Mentor Application - RiosTheGunner24

Mentor Application - RiosTheGunner24

Byond CKEY:


Discord ID:

rios_sabbathi / Rios#3318

Character Name(s):

Rios Kishop
Xenomorph Prefix: KO-R

Why do you want to become a Mentor?:

I really have fun to help around new people around or clear doubts they might have, or maybe just hand a tip of information that might be useful to them someday, such as crafting a spear or to make an IED, and i’d like to do it more often in a more ‘formal’ way being part of the Mentor Team, maybe i might learn stuff that I didn’t know before.

What gameplay areas do you know and which areas are you strong and