Mentor Application - I Hate Geese

Mentor Application - I Hate Geese

Byond CKEY:

I Hate Geese

Discord ID:


Character Name(s):

Chris Mclean for marine and DN-U for Xeno.

Why do you want to become a Mentor?:

To help decrease the baldness of marines. In all seriousness though, helping new players get situated in the game is a good feeling, as I remember how lost I was when I first started playing CM and how helpful mentors and SEAs were to my learning. I want to be the guy to help the brand new SS13 player learn and hopefully stay in the community, and hopefully inspire him to help people in the future. The game is more fun if everyone isn’t struggling because they don’t understand how to play.

What gameplay areas do you know and which areas are you strong and weak in?:

Strongest in fire support, so mortar, CAS, OB, anything JTAC really. The first thing I learned to do was use the mortar back when there was no FTL or RTO and the combat engi was THE JTAC role, so it holds a very special place in my heart and is my most well-versed topic. Im very strong in marine medical, less so with shipside medical but I can still play nurse or doctor and deal with everything I get. FOB construction, getting power or comms up, all of that I am pretty experienced in as a true bravoid. I am experienced in CIC, knowing how to use overwatch and how to organize marines to shoot things. I am strong in intel, I played IO back when Defcon was a thing and was super happy they brought one of my favorite roles back. I can do req, I don’t know some of the crazy money-making tricks that come with a lot of time in req but I can make sure marines are supplied with what they need at any time. Pretty weak in MP-related stuff as I never really got around to playing them, but I understand marine law and what MPs do and how they do it. My biggest weakness with marines is research, I understand what they do but I never really got around to playing them in any major capacity, so my knowledge is limited to what I have read on the wiki and what I have seen as a doctor or IO. I understand Xeno fairly well, maybe not to the extent of my marine knowledge but I have played quite a bit on record and back before playtimes updated, around 2020. I understand each caste, their evolutions, their strains, and what they do for the Xenos. I have the least playtime in Xeno in the sentinel tree, personally, I like the slash marines up more than the spitting at marines, so I never really played them in any meaningful capacity. I have also dealt with most known technical issues, so I can help people with the usual issues that crop up.

How often are to able to play CM?:

2-3 hours on weekdays 4-5 weekends, depending on my schedule.

A screenshot or transcript of your human and xeno playtimes:



Anything else you’d like to add?:

I spent like an hour doing the OTHER mentor app back on the other forum only to realize it was the wrong place and having to make a new one.
P.S I’m always trying to expand my knowledge of this game and its roles, so please ask complex questions, it helps me become more knowledgable with CM.

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Alright, here’s a question for you. Since you don’t have many hours as a Doctor, how do you make IA, MB, and KD?

A marine comes shipside, they are hugged, have heartbreak, and several broken bones. What do you do to treat them as fast as possible?

You are in Requisitions as a CT or RO. Three specialists come and ask you for ammo. A Pyro, a SADAR, and a Grenadier. What order do you serve them in, and what do you give them?

You are the Captain, and it is reported that the CL is making xenos in their office. What do you do to handle the situation? Further, you also have an appeal request at the same time. What do you do?

Finally, you are a PO on CAS duty, what do you take and why?

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IA is 120 dylovine from the vendor, 40 units of nitrogen, and chlorine, 80 units of carbon and hydrogen from the chem dispenser. MB is 160u bicardine from vendor 40u water and carbon from the dispenser. Finally, KD is 160u Kelotane from the vendor, 40 oxygen 40 phosphorus.

As for the marine with the embryo broken heart and bones, first off I would start on the embryo and heart as I can do both simultaneously and they are the most urgent. Steps to fix this are IMS, circular saw, retractor, PICT, hemostat, adv bruise kit for the organs, retractor, bone gel, bone setter, bone gel to fix bones in the chest, then cautery. After that revive so I don’t have to worry about them going perma, the fix all the other bones without having to worry about my fellow marine exploding.

If SADAR Pyro and GL come up, the priority is SADAR as if someone is killing Xenos it’s going to be him. I’ll give SADAR whatever type of rocket he wants but if he doesn’t say I’ll give him AP because it’s the most potent part of SADAR with the ability to kill T3s. GL gets served second because they are very good at clearing weeds and I can get him a lot for not a huge price, and it can definitely turn the tides. I would probably get him an order of the 6 M15 grenades because they do solid damage and if we didn’t send it to FOB or vend it the HEDP box so he can keep the exploding going without running out of nades. Flamer is last as flamer is really only good for watching Flanks and making Xenos have to turn around to heal. The green B fuel is good against T3s because it gets rid of Armor and slows but that’s about it. I’ll give him the 4 B gel tanks and whatever other ones come up from the ASRS pad.

