Mentor Application - Frankwater

Mentor Application - Frankwater

Byond CKEY:


Discord ID:


Character Name(s):

Ezra Kiefer, Carson ‘Shade’ Moore, AO-C1

Why do you want to become a Mentor?:

I always enjoy teaching new players how to play games and find it rewarding watching them progress.

I also have experience teaching new players CM and SS13 on a whole as I’ve introduced a few friends and taught them how to play using IC methods to practice as well as other players when no mentor was on they were busy.

What gameplay areas do you know and which areas are you strong and weak in?:

I’ve never played OT or IO so have almost no idea how making explosives or intel work apart. I’m strong in Medical roles as I used to play medic a lot but have drifted towards SO and Combat Engineer recently to improve my leadership and building experience.

Edit: I’ve now started playing IO so now know the basics of how gathering and processing intel works

How often are to able to play CM?:

I mostly play full rounds at weekends but can observe and answer MHelps for an 2 or 3 hrs on weekdays and spawn in as an SEA if needed.

A screenshot or transcript of your human and xeno playtimes:

Rifleman 50.5 hr
Hospital Corpsman 42.9 hr
Military Police 31.3 hr
Combat Technician 26.5 hr
Weapons Specialist 24.4 hr
Smartgunner 24.0 hr
Fireteam Leader 19.5 hr
Staff Officer 15.4 hr
Doctor 12.6 hr
Squad Leader 10.6 hr
Researcher 8.7 hr
Military Warden 6.2 hr
Intelligence Officer 6.0 hr
Pilot Officer 4.6 hr
Cargo Technician 4.4 hr
Chief MP 2.4 hr
Maintenance Technician 1.3 hr
Nurse 1.3 hr
Honor Guard Squad Leader 0.9 hr
Survivor 0.8 hr
Veteran Honor Guard 0.5 hr
Honor Guard 0.3 hr
CMB Marshal 0.2 hr

Runner 19.7 hr
Praetorian 18.8 hr
Warrior 14.2 hr
Lurker 13.6 hr
Defender 11.1 hr
Bloody Larva 7.8 hr
Drone 6.0 hr
Ravager 5.2 hr
Spitter 4.4 hr
Boiler 3.8 hr
Sentinel 3.3 hr
Crusher 1.6 hr
Carrier 1.1 hr
Hivelord 1.0 hr
Facehugger 0.9 hr
Queen 0.3 hr

Anything else you’d like to add?:

Not really at this time.

Few things from me. One I feel your hours are lacking just under my personal liking, which leads me to my next point. I dont think much or enough of the community know you or can recall you well enough at this time. My advice would be play the roles more and put yourself out there in a positive way. A way that when they think of you they recall " oh ya that dude was solid as a SL this round" or " this is the RO who didnt drop a dime in a 3 hour hell round and keep us supplied the entire way". If you have any questions or anything you wish ask at this time DM me on discord or here and I can give you more input if you want. For now I wont +1 or -1 this but wait and see what I can see from you as you interact with the community. Best of luck!

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I have seen your character around a bit, but I am not familiar enough to cast a vote based on that alone.

I really like your answers on the app and find them to be indicative of someone who would probably be of service to the mentor team. I especially like the fact that you have been taking the time to learn the roles you admit are weak for you (IO). I think that I will need to see your responses to some questions that mentors will undoubtedly field you in this application, but I am leaning towards a +1

Good luck!

Howdy, I’m interested to see how you’ve progressed since you’ve said you’re working on your hours. I have pretty much agreed I think your hours were pretty low but I can see you have a bit of experience in a lot of hours. In the time your application has been up would you say your weakness/strengths have changed at all?

One thing I’m looking for in these old applications where the applicant may have lost interest is if they’re still interested. Are you?

We all lose interest from time to time. Robotic had some good comments and observations. I’ll modify mine a bit and ask, what was the greatest challenge you had on CM and how did you overcome it?

Seeing no replies to this application from the author, denied. Feel free to apply again as soon as you like given how long it’s been up.