Mentor Application - HIDgamer

Mentor Application - HIDgamer

Byond CKEY:


Discord ID:


Character Name(s):

Emily James, Sam

Why do you want to become a Mentor?:

I have been thinking about becoming a mentor for a while actually.
I have always helped marines, engineers, and doctors in my day-to-day rounds as Sam.
I figured by applying for mentor I’ll be able to assist a wider range of people in need, and at the same time, it’s a very nice way of saying thank you to this community that I love!

What gameplay areas do you know and which areas are you strong and weak in?:

I have been playing CM for a full year now, and I have mastered almost every role ingame, xenos and WL included.
Command roles while I don’t have many hours in CIC, I do know everything in CIC and in the brig alike.
I have a huge amount of hours as MP, and thus I’m well versed in ML and arrest procedures.
Medical was the first role that I mastered and is by far the best role I’m at.
I know my way through any and all surgeries, and I can easily revive anyone, no matter how badly wounded they are.
Research is a role I haven’t played much in normal CM.
But I did spend countless hours doing research on my own private server, experimenting and testing a lot of chemicals and making fun mixtures.
Research is by far one of my favorite branches of medical, I know my way around the lab well, and I wouldn’t struggle to show someone new around.
Engineering is a bit lesser than medical, but still I’m extremely skilled at it.
I know my way around machine and computer frames, as well as cade construction and general repair of communications towers and APC frames.
OT is by far my weakest link.
I haven’t exactly played this role a lot, but I did recently learn the basics of OT making. While I will be slow, I can show a new player how to mix basic explosives to make OT grenades or rockets.
Requisitions is one of my favorite roles to pass the time when I wish to relax.
It is quite a simple and relaxing role to play, with the item list being easy to memorize after a round or two. As for making fob crates, nothing is simpler; my main focus is getting fresh rifles and metal down in each crate!
I have played each and every spec role, and I know how each one of them controls and how their equipment operates, so I would have trouble explaining it to someone new.
Same thing with riflemen and smartgunners.
Moving on to xeno casts.
I have played quite a good amount of Xeno, more specifically support roles such as drone, hivelord, boiler, and acid runners.
The only role I haven’t played yet is queen, but I did play as a queen in my private server pleanty of times, and I know how she works.
I played a lot of T1 casts like Gardner Drone, and T2 like Hivelord, quite a lot. I do lack knowledge in roles like burrower and carrier, although I played them a while ago.
As for T3, I have played mostly boiler. I also played Rav and Crusher a little bit, but due to me being unrobust at them, I decided to let others with more experience play them.

How often are to able to play CM?:

I play once or twoice a week when I’m burned out. But on normal days I play around 1 to 3 rounds a day. I should mention I do take breaks from time to time in order not to burn out, said breaks take about a day to 4 days.

A screenshot or transcript of your human and xeno playtimes:,

Anything else you’d like to add?:

No not really other than that, I wish everyone a wonderful day! :slight_smile:


Hey there!

All the interactions I had with Synthetic Sam were positive, and I don’t think they are lacking in mechanical competency since they have the synthetic whitelist. I think you would be a good addition to mentor team.

best of luck! :pray:

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+1, only positive interactions and I don’t have any doubts about their mechanical skills or knowledge.


I don’t doubt that you’ve mastered almost every mechanic that matters considering the competence of your synth character.


+1 only pos interactions and knows her stuff


Sam is very knowledge about game mechanics and is a great roleplayer. I believe HIDgamer would be a great addition to the mentor/staff team. +1


Synthetic main applies for mentorship, haven’t seen Emily much but all my interactions with Sam has been more than pleasent.

Tldr; +1


Thank you all so much for the wonderful support!
I will do my absolute best to uphold your trust in me. :smile:

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I generally Thought you were a mentor already. So yea… You without any doubt know what you are doing +1.


You’ve got sufficient Hours, your gameplay/Mechanical knowledge is good, I haven’t personally interacted with you much myself, but you’ve got other people vouching for you being able to handle yourself PR wise (The Synth WL also speaks for itself). +1.

+1 from me. I have only ever had good interactions with you and the way you play as your synth is great. I have first hand seen you training people on the ship and teaching other methods so players see there are other ways to do same task.
I hope to see you on the mentor team!


I could have sworn you were already a mentor. +1 from me. Knows the mechanics and can be trusted to keep an appropriate level of role play.


Not that my input has much weight, but 100% a plus one from me.

I can recall multiple times, where as a synth, has stopped what they were doing in order to teach/assist myself, or other marines with basic and complex mechanics like construction or comms repairs (somehow without LOOC and remaining in character too, which is impressive), or even by stopping to lend a hand with fairly mundane tasks like loading dropships and ferrying wounded. Highly robust player, evidently with a wealth of knowledge at their disposal.

On top of that, I have never seen them mald or even slightly toxic/rude in Dchat, OOC or in character (even when they probably had reason to be).

+1 all the way, I’m not sure of anyone more capable of answering mentor questions!


I think i’ve been seeing Emily almost since i started playing to this day both as human in all roles and Synth.
No doubt they have the knowledge and have mastered almost if not all the roles
Never seen her be LRP, or any experience that sour my opinion about her, Countless times she stopped to help and teach new players in different roles.

With no doubt, will do fantastic as a mentor and keep teaching new players.
Easy +1


HIDgamer has asked me to file this application as withdrawn. So I’ll be considering it withdrawn, you are free to reapply in 30 days.

Added mentor:denied