Mentor Application - Mr Felon

Mentor Application - Mr Felon

Byond CKEY:

Mr Felon

Discord ID:


Character Name(s):

Ela A.W. Longbow / Seraphine Shelly Decarte / Sify Luna/ VD-V ((xernomorph))

Why do you want to become a Mentor?:

From my previous application, I still have the reason as to why I want to become a mentor, I just simply want to help people getting into SS13 and CM.

What gameplay areas do you know and which areas are you strong and weak in?:

I have a lot of experience when it comes to medical gameplay, same for research, outside of the plant genes. I also have a solid grasp of engineering and xenomorph gameplay. Finally, I have a basic understanding of piloting a dropship, CAS and transport alike.
On the other hand, I have some lacking when it comes to ordonnance technician and bomb making.

How often are to able to play CM?:

Around 30 hours a week.

A screenshot or transcript of your human and xeno playtimes:

Human: Screenshot - 49d2a13889843fab23efaeeaff91d39e - Gyazo Screenshot - 8bb75c4a0c5079416b95243c5be3c5a1 - Gyazo
Xenomorph: Screenshot - edaa9cefa8984a2f9f00a427857ac738 - Gyazo
((Hours coming from the precedent application, I will be able to get an up to date version this week-end)),

Anything else you’d like to add?:

Nothing, feel free to ask me some question in this application or in DM.


Sir yes sir oorah, I know this person. Loves to meme at my CLF plays groundside.

Walter White simulator (Pure OT chaos)
You get an Mhelp:
A) "I can’t make formaldehyde waaaa! I keep getting dexalin instead of formaldehyde, what I’m I doing wrong!!
B) “Sadar just told me that my rocket will explode in his face, what did I do wrong! The bottom of the rocket is red while the top is green.”
C) “I ran out of supplies, where can I get more?”

Meth Action (Research Shenanigans)
You get an Mhelp:
A) “How do I make a corrupted abomination?” ( I don’t expect you to get this one right but if you can cook go for it)

B) " How do I create chemicals on the synthesis machine? " ( They have all properties unlocked )

C) " How do I place my chemical into an injector? "

The final boss (SEA gaming (the chads))

What is your approach when dealing with a new private?
Give some topics you would explain to him.
If he doesn’t know how to speak what steps would you take?

– ! Goodluck ! :nerd_face:


A: It can happen if you don’t use the silver beaker(can find it in the fridge) or have 5 unit of silver as a catalyst (sheets in the crate next to the fridge, just use the beaker), next, the order might have an incidence, I usually do Methane-Oxygen-Phoron, adding 80 units of each before going to the next chemical ((the silver beaker can hold 240u of chemicals, aka 80x3)). You should get some formaheldyne for your cyclonite if you do that.

B:It means that the rocket was not properly fueled, you need 60 units of methane as a fuel in the properler while the warhead will hold the chemicals used for the explosion.

C: Bully medbay and research into giving you what you need, you can also get requisition to buy you an explosive ordonnance crate for a small fee of 2000 bucks.

A: I already made a corrupted predalien, that should be easy. You need a LOT of things, those being Thwei((if you get it in crystal form, you can grind it at the Industrial grinder in the OT workshop)), Royal plasma((needed for Cross-Ciphering and Ciphering 2) an Egg((needed to get a mutated facehugger, the egg plasma can be mixed to the dark acidic blood of a praetorian to get royal plasma, or you have a queen on hand with royal plasma already))
With the clearance 5x on your computer andafter scanning all of the chemicals above. You will need to first, Relate the property “Cross-Metabolizing” of the thwei and “Ciphering” of the Royal plasma into a third chemical using the synthesis machine ((the operation will take a lot of research point)), once done, you will receive an analysis with the property ‘‘Cross Ciphering’’, you want to make that chemical and inject it with a syringe in the egg until you hear a sound and receive a message in your chat saying that the egg has mutated, plant it and let the hugger infect a monkey. GG you got a predalien, to make it corrupted now, you will need to inject Ciphering 2 into the monkey, with ANOTHER chemical, relate CIphering into said chemical, then upgrade it to level 2. Make the chemical and inject it into the monkey. Wait 10 minutes for the larva to cook and tada, thick larva happen while every predator in-game will rush toward research to get it killed, good luck!

B: While interacting with the Synthesis computer, you will have a button called ‘Create’, click on it and you will a lot of set of 3 letters, you can click on them to check their name, and double click to select them for your custom chemical, you can add as many properties as you want as long as you have the research points for it, there will also be a set of button above the properties that will allow you to modify a few things, those being the name, the level of the CURRENTLY selected property ((increasing the level increase the cost)) the OD treshold ((reducing it reduce the cost, augmenting it increase it)) and the difficulty to make it, can choose from 4 level from basic to rare, basic being easily obtainable, sometime directly from a chemical dispenser, while rare will be a headache to find or make, at the cost once again of reducing the cost of the stimulant, once a name has been chosen, the properties set to the level that you want, same for the OD and difficulty to make it, you can press the Create button on top((if you have the budget to make it)) and it will print a synthetis for your chemical that you can them make, or modify.

C: Either use a reagent pouch or the centrifuge, for the later, you have to put a beaker with the chemical that you want in your injectors, then add a vial box with injectors inside. in that case, the centrifuge will simply try to fill every injector evenly.

goofy hat role: Once I receive the ping signalling me that a new player, in that case a private, woke up, I will meet him in the briefest delay to avoid an early SSD, present myself and ask if he needs some help, depending on his answer ((or lack of in the last question)) I will first bring him to the food vendor, tell him to get something to eat ((opportunity to talk about Z, aka the use-in hand button, very usefull with guns and the concept of hunger)), Once done I will send them to their vendors where they will get their stuff, I will answer to any of their question about their equipment with needed and once prepared, armory time ((Though I would usually skip it and immediatly go to the firing range to familiarise them with the weapons before sending them to the armory when I was still a mentor))good occasion to talk about the intent too since we are here. Once I’m done with that, I will send them to req and ask them if they need additonal equipment ((I also tell them about what requisition does)) before finally tossing them into the dropship, and if I have the time, give them some tips to not get killed.

For the Final question, usually being insistant with the overhead LOOC that they have to press T then write what they want their character to say has always worked for me.


Your answers are impressive, and your hours doubly so.
You’ve got my +1. Good luck.

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+1 your answers are correct! Goodluck with the app.


Old mentor who has been here a while with a good track record from what I recall. Solid answers to the questions above. Well versed in all jobs/roles. Take my +1!
Best of luck with the app! Hope to see you back on the team!

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Great person definitely knows there stuff +1


+1 from me as well. I have seen Seraphine in all the roles they play and have no doubts as to their knowledge of mechanics. I also have no doubts they will be an excellent teacher to newer players.


+1 Been on many rounds with you around, and seen you a lot around in different roles, good person, great RP, great knowledge, and helpful to new players. You been a mentor in the past for what i can see, and i tho you were already/still. So good luck getting back at being a mentor


A solid long term player that deserves a +1. Confident in their technical knowledge and their ability to answer mhelps or roleplay and teach as SEA.


+1, another player that I thought already had mentor. Always see good stuff from them.

Accepted. Try not to get removed again.

Added mentor:approved and removed mentor:waiting