Mentor Application - Lin Ming

Mentor Application - Lin Ming

Byond CKEY:

Lin Ming

Discord ID:


new discord stuff

Character Name(s):

Lin Ming
Li Wei


Why do you want to become a Mentor?:

I played a lot of CMO, and every once in a while you get a new nurse (or even a doctor somehow), and I liked teaching the couple dozen nurses so far, so here I am asking to be a mentor because I always saw people being clueless about X job and liked to help but hey you are just just a private, so I’d like to exclusively (sometimes) just help.

What gameplay areas do you know and which areas are you strong and weak in?:

-Good at:

Medical: I know most things about medical,research and surgery and how to go about things.
Engineering: Make good cade positions, manage FOB, repair APCs, hack things like REQs console.
Cargo: Managed cargo alone most of the times, and I teached so cargo techs while at it.
Xeno Support: I have a good experience in building and supporting as drone or hivelord, know where walls should be placed and where to build at roundstart (unless queen is up to some shenanigans).

-Medium at:

Combat: Didn’t fight a lot but I don’t so badly (most of the times I don’t PB people of course), I know how to follow orders, when to push, and when to retreat, but not much is shooting sadly.
Xeno Combat: Fought as xeno but mostly as defender or sentinel or spitter, otherwise I rarely go for t3s unless the situation requires so.
Military police: Know the Marine Law somewhat (I mean it’s mostly common sense isn’t?), had some MP cadet hours too wich are gone now.

-Bad at:

Command: Been aCO couple of rounds (it didn’t go well in any of them), I know how to transfer orders or information but that’s about it either for xeno or marines.
CAS and Jtac: Did CAS for couple rounds got good hits (I nuked marine push), also did FTL and signaled some mortar hits wich got some kills (xeno kills).

-Other roles:

Mess tech: Played a fair share of it, know how to make drinks and food while relying 100% on the wiki.
CL: Nope.
Journalist: Never played him.

How often are to able to play CM?:

Mostly at 9PM GMT for weekdays and randomly at sunday

A screenshot or transcript of your human and xeno playtimes:

Don’t ask how I have 70hrs as Observer, I don’t know either.

Anything else you’d like to add?:

I don’t go on discord often although I had it for like 6 years now (I think), but I always check the change log channel.

well… that’s it I guess.

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Good spread of hours in both marines and aliens, I was going to say your engineering hours are a bit low but all together It is 30 hours with MT and Field Tech, Great medical hours as CMO, doctor and Field medic

I do believe I have seen you around, not sure on Notes or anything like that, I haven’t seen you as much to know you off the top of my head or anything

I would like to see more Command roles played, like SL and SO

Here are some questions for you if you want to answer them:

1: A XO Mhelps asking how do I get into tech web tree and buy stuff

2: A engineer Mhelps asking How do I fix t-comms planet side?

3: A RTO Mhelps saying I’m new to RTO any tips? and how do I use my tac binos laser?

4: A acid runner Mhelps asking one of my abilities isn’t working, It is saying I need more acid

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You can access the tech tree through tech consoles that are located in CIC in southwest and northwest of it next to overwatch consoles, and note that you need tech points to buy stuff from the tech tree that need to be acquired by research and IOs and also dead bodies that are put into morgue.

you first need to locate the t-comms tower which are generated randomly in fixated locations in every round, command can see where they are and will tell you during briefing, when you find the comms tower you need to repair it by a blow torch and then add marine channels by using a multitool on it, after wich check if the APC is working and powered by colony generators (can be located by using your multitool in hand):

if its working and has no power (has red light): use your ID on it to unlock it-> Crowbar to open it → then remove the battery with your hand-> slot in a new battery-> close the APC by using the crowbar again-> then you can optionally lock it with your ID (not important)

if its has a black screen (damaged): use your hand on it to see the interface-> use wirecutters and mend all of the cut wires-> close it with a screwdriver (since it was opened when damaged) and if it has no power just do the previous steps.

if the screen is cracked (completely broken): open the floor in front of it with a crowbar → open the cover of the APC using the crowbar-> remove the battery with your hand → use screwdriver-> use wirecutters → then use crowbar to destroy the power control module-> make a new APC with 2 metal sheets-> place the new one on the old one → use the cable coil on the APC → slot in a new power control module ->use screwdriver → slot in a new battery (if there is no colony power, if colony power is on just use the old one) → then crowbar to close the cover → the use your hand on it to open the interface and turn on everything

and voila you fixed the t-Comms, also its gets easier the more you do it.

As RTO you are expected to dial in to REQ after you deploy and give them coordinates using your tac binos just make sure you buy the telephone backpack, also make sure to dial in (over Jtac channel if comms are on) your coordinates from mortar and CAS and also OB from in a distance from the marine blob, and also give CAS the direction of the fire mission (use north south east and west) and also the offset (offset is how far from the designated point do they deviat in the given direction) at max of 12, there are 3 OBs incend, cluster and HE, cluster has to be pointed at least 15 tiles away from marines so does incend, as for HE it needs 18, just make sure its safe.

and finally your tac binos have 2 modes:
Rangefinder: wich gives your 2 coords, Longitude and latitude, these can be given for mortar and OB and also to REQ for FOB crates or sometimes forward supplies.
CAS mode: only used to laze for CAS fire missions.

You can laser designate with your tac binos by using them in hand then CTRL+left click or middle click where you want to designate.

Acid runner has a special resource called well acid than fills overtime and can be generated by slashing talls, and also make sure to not use your suicide ability that’s called “for the hive”
too hastily because its gets stronger the more acid you have and although it can be canceled (it takes 20secs to detonate) it will cost you acid to do so so be careful.