As captain, it is my job to ensure the safety of the crew and that means retaining control of the Almayer and the CL growing Xenos is not a thing that is good for safety. Depending on the stage of the Xenos they will either be moved to research or wiped out. If it’s just an infected monkey they will be moved to research containment but if they have xenos, it will be the MP’s job to end the outbreak and arrest the CL for questioning. The great thing about being top of command is I can get the MP team to deal with the Xenos while I handle the appeal with trust my MP staff can do their one and only job.

If I was PO back in the day it was fatty all the way, but now since my baby was taken from me I have to say the most effective CAS is the full incin mini rocket loadout. Full-sized rockets are expensive for their effectiveness, but with the incin rocket pods, you can clear out a massive area and do consistent damage multiple times before having to reload. When I use CAS, it is primarily a tool to make Xenos run away and clear resin and walls, which is what can minis are perfect for. It has good damage, is great at clearing structures, has good AOE and it won’t completely break the bank like napalm or using multiple rockets.

P.S my most time in doctor was before playtime were recorded, I played a good 20 hours of doctor and stopped playing CM for a while, so when I came back and playtimes were being recorded I knew how to do everything in med to a certain degree, but just didn’t have the interest to play.

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Good on all the responses! I just wanted to ask some questions about the jobs to make sure you knew what you were doing, as hours don’t always equal competence! (CMP players)

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Posting so this doesn’t get auto locked

Alright, judging from you’re hours you seem to know the basics, considering you played SL a lot.

However, one of the problems is the marine law. SEA’s are bound to marine law and have to follow it, at all times.

Another problem is, do you know how to do bomb cooking (Ordanance Technician).

I was tempted to +1 this, however I will stay neutral for now. If you could at least get 5 hours on OT and another 5 on MP, I will give you my +1.

(If you post a picture of the time, count this as my +1 :slightly_smiling_face: )

OT I gave a whirl before playtimes were being recorded and enjoyed it but not enough to play it a ton, I understand how it works and how to make the bombs just never kept playing.

I will admit marine law and MP activities are my biggest weakness, I will get those 5 hours done.

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Yeah, get some hours into the law side of things as it is better to know it than not.

Can’t really complain about the application overall as a fellow JTAC enjoyer +1

Good luck

More medical question for you:

  1. A patient comes with severed limb (leg), a doctor tried attaching prosthetic limbs but fail. The doctor mhelped “What should I do”?
  2. Smartgun battery is out of charge, req dont have any left, SG mhelps what can be done?

SEA question:

  1. A marine with 0 hours in and obviously new to SS13 controls appeared, you are the SEA, what kind of things will you teach him and in what order?
  2. A marine with 0 hours in BUT is not new to SS13, what would you do?

Ask them if they made sure to seal the stump beforehand and if it is the right leg. If not run them through the steps of sealing the leg and attaching the prosthetic. Also, remind them that they have to be on a surgical table or the mobile version or else it’s probably not going to work and that they need to either have the patient hopped up on oxy or put under for the stump sealing to work.

Inform him that the battery can be recharged at common rechargers like the ones in the medbay lobby.

Starting with someone super new you have to teach them the basic controls so they can actually move and interact. in LOOC I would explain how T can be used to speak in-game, how L can be used for local OOC, and how WASD or the arrow keys can be used to move their character, the basic framework for getting them learning and moving. After that ill get them to eat, explain how important it is for them to not die, and get them suited up in the vendor, explaining he can buy some specialty items for the points he has but he doesn’t have to. then, he’s getting armed, ill explain the guns and ammo types to him, send him off to the attachment vendor for some mods of his choosing, explain how to put them on and take them off, then finally, send him to the firing range. Here I will show him all the guns, and how to use them, get him to assign a unique action in case he uses a shotgun, and explain burst fire. I will also get him to reload the gun and show him tactical reloads. for his FINAL test, I will show him how to use grenades because privates blowing up the front is all too common. After that, a quick tour of the ship and its areas so he knows where to go, send him to the DS, and tell his SL he’s got a PVT on the way.

Since they already know the controls and how SS13 works I would skip the teaching of the controls, show them where to get food and explain why its important, show them the vendors, explain what some of their equipment does, and recommend them some extra stuff to buy, explain the guns and ammo types, explain some of the bigger differences between CM and other SS13 codebases, show them the firing range and explain the whole grenade thing and tell the SL they have a somewhat new marine who might need a little help with where to go and who does what. Depending on how they act I may also advise them on some of the RP standards so they aren’t running around saying “That’s so funny XD lmao” over squad comms.

got my 5 hours of MP complete, and I definitely feel like I have a better grasp on how the entire MP department functions and the law as a whole.

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Application accepted.