Mentor Application - Angelstarri

Mentor Application - Angelstarri

Byond CKEY:


Discord ID:


Character Name(s):

Joe Beasley (and many others) as Marine
JB as Xenomorph

Why do you want to become a Mentor?:

I want to use my experience as a veteran of this community to assist new players through the too-often tedious and difficult process of becoming used to the game’s mechanics and gameplay.

What gameplay areas do you know and which areas are you strong and weak in?:

I’ve been playing SS13 in different codebases for a long while and I am knowledgeable about most if not all of the features and knowledge in the Marine side. I have deep knowledge of the game’s mechanics and interface.

I was a former Commanding Officer and I am very knowledgeable in Command, Engineering, Medical, Policing, Piloting, Intel, OT and Requisitions. I have deep knowledge of marine combat, FOB construction, JTAC and fire support coordination. I am also a very aggressive marine player and often take risks to get the advantage of xenos in a fight. I am also very interested in roleplaying in the Aliens and the CM universe.

More importantly, I love mentoring other players. I’ve been doing this in sort of an unofficial capacity, joining as Bravo SL or FTL and taking the reins of the newer Marine players in with me directly, teaching them what they need to know and how to get in the fight while also enjoying a little bit of roleplay. I’ve found it very engaging and rewarding to teach newer players and get to lead them to battle. Teaching these newer players about the IC lore and having fun with them by showing them around and being nice to them is also very fun.

My weaknesses involve Research and some of the deeper understanding of the mechanics in the Xeno side, however I know how most castes work and how to combat them as a Marine.

How often are to able to play CM?:

I play every now and then as much as my full-time job allows me to, at least two or three times a week plus usually browsing the server forums and discord.

A screenshot or transcript of your human and xeno playtimes:

My human playtimes:

My xeno playtimes:

Keep in mind that a lot of playtime resets have happened ever since I started playing (2018ish) so, in theory, I should have way more than these show.,

Anything else you’d like to add?:

I’ve been known to have a rocky history with the server administration in the past. I used to be way too petty and edgy for “comedic” purposes in the past, but that sort of behavior is behind me now. I have a long admin record, but that’s because I’ve been playing for a very long time in this server and have been an active member of this community even if sometimes a bit of a controversial one during hectic times.

Most of my notes are heavy-handed warnings or low duration bans with a considerable number of months between them. Things have changed a lot since I started playing and community expectations have completely turned around for the better and I am all for it. All the interest I have with this application is helping newer players with my experience as an older player and prove that I can contribute positively to the community that I’ve been in contact with for over 5 years.


we all love joe beasley
good marine and player, as far as i’m aware i haven’t seen any rule breaks, wide range of playtime although xeno is a little lacking comparatively
easy +1 regardless


Great player, knowledgeable at the game and from my time knowing him (more so when he used to play CO), he is fully aware when it’s acceptable to act in a silly manner and when to roleplay for the sake of someone else’s enjoyment of the game, most importantly when it comes to new players. I truly believe that if we give them a vote of trust with mentor they won’t disappoint.


+1 for Joe… I’m sure he’s taught me at some point. He is a knower.


I’ll be a bit proactive on this one. Obviously from what you’ve shown your xeno hours look low but if you have an understanding just tell me a bit about all of them and what questions you might imagine you would see about them.


+1 for joe knower


I mean, Its Joe Beasley.

I don’t know what to say man, Its Joe Beasley. +1


My interactions with Joe Beasley have been nothing short of memorable. When every I am SEA and I see Joe in bravo I know I can tell him on comms “Joe I got 2 new boots coming down in bravo squad, I want yah to give them a run down of the FOB and what bravo does and how shit runs ground side.” I know the new players will keep learning under the wing of a long time CM vet, someone I can trust and help make sure their first round is good, even if the marines lose. Never have I been let down by Joe Beasley.

The only negative I have to say has already been bought up is your zeno hours BUT, RP is boss and already brought this up so if you can convince him you will be golden.

Other then that, +1 from me. Best of luck, hope to see you on the mentor team!


The man, the myth, the legend. +1.


+1 knowledgeable and nice player
interactive in game too, roleplays well n’ all

beasley and sabre would be an awesome backline duo all im saying


This guy knows his stuff


Make sure you brush up on those xeno hours (know thy enemy, marine) and it’s a solid +1 from me


+1 Right away, he knows what he is doing, has the knowledge, don’t have anything negative to say about them, always good interactions with them. I will only say, i’d like to see you get a few more hours as Xeno and play different castes for a bit, to have better knowledge as Xeno and be able to answer any doubts about those roles/castes, besides that, Joe will be a great addition to the mentor team


+1 joe beastly, a pillar of the community.


It was still a +1 for me before this but he even helped me once with a private by showing them outside of FOB, I think he will do good.

(Make sure to answer to RPs reply, good luck :wink: )

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Simply Joe Beasly +1

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I would Like your Xeno hours to be higher, but you know marine extremally well. It is a +1 from me with a strong recommendation to go and do xeno.

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If it wasn’t clear I’m still waiting for my question to be answered that’s why this has been sitting for so long.