Mentor Application - Doop5

Mentor Application - Doop5

Byond CKEY:

Discord ID:

Character Name(s):
Matthew ‘Itchy’ Ithaca

Why do you want to become a Mentor?:
For short: I genuinely want to help those who need it
To elaborate on this, I primarily want to become a mentor for the SEA role, why? Because I see this as the best way for a new player to get help. When a new player joins for the first time, it could be their first time playing ss13, and they might not always hit the mentorhelp button or even notice the tabs to select it, with the SEA role, I can effectively communicate vital information to a new player. Additionally, I genuinely wish to help primarily baldies, but also people who are trying to get into a new role, as starting out can get quite frustrating for example, CT.

What gameplay areas do you know and which areas are you strong and weak in?:
I know that I am strong in almost everything marine-wise. Basic rifleman, squad leader, and squad support roles. Additionally I am knowledgeable in all the departments; however, I am weak in mostly xeno abilities, chemistry, and anything research related but, I still know quite a bit about each of them to where I could provide basic assistance.

How often are to able to play CM?:
I am able to play CM every day for about 1-4 rounds.

A screenshot or transcript of your human and xeno playtimes:
human total hours: 329.3 at the time of making this
Military Police 41.7 hr
Squad Leader 40.1 hr
Squad Rifleman 31.8 hr
Pilot Officer 23.5 hr
Squad Smartgunner 22.5 hr
Squad Combat Technician 17.8 hr
Requisitions Officer 16.0 hr
Squad Weapons Specialist 16.0 hr
Cargo Technician 13.3 hr
Corporate Liaison 12.7 hr
Executive Officer 11.3 hr
Survivor 10.8 hr
Chief MP 9.1 hr
Doctor 9.0 hr
Intelligence Officer 8.3 hr
Squad Radio Telephone Operator 7.5 hr
Maintenance Technician 7.3 hr
Staff Officer 6.4 hr
Dropship Crew Chief 5.9 hr
Mess Technician 3.8 hr
Nurse 2.4 hr
Honor Guard 2.4 hr
Ordnance Technician 2.3 hr
Military Warden 1.8 hr
Honor Guard Weapons Specialist 1.5 hr
Researcher 1.5 hr
Chief Engineer 1.5 hr
Squad Hospital Corpsman 0.8 hr
Chief Medical Officer 0.8 hr
Riot Control 0.5 hr
Veteran Honor Guard 0.3 hr

Xeno total hours: 6 at the time of making this
Queen 1.7 hr
Warrior 1.1 hr
Defender 0.7 hr
Facehugger 0.6 hr
Drone 0.5 hr
Bloody Larva 0.5 hr
Runner 0.4 hr
Spitter 0.2 hr
Carrier 0.2 hr
Lurker 0.1 hr
Crusher 0.1 hr ,

Anything else you’d like to add?:
Even though I don’t have the most hours, I still understand most marine roles to a point to where I could effectively teach it in a manner a complete newbie could understand.

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As you obviously know, along with being a mentor you get access to SEA. Here are some questions regarding it.

-You haven’t had any privates wake up for a while and it’s getting a bit boring. What will you do?

-The XO orders you to run shipside intelligence. What will you do?

-You have a private wake up who is new but doesn’t want your help. What will you do?

(Sorry for the late response, I had some stuff pop up in real life.)

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No privates wake up
I’d look around the ship and try and see how I can be helpful, maybe, getting medbay some metal if they’re out, giving them new gloves and boots for everyone who comes in without em, or just trying to roleplay with some shipside roles, mostly I would roam around just incase of there being anyone that is having an issue. I have this issue a lot with MP and this is what I do

Ordered to do shipside intel
While I am not 100% aware of the rules SEAs have to follow (assuming theres ones that only a mentor would know), I do not believe a SEA is allowed to assist with things such as intelligence without there being a proper reason, mainly there being no IOs, maybe the all cryo’d or never woke up in the first place; however, if there were IOs, then I would inform them that I cannot assist them with it

New private, doesn’t want help
Firstly, if they informed me that they knew what they were doing, I would just leave them be, maybe they’ve played other roles or a similar server, but if I see them having issues, I would attempt to help them

meant to reply to the one above to you

There really isn’t any right answer to this question as it was mainly just to see what you would do when given no direct objective with the power that SEA has. Overall the answer was good in my opinion.

When playing SEA you will be put in situations where you are not sure if your actions are against the guidelines, and during those situations you would either get clarification or roll with what seems to align the most when what is already written down. You answer is ok in my book in that regard as you go off what seems to be ok. Although, it was clarified by the current overseer that SEAs should NOT be assisting with intelligence. But it seems that was not yet released to newly applying mentors so there is no way you could have known that, just a quick note for if you get accepted.

Good answer.

Typically when I am met with this type of new player (which is more often then some might think) I typically just link them the QuickStart guide in LOOC, and check back on them in a couple of minutes to see if they still need help. Answer is still valid nonetheless.

Overall, your answers were good, your hours are ok, and you seem to have a good knowledge of ML and SOP after spectating you a bit. I think you would be a good fit for the team, +1 from me.

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Thank you, I hope I can make it!

Good attitude OOCly, and good RP ICly.

Found to be generally competent in multiple roles.

It’s a +1 from me.

Just get those Xeno hours up if you can, or read the wiki. You will get questions about it.

Good luck, Itchy.

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Seen good things from them, both OOC and IC

They always seem competent in the roles they play


Chem tends to be a thing people ask a lot about, same with research, not judging for it, just letting you know.

Best of luck!

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Given your recent note and it’s severity this is gonna be denied unfortunately.