would tell them the main casts that actively get caps are lurker, runner, wayor and to a lesser degree drone having the tools to easly cap marines. If they where playing a diffrent role i would explain them the function of the role they are playing such as if they where playing hivelord i would probly explain to them that casts role.
Runner - I would tell them that the runner’s main way to cap marines is by pouncing on lone or duos in the back lines where you can use the pounce ability to stun a marine then you have to use the disarm intent and click on the downed marine to keep them down then you can control click the downed marine and click on your sprite to start devouring them. While you devoure them make sure to press X to switch to a empty hand and keep clicking them untill you have fully devoured them. Once they are devouerd you can take them to the hive to cap them.
Lurker - I would say a similar thing for people playing lurker however i would explian that due to lurkers having the option to go invisable they can set up there initial pounces much better. (I would also tell them to make sure to pouch while they are invisable for the best results). I would then give them a similar set of steps to with my runner explanation.
Wayor - The wayor caps abit diffrent to the lurker and runner being much more of a frontline class than a backline class. I would explain wayors get a lunge ability with lets them rush forward to a marine in a similar way to a pounce however the diffrence is you tend to be much more in the line of fire and you start of holding the marine. To avoid getting killed as soon as you have a marine you want to move backwards into your lines of resin to avoid getting killed while you attempt to devour and cap them. While you are pulling back to safety. Once you are behind a resin door or two quick start to devour them by moving to the full hand in your hotbar and clicking on yourself. Make sure to keep disarm spamming them and once they are devouerd you can take them to the hive to fully cap / hug.
I would also make the not that if you are attemtping to cap on the front near a hugger trap egg or carrier you are able to drag a marine over to one of those 3 things to frontline hug them. This nocks out the marine as they get hugged making the capping easier for you.

Q2 How to spit out a devourd marine - I would tell them that at the top right of there screen there a bunch of icons. The second icon from the left that looks like a xenos head with sick or acid coming out there mouth is the regurgitate icon and if you click it you will instantly spit out the marine.

Q3 Queen first tips - (I have to be honest i have played very little queen so can only say what i belive to be correct) The first thing i would tell a new queen to do is make sure to place the hivecore where they want to build there hive. you can build the hivecore by selecting the order contruction icon at the top left of the screen being the one that is 5 icons across. Then make sure you are building one weeds and then middel mouse click where you want to build the hivecore. Once it has been placed make sure to add plasma and get any drones to add plasma to finish the consturction. Once the hive core is up you are able to use your oviposter witch is the Stratigic section of playing queen. You will also start to lay eggs wich you can pick up to place or let drones or pick up to place. From your ovi poster your fellow xenos are gaining evo points that let them evolve to stronger castes. You should then set expierinced xenos as hive leaders so that they can help you to coordinate your hive.
Once you have your Hive leaders set and main hive stating being built i would say while you are on ovi you are able to use the queens eye to scout and act outside of the hive. and that the queens eye lets you build weeds and resin structers remotly to help your hive.
Finaly while you are on ovi as you are directing your hive on there orders to face the marine threat you can place resin markers that all xenos can see and go to. This allows you to tell your hive where to go to fight the marines pull back or flank.
The second part of queen is being able to fight. I would say that as you are a new queen i would suggest to not get into a fight unless your hive is being very close to being cleard. When you fight you are mainly able to use your screech and powerfull pheromens to support your hive. Screech when marines are pushing or when you want to flank the marine force to nock a bunch of them down for a breif time. This creats a oppertuinty to kill a few marines or to captuer key/important marien roles such as sadars and outher specs.
I would finaly remind them that while they have alot of health and amour they are atculy surpirsingly easly killable as the marines will focus a queen so to make sure to be carful and not overextend and die.

Q4 lesser drones being able to place weeds - From my understanding lesser drones are only able to plant weeds on already weeded tiles. they cant start there own new patch. So i would just tell them to plant where they are already weeds.

Q1 - From my understaning once you get to 1/4 health left as a xenos that has devouerd a marine there becomes a chance for you to instantly revers burst when they try to hit your stoumch wall. I would tell them about this chance to instant burst even with some health left and then go on to tell them to make sure to spit out and heal if you are getting to a low health threashold to prevent any attempted revers burst.

Q2 - Agin from my understand for you to get instantly extinguiesd you need to be on a tile that is entierly a river tile. So on maps like lv-624 you can been on the edge of a river wich looks like it should count as a river , however it will not atculy instantly extinguish untill you move further into the river.

Q3 - I will be honest and say that i dont really know why they would be having this issue. I would tell them that a pounce is seven tiles (i belive) and if they are being stopped befor this ammount of tiles they might be pouncing into a obstecal such as lightpost or a tree or plant. Or they might not be clicking far enough on there screen when they try to poucne as you pounce as far as you click on the screen up to 6 tiles ( sorry about this anwser i wasent sure.)

