Mentor Application - MemeLauncher

Mentor Application - MemeLauncher

Byond CKEY:


Discord ID:


Character Name(s):

Lewin Ingram


Why do you want to become a Mentor?:

I like teaching new players, considering we were once in their shoes before. Always good to see them figure things out with a bit of help and talk.
Would also legitimize the help I bring to people by doing it through IC means and not exclusively LOOC means, to prevent situations such as “you are X role, not mine, how do you know how to do my job?”.

… And also because people ask why I don’t do WL and I got nothing else to do right about now (Hans,James Parker, Irene,Fira, Arnie Perkins, Lana etc.)

What gameplay areas do you know and which areas are you strong and weak in?:

Im good at :
Jtac / Manning Dropships / CAS
Situational awareness
Speedrunning healing / Medical / Surgery / Chem / Setting up medbay
Fighting as a human
Speedrun Intel work
Map knowledge (except for LV 522 chance)
Random facts about maps and CM.
Being patient and understanding, especially for new players.

Consider myself medium at :

Im weak at :
Xeno combat that isn’t drone/Hivelord
MP / Applying any form of punishment that prohibits people from playing.
CL (never played it, only interacted with.)
Cooking (mess)
OT (not played since their release and old maxcaps)

How often are to able to play CM?:

Available every nights when Im not busy with work.

A screenshot or transcript of your human and xeno playtimes:

Drone 2.3 Hr
Larva 1.0 Hr
Queen 0.5 Hr
Hivelord 0.4 Hr
Spitter 0.3 Hr
Carrier 0.2 Hr
Runner 0.1 Hr
Predalien 0.1 Hr
Sentinel 0.1 Hr
(Unable to put more than one embeds as a new forum account, RIP old forums.)

Anything else you’d like to add?:

Started CM since late 2019.

A lot of the playtimes for medic / PO / Doctor / IO and drone / Hivelord are lost, as they were my main roles before the refont of playtimes and stats.

Also the one dude that mans req when it is empty as a RTO/Rifleman after requesting for perms or become a budget SO with PO’s all squad radio availability.


Hello! My bad for not getting to this sooner, I’ve got the memory of a goldfish, and forgot.

Personally, I’ve seen your character a couple times, but nothing further than seeing the name. So, I can’t vouch for you on that level.

While your human hours are higher, I feel they could be balanced better. Your MP hours are lacking, and I’d advise you play quite a bit more of that. As if you’re playing SEA, and you end up breaking marine law and getting arrested, you might get in some trouble and nobody wants that.

Your xeno hours are also lacking quite a bit. I advise you to try and work those up also.

Before I give a -1/+1, I’d like to ask you a couple questions.

-You receive an Mhelp: “How do I attach pictures to a fax paper?”

-You’re playing SEA and a nurse wakes up with 0 hours. What is the process in which you would help them?

-You receive an Mhelp: “I want to do a mutiny against the CO. Can I?”

Hey there,

In regard to the questions :

-You receive an Mhelp: “How do I attach pictures to a fax paper?”

       _"Hey, you can attach a picture to a fax paper by simply clicking on the paper with a picture in hand, it will clip it."

-You’re playing SEA and a nurse wakes up with 0 hours. What is the process in which you would help them?

     _First ask if they need help, if they do, help out in whatever they need, which can range from SS13 controls and mechanics, to explaining the role and what it can do and further down the line as we try things out, how to figure out who needs healing and how to heal/triage/revive people. Keep it interactive and make them try things out most of all so they don't get bored while mentioning more difficult matters (such as chemistry and if they want to try it out, it might interest the player while not feeling overwhelming).

-You receive an Mhelp: “I want to do a mutiny against the CO. Can I?”

   _I have honestly no idea in that regard, I assume that's for admins to handle if a mutiny is to be authorized so i'll just pass the question to them.

Hello Ingram,

I have seen you around in game and you seem to be a pretty knowledgeable player, and your initial application looks good as well.

However as much as I want to throw my hat in to support this app, your response to Cyber’s question about mutinies left, in my opinion, a lot to be desired.

A rule break should indeed be handled by moderation, however a question regarding what a player needs to do to mutiny could easily fall to mentors. I don’t think anyone can have all the answers all the time, but as a mentor you should be able to find those answers on the wiki/rules page/ through colleagues.

This application has very loose response time restrictions, so I find responding to a question with satisfied ignorance is not a great look for someone aspiring to be a part of the information hub of the staff team. I strongly suggest you find the answer to Cyber’s question and amend your response.

I apologize for any typos (I’m on my phone at the airport) and I wish you the best of luck!

Back from hell,

Thanks for your reply Biolock, in regard to mutiny, after a bit of digging. No, the mentor cannot approve of it by themselves, it needs to be adminhelped with reasons and mention everybody involved. Henceforth, my answer to that mhelp would be :

"Hey, sorry I cannot approve the mutiny as a mentor, admins should be able to handle that as long as you can provide a good enough reason and the names of everybody that wants to get involved in said mutiny, MPs excluded."
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Hey Ingram,
You should also probably include the amount of participants required to mutiny as well as examine the situation to see whether a mutiny is even permissible (not during hijack, make sure it’s against the acting CO, etc), but yeah some of those things probably teeter more into moderator territory.

You’ve gone back and looked at the rules and given it an honest effort. Good luck!


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Alrighty finally getting back to you here, one of my biggest concerns is having more well rounded mentors even if you’re not a subject expert in everything. You say xenos is your weakest and it was mentioned as a concern by some of the feedback so I’m interested to see your progress on that front.

What has me most interested in your application are your CAS hours. I know you said you lost some playtimes a while back. If memory serves, CAS hasn’t changed all too much, but I see you’ve at least put in some time to the role as it’s currently configured in CM.

I feel a large knowledge deficit exists in the PO/CAS department, particularly in mentorship and in a way, culture. To build relationships with people to assist the CAS pilot, with flares, lazes, fultons and medevacs from guiding, mentoring, or training your DCCs to JTACs on the ground.

What would impress me the most is if you could tell me about any experiences you may have had where you’ve done this. And if not, how would you attempt to do so?

Thank you.

Seeing the lack of any replies from the Author of this application I’m gonna close it with a denied. Feel free to apply again immediately given how long this has been up.