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as for Command hours i started playing SL lately (although i just full unga with m2c) and with i time i’ll get used to it like most things in life.

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I seen you play SO the round before, great to know your trying it out!

all questions seem right to me just seen this part here

use your ID on it to unlock it-> Crowbar to open it

ID unlocks the interface giving access to unlock the casing then crowbar to open, yes I know you meant it in that way but to new people they don’t know (Yes this is nitpicking)

and finally your tac binos have 2 modes:
Rangefinder: wich gives your 2 coords, Longitude and latitude, these can be given for mortar and OB and also to REQ for FOB crates or sometimes forward supplies.
CAS mode: only used to laze for CAS fire missions.
You can laser designate with your tac binos by using them in hand then CTRL+left click or middle click where you want to designate

and with RTO binos also tell them how to change the laser to rangefinder and Cas laser

Still Plus +1 From me, still want to see you play commanding roles a bit more as this will take 2 or more weeks you have plenty of time to show off your skills! Also MANY people forget but getting notes/being to salty can get this removed so stick to the rules!

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Update on the hours, been a busy week i guess.

Played some more command, although not much improvement its better than nothing.

I like the distribution of your hours, and love it when I see someone clearly interested in one avenue of doing things. This usually means when you do give advice, you can do so quickly and accurately.

Another thing I like to see is experience in Xeno roles and Research. I feel your knowledge base would augment ours quite well, as quite often I see Xeno and Research questions go unanswered in mentor help requests.

While I do appreciate your continued interest and attitude, the only thing I have to say as to a correction is to keep in touch on the discord and utilize the forums as matter of habit. I know I’ve personally fallen out of the habit myself from time to time, but just know that there would be certain expectations of you to be kept updated on CM changes. In particular the announcements channels, mentor business, etc.

Otherwise, I feel strongly inclined to give you a +1. I feel like we really need more people with your knowledge on the team to help players answer questions and get more interested in Xeno roles, defensive in particular, and research as well. I’ve always felt those positions have been too routinely underserved and hope you make efforts to help change that.

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I like the answers you’ve given to questions, and the hours are good. You’ll bring more xeno knowledge, which is something that is always needed.

I’m confident enough to give this the coveted Nodders +1 Seal of Approval™

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Thanks for the heads up, I’ll try to live to community expectations and do what I can do the best way I can do it.

Also xeno hours link seems broken for some God knows what reason, I’ll try to fix it as soon as I get back home since I am at my uncle’s wedding.

HAII, I have 2 sets of questions for you!


  • “I am new to spec, which loadout is the easist to learn? And can i have a few tips with it”

  • “I am a PO and the dropship launched without me ordering it, Why?”

  • “I am new to Engineering, How can i make plasteel cades connect?”

ICly/SEA Actions:
(Note there is no wrong answers for these if you are helping, I just want to see thought process)

  • You are at the Chem line, you notice there is 3 nurses, 1 seems to be very new to the game and the other 2 have stable footing but ask more questions than the nurse who is really new to the game. How would you as the SEA handle the situation? What would be the methods of teaching you would employ? Who would you prioritize first and why?

  • You notice a MP who is new to ML and SOP, they seem to have unemotionally broken ML and SOP, They have arrested and pressed charges against a person who you saw did not commit those crimes. How would you advise them to do better?

  • You notice that a Medic is under equipped and overwhelmed with bodies, You have medical gear on you and are fully able to treat bodies, Will you give advice after the Bodies are reved, during the process or after and how will you reassure the medic to help them better cope with situations like this arising again?

I think in my personal experience that sniper is the easiest of them because of its impossible to sabotage the mission unlike other specs, just make sure to use your spec skills at the top left of your screen, one is camouflage that makes you invisible in couple of seconds given you don’t move and also you no longer have collision Wich mean marines and xenos can walk over you, and other is aimed shot which is basically an aimbot that deals more damage, and lastly the laser which makes your aimed shot 50%faster, just make sure to camouflage in safe spots since firing your sniper makes you slightly visible.

Check if the DS is on autopilot l, if not ask if command sent it remotely because they have a dropship computer in CIC, if not any of those someone might have sent it from hangar.

Use crowbar on plasteel cades to toggle their linking, make sure to only click em once.

Firstly ask if the 2 nurses know basic chemicals, how to defib people, how to fix IB and also how medbay is laid out, if no I might aswell teach all 3 in one go, but if they know I’ll just refer them to a book (wiki) in IC for chemistry on MB and so on, then teach the new nurse from the ground up, first of all show them around medbay since that’s their work place, then start from chemicals to how to defib and also use epi, then lastly chemistry then move from most basic surgery to advanced ones using the training dummy.

Firstly ask them if they know what they are doing and if they know the ML, if not I’ll ask CMP to teach them if no CMP is present I’ll teach them around brig and how their gear workand also refer them to ML book (and also the wiki) that’s in brig, also them tell them to use NJPs when dealing with minor crimes since in the best interest of the marine, the MP and also the operation and not arrest people if they are not sure about their stuff.

Announce about the dead marines over medical comms, then I would help them with corpses first and advise them during the process if they are slow or struggling with something, then after it tell them to get Epi or revive mix (from their vendor) which can help greatly with defibing dead marines and make sure to always bring extra defibrillators just in case, and always announce about hunks of dead since they are not alone in the mission.

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I will remain neutral for now until I start seeing you more in game.

however your response is really good!

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Here is the xeno hours since i don’t trust imgur to keep them on, should be the same since i didn’t play xeno in a bit.

A bit new to the community, play times are a bit towards the lower side but I’m willing to give you a go given the decent note history and a bit of displayed knowledge here. Accepted, I’ll be watching how you progress.

Added mentor:approved and removed mentor:waiting