Mentor Application - Alakaya

Mentor Application - Alakaya

Byond CKEY:


Discord ID:


Character Name(s):

Amanda Apone

Why do you want to become a Mentor?:

I would like to become a mentor in order to assist the influx of new players that has been seen over the past few months. I would like to be able to teach them how to effectively play their roles, as well as make it fun for them to learn.

What gameplay areas do you know and which areas are you strong and weak in?:

I am strong in most areas, but the two main areas I am the best in are Medical and Combat. I am also proficient in MP roles, Command, Intel, and Engineering.

I am not the greatest at Requisitions, but I do know how to run it if need be. I haven’t played much of CT, or RO at all. But there have been dozens of times where I have helped in Req as a MT, CE, or other shipside role.

How often are to able to play CM?:

20 Hours A Week, roughly.

A screenshot or transcript of your human and xeno playtimes:

Rifleman 92.4 hr
Weapons Specialist 50.8 hr
Combat Technician 45.7 hr
Smartgunner 43.8 hr
Squad Leader 37.3 hr
Executive Officer 34.4 hr
Maintenance Technician 31.3 hr
Pilot Officer 31.1 hr
Doctor 30.8 hr
Chief MP 30.4 hr
Chief Medical Officer 20.9 hr
Intelligence Officer 15.7 hr
Chief Engineer 13.7 hr
Survivor 12.1 hr
Military Police 10.3 hr
Hospital Corpsman 10.3 hr
Staff Officer 8.0 hr
Military Warden 7.8 hr
Researcher 5.5 hr
Fireteam Leader 4.9 hr
Ordnance Technician 4.4 hr
Cargo Technician 4.3 hr
Corporate Liaison 3.9 hr
Nurse 2.0 hr
CMB Deputy 0.5 hr
Honor Guard Weapons Specialist 0.5 hr
Mess Technician

Bloody Larva 6.8 hr
Praetorian 6.7 hr
Sentinel 5.1 hr
Queen 4.2 hr
Spitter 4.0 hr
Lurker 3.8 hr
Runner 3.6 hr
Defender 3.4 hr
Drone 3.2 hr
Ravager 3.0 hr
Hivelord 2.9 hr
Warrior 2.3 hr
Boiler 1.2 hr
Hellhound 0.7 hr
Facehugger 0.6 hr
Burrower 0.5 hr

Anything else you’d like to add?:

I just would like to be able to help out new players!

Hard -1 from me.
You still have not changed from you greifing, LRP, toxic ways from your last app. I have been told you have still are being noted for such actions. I just cant blindly trust you with things mentors do if you are keeping this sort of behavior up as is. You continue self-antag, LRP and misbehave as a CMP more then a few times, broken RP a bunch, greifed people, and one time as XO make some dumb meme on a announcement, oh and I bet the list just goes on and others will also recall other thing you have done.
My big question to you is why apply for mentor when you haven’t shown us the community that you can’t behave and change to the point we should trust you to be one of the face that new players especially see and interact with us first?


Same as copper. Heavy -1.

You’ve not improved from your last application, if not gotten worse. Your LRP and toxic behavior is extremely prevalent, and not of someone who I would trust with the new players.

Your xeno hours are also on the low end.

For your next application, (if you decide to make another one.) I advise that you greatly improve on your IC, and OOC behavior, and get your xeno hours up.


My question for you then, if you believe I have done this, what examples of griefing do you have? LRP? Toxicity? How do I self-antag, break RP, and grief? Or are you saying these things with no basis to them?

Insofar the entire mentor team that has responded to the app being posted in our discord channel has been in agreement that this is a pretty strong -1.
Personally, I have yet to see any growth. From the start, there’s been a great degree of toxicity, LRP behavior, griefing… so on.
Would not be a good fit for the mentor team.


-1 you want proof? heres proof

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It is most definitely a -1 from me. Durning the moments that I have seen in game you have not treated people in the write way as a newer member of the community that if I seen you as the SEA that where training me I would not play the game. As SEA you are the first face Marines see when they join the game for the first time and is something you should not be applying for if you are doing this.


-1 you kept harassing staff and me to give you micro events and cosmetic items for a month straight even when told not to by the host. I don’t really see someone who would persistently ask for pampering to be accountable as a high roleplay role like SEA. Your xeno hours are severely lacking and not knowing requisitions is a big red flag to me since it is extremely easy to pick up after just 1 or 2 rounds. Requisitions is really common to help people with and not knowing it is a huge chunk of your ability to train with a role like SEA. Like others said, you have a bad habit with LRP and I’m not so sure about the toxicity but again like I said before you harassed staff to the point of being warned over micro events.


Leaving a -1 here.

I’ve seen you play MP before in a variety of roles, I’m just going to say I’m not impressed. I remember one recent round as XO when I questioned you (the CMP) for threatening to water-board a marine because they wouldn’t tell you the information you wanted to hear, your response to this when we are on the lifeboat? You started to sing Micheal Jacksons’ Billie Jean, LRP at its finest. While this is just one example, others have shown plenty more, I don’t believe you to be a good fit for mentor.


Your last denial was due to pretty terrible behavior. You’ve successfully continued that behavior.