Looking at your human hours I think they are pretty good, Combat tech is a bit low for my liking but that don’t mean you don’t know what your doing as a Combat tech

xeno hours very low, I would of added your xeno prefix so we can watch out for you as a xeno but your answers are pretty good, all I ask is just play xeno more often

If I see more xeno hours from you I could 100% see a 1+ but for now I am neutral

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You seem to have an acceptable understanding of how Xenos and most of the stuff works. I have only personally seen you as marine roles, seen you help new marines in multiple ocassions aswell as new medical personnel, you are competent and i have no doubt you will do well. I like the answers and i think you can help new players, either Marines or Xenos alike, tho i must agree i would love to see you a bit more as a Xeno, still a +1 from me.

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I just wanted to say thank you to everyone that has +1ed this app it means a lot to see people care enough to.

That is 100% a fair point and from now I’m going to work on my Xeno hours. My prefix is FM if you want to look at me playing.

Human hours look good and people seem to know you are good at marine side of things, but I am here to ask some rudimentary xeno questions as Mhelps given the lack of hours:

Q1: I clicked to join as a lesser drone but nothing happens, the queen is on ovi and the Core is built, Why is that?

Q2: Hi I am a Eggsac carrier but I cant plant eggs in most places can you help me?

Q3: I am new to Drone I don’t know How and Where to build, the Queen is urging us to build in A mark but I dont know how to get there either, help me out please.

Q1 (Why cant i join as a lesser drone) -
The reason that i can think of that a person wouldent be able to join as a lesser drone even if the queen is on ovi and there is a hive core is there is to my understanding a lesser drone cap. I wont lie i dont know what the cap is and how if it dose scale scales. But i would make sure to tell them to wait for one of the outher lesser drones to die then they should be able to join.

Q2 (why cant i place eggs in most places. -
I would tell them that eggs can only be placed on hive weeds even if you are playing a eggsac carrier. I would then go on to tell them that if they want to place eggs they need to coordinate with a hivelord to build hive clusters for them so they are able to then place eggs on the new hiveweeds.

Q3 (New drone) -
First of all i would explain to them how to build. I would tell them that at the top left of the screen there are the icons that if you click help to activate your abilitys. I would tell them next that step one is to make sure that you plant weeds. Beacuse you can only build on weeds. I would let them know that the option to plant weeds is 8 icons accros and looks like pillar with a ball ontop. I would make sure they know that weed nodes spread weeds out to a 9 by 9 area. Then i would tell them to atculy build stuff they need to select the icon 9 accros (build resin sturecture). then select the option they want to build. Finaly they need to click the hammer and spanner icon. once that icon has a green boarder they can middel click to place the building as long as you click on a tile directly next to you. then i would explain what the options do
RESIN WALL - I would explain that this is a tough option that takes up a tile of space and prevents both xenos and hummans going through it. I would go on to say that they can help to break up large ares by building 2x2 sets of resin walls as marines like to break all of the weeds befor they advance so they can help to slow ungas down. as well as that i would explian that to place a resin door it needs to be attached to a wall or resin wall. So if you want to build a resin door you need to make sure it is next to a resin wall or a normal wall
RESIN MEMBRAIn - I would explian that it is a weaker resin wall that takes less plasma to make stops hummans and xenos moving through the tile but also lets both hummans and xenos see through the tile. I would let them know that there isent really a need to ever build membrain as it is normaly better to just build a full wall. However sometimes if you need to quickly through a basic defence up it might be usful.
RESIN DOOR- I would explian works similar to resin walls however it lets xenos through it by opining up. I would also make sure they know that it needs to be next to a diffrent wall or diffrent door if you want to build it.
STICKY RESIN - I would say the name is pretty self explanitory it and that it slows marines down. and if you build it befor or arfter a wall or door it can slow a marine push down as it takes em longer to break down your buildings.
FAST RESIN - I would explian that it makes xenos move faster but also to not worry about it untill you have built up the area with walls and door first.
RESIN SPIKES - I would tell them that it causes minor damge to humans that walk on them.
I would then explian to them what marks are and how to get to them
What marks are : I would tell them that marks can only be placed down by the hive leaders or queen and it allows the queen or leaders to set a postion that all xenos are able to follow a tracker to. ( I would say it works the same as the queen tracker for xenos or SL tracker for marines and lets you follow the arrows to where the marked postion is.
How to follow a marker : I would tell them that to follow a marker you need to click the top icon in the row of icons at the middle right of the screen just abov the option that lets to set your night vision level. I would say once you click it it will bring up a menu of all of the active marks and that once you click track and go back into the main game a arrow will appear in the box you clicked that if you follow will take you to where the marker is. And from there you can use the advice i gave you on how to build.

All the answers are good enough, just be sure to refer them to wiki if there is too much to explain ( it’s there for a reason ) while telling them a short version outlining the important stuff such as the marks and how to access em and how to build while leaving the nitpicky stuff for the wiki to explain.

all in all I hope this helps with your Application. also +1 from me.

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