Mentor Application - NekoSam

Mentor Application - NekoSam

Byond CKEY:


Discord ID:


Character Name(s):

Rozu ‘Nasu’ Ishina


Vast’ba Ek-thok (Predator)

Sakura (Synthetic)

Why do you want to become a Mentor?:

Because I absolutely love helping people, especially new players. Being able to teach the next generation of this community is a privilege I always indulge myself into when I can. I used to play SEA and work as a mentor a while ago, even became a senior mentor! Although I got burned out of CM back then, and was (rightfully) removed of mentor for that good reason.

I still try to help people whenever I can, even without being a mentor. That being said, becoming a mentor again would help me get access to help them out even more!

What gameplay areas do you know and which areas are you strong and weak in?:

I hold the synthetic WL, which by itself should be a vouch for my understanding and knowledge of the game.

That aside, I know most of the game in’s and out. From how to repair windows, on cade setups, all the way to surgery steps or questions about chemicals. Pretty much anything tossed at me is something I feel comfortable being asked.

My only grasp is research, which I still don’t really understand too much. I know the basics, but that is for certain my weakest area.

How often are to able to play CM?:

10+ hours a week easily, I often play a couple rounds a day.

A screenshot or transcript of your human and xeno playtimes:,

Anything else you’d like to add?:

Not too much but- Like I said-

I was a mentor before, and I REALLY miss being able to help people out. Not that I can’t do it now anyways (I help whenever I can), but having access to the tools and reach that mentors have to assist people would help me tremendously in reaching out to those in need ^^


I have seen you around in games you know what you need to do in all parts of being a mentor +1 from me hope to see you back on the team.


You teach new pred WL holders (me included :smile:) and being dedicated to doing so is a good sign +1


I think youve proven yourself enough with whitelists on your ability to be professional and answer questions, and you said you were previously a mentor so you seem like a good fit for the bill +1


Been sitting this one sit for a little extra to continue gauging your activity as I believe before this you hadn’t played for about 2-ish years? Could you tell me a bit about why you took a break and have come back? If it’s something personal you can keep it at that, I’m also interested in how you believe you’ve been catching up.

Exceedingly sorry for the long reply time! Past week i’ve been playing DD2/Chrono ark and all.

Such said, i’ll start with the first question.

Also it’s totally fine, it’s not “Personal” at all!

From a result of less-than-savory handful of people being obnoxious to me on the discord, which made it bothersome for me to even step foot into chats. Not gonna name names obviously, but getting pointed at/insulted underhandedly was getting a bit repetitive back then.

Also because I was just a bit “bored” of the loop in terms of gameplay. I clocked in a “substanstial” amount of hours over a year± Then took a break. There wasn’t any bad intentions in that, I just grew bored of the meta and the gameplay loop after playing for 800+ hours.

Now I am back (Minus last week im aware!), simply because I missed the gameplay loop. And it also turned out a couple of the people I “wasnt getting along with well” got banned. Not that this “makes me happy”- Simply noting that it does make my time on the discord MUCH MUCH MUCH more pleasing on a personal level.

It’s been going exceedingly well. Im pretty well beyond the “average” terms of knowledge as I would feel confident in answering pretty much ANY questions tossed at me. I already said I got the synthetic WL, but this knowledge goes beyond just medical/engineering/etc. With all the new additions, I’ll say im up to date and ahead.

There hasn’t been any personal concerns over anything I would note. I still continue teaching new preds about the WL whenever possible, I always jump at any opportunity to help new players ingame and I hardly ever feel myself clueless about something- Infact never! Obviously im not omnipotent, as no one is- But I firmly believe im ahead of what most would consider “general knowledge”

Again, VERY VERY sorry for the late answer. Last week I’ve been playing dragon dogma 2 and other games I bought- And actually forgot to check about this app. I’ll take the blame for that!

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Sorry I meant to get to this app before but I completely forgot. They hold both Synth and Pred WL, and got good hours in zeno too! (they have robusted me many times as zeno) Their RP is also very good, in all interactions I have had with them to boot!
All I ask is that you just keep in touch with the mentor team (if and when you join us). Best of luck and good luck! Hope to see you on the team! +1 from me!

+1. My argument? if the reader of this post actually plays CM-SS13 then they would know that I’d be unable to fit every single argument on a single post.

I’ve seen Rozu & Sakura around, so I can confirm they’ve certainly been playing ‘catch up’ lately. Good player, good RPer, has a synth WL (and therefore probably trustworthy), and it’s good to see old mentors come back.
+1 from me.


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Added mentor:approved and removed mentor:waiting