Mentor Application - Ica_not_lca

Mentor Application - Ica_not_lca

Byond CKEY:


Discord ID:


Character Name(s):

Brad Ward / Clark / PAN

Why do you want to become a Mentor?:

Teaching new players is something I’ve always done (and will continue to do) during my time in the server, specially as Requisitions Officer, where CT’s / lost PVT’s that find their way into requisitions make the bulk of them. Letting me join the mentor team will give me tools to do this better.

What gameplay areas do you know and which areas are you strong and weak in?:

I am knowledgeable in all gameplay areas of the game (particularly support roles) including xeno. The only roles I’m not confident with are Mess Tech (which I’ve solved by discreetly opening up the wiki) and the most advanced areas of research.

How often are to able to play CM?:

I play often, mostly between 6 PM - 12 AM (GMT-4)

A screenshot or transcript of your human and xeno playtimes:
Not pictured are 45~ish hours in both CIC and MP roles.,

Anything else you’d like to add?:

Feel free to ask questions.


One of if not the easiest +1’s I have ever given. Brad is one of the people who showed me the ropes when I first started playing. Extremely knowledgeable. It would be a crime not to accept this application.


+1 from me. Brad has time and time proven to display first rate knowledge in many many roles, and great RP in RP demanding higher ranked role/expected roles such as synth, QM, survivor, etc. He has been know to also start fun cool projects on the ship such as turning both the firing ranges into a obstacle course for marines to learn many aspects of CM controls. He has even in lower ranked jobs, and jobs that dont have a high RP expectation has started and maintained very high RP for the rounds he played such roles in.
The only thing I will say to you brad is this, just brush up on a bit of the CIC and MP roles. Knowing changes to both the jobs and their work environment are great ways to stay up to date on changes and stay in the loop with how things work after any such changes. Other then this I have nothing else to add, I wish you the best of luck and hope to see you join the team!
If you have any questions, my DMs are always open!

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One of the easiest +1s. Brad has an understanding of almost, if not all, aspects of the CM gameplay loop on both sides. He also consistently goes out of his way to teach new players he sees and does so patiently and well. This is a no brainer in my book.


This is an easy +1. Brad is knowledgeable in many areas of the game but I think more importantly, he’s a top notch roleplayer who often finds ways of making rounds genuinely fun. I’ve also seen him teach people(usually new CTs) with solid effect. Simply, if he decides to play SEA, I think he’ll make recruits first experiences memorable. With mhelps, I know he can communicate good information. Finally, he’s trustworthy and I trust him to follow the guidelines. Make this man a mentor.


Based as both lurker and comtech, +1


Was surprised to learn Brad wasn’t already a mentor, very solid +1.


its been a while since ive seen/been on to see you so keep that in mind as you read this, from the last few times i remember seeing you you were a bit LRP, causing chaos around the ship for not much more than chaos is fun

now i hope you can understand why this causes concern for me, community mentors and staff should maintain a mostly professional status and be well… pillars of our community, seeing the person who taught you how to be a PVT run around the ship shoving MPs and what not is not good for newer players to see.

For now that is my one major concern of your app, now to remedy this concern ill be observing you and what not over the following days, until i personally can see you not doing these or similar actions im going to be leaving a -1

im not sure where to put this so im putting this here, but i know you have the knowledge and play times to help a new player, im just concerned over the things previously stated

Another person on the list of people who should just get mentor without an application.

Shouldn’t even need a discussion. If you’ve interacted with Ica in game in any capacity you would know them to be extremely friendly and aware of the RP considerations depending on role.


I understand and respect where this is coming from, but I want to stress OOC’ly that: I am not Brad Ward and would argue that on the discord (When I was there for long period of time) I never caused trouble, with other marine characters I don’t play as often (which I prefer to keep private but I could dm them to you to keep your mind at ease) I mantain the RP standard without notes or complaints, including my synthetic whitelist.

Now when it comes to new players, which is the main concern here, there’s three types that I’ve got experience with:

-Roleplayers that recently joined the server, which are a godsend and I strive to give them the best RP experience they can get, including introducing them to other roleplayers to let them do their thing.
-Players that don’t roleplay as much and prefer to cause a bit of chaos, I let them know that doing your role does not equal not having fun, that you can do both aslong as it doesn’t get out of hand.
-New players that are very lost to the point of not knowing how to read LOOC, to which point I’ve had to break character IC in private areas to teach them the basics of SS13 so they can start roleplaying to the best of their ability.

What I want to stress with this is that Brad is a character that is intentionally goofy and while that doesn’t necessarily mean LRP, I’m conscious enough OOC’ly to recognize when it’s not the time to be silly to ensure someone’s first steps on the server aren’t negative, which I take very seriously and from my experience, it’s worked out so far to make said experiences more memorable.


There was a round where I was teaching a newer doctor. Brad came in, I believe with organ damage and fractures. I was going to fix him up myself, and show the doctor all the tools again because I thought Brad was in a critical enough state, and the doctor was too fresh to know all the surgery steps. Brad suggested I allow the doctor to go hands on anyway. In that moment he taught me that it’s okay to let new folks take a plunge even in a critical moment, as there is truly there is no better time to learn. +1


Brad Ward is one of the most friendly and engaging players on the server, both to old and new players.
He is a rather goofy IC but also, creating interesting circumstances is so much more fun than being a stick in the mud.
Easy +1.


I understand and sympathize with people judging me due to IC actions, i apologize for judging you for something ive dealt with myself, im going to be changing my -1 to a +1 because i know he has the skills and knowhow to train newer players, even though im still slightly concerned, i think your more than fit for the mentor, +1


He can roleplay when it matters. He can roleplay really well when it matters but also doesn’t take it too seriously or try to push people away for not wanting to engage and can also use being what some people would call LRP to be funny in a given situation - and more importantly, in a way that doesn’t really break immersion in the round or similar.

also he’s brad fucking ward

I do hope this mentor application PANs out.


Ica is an example of a player that should be pulled from the playerbase and given mentor without an application.
He’s already taught a fuckton of new players, he’s knowledgable whether it comes to xeno, req, medical, plain marine combat, engineering, and he can roleplay well when he wants to.


I won’t pamper him as much as he used to deserve, as he switched allegiance to wasps but:
They’re an amazing person, with vast game knowledge and a will to teach new players.
Infact, they were the person that taught me requisition and a good bit of the game when I came back to the game which was completely changed.
+1 you’re awesome

my opinion here may not be worth much but i still would want to voice that
Ica, or brad rather, is genuinely one of the most interesting marines to see in a round.
Be it on the frontlines, passing by on the ship or anywhere else, having brad around almost always means you’re in for a good time.

To me this is one of the most important aspects when engaging with new players, yes having raw knowledge (which ica clearly has) is important and the backbone of being a mentor but thats not what will keep people playing, having fun and experiencing the unique fusion of wacky space men and military roleplay is however.

brad showcases this effortlessly, all the while being one of the few people that is quite approachable OOCly, eg. deadchat, who will actually respond to you and even sit to have a chat with a stranger.

without a doubt, +1


should have done that sooner. +1


Has to be a +1 a great person to RP with and knows alot, great to see you wanting to join the team I would say good luck but it seems like you dont need it!!


I’m just gonna quote Morrow, and say again, he should be mentor without even an application.

Easy +1 He knows what he is doing, he is great ingame, seen them a lot, always fun to interact with them, great person, takes the time and initiative to teach new players and interact with new players even if it takes it away from his normal round, and surprisingly he is not a mentor yet? Please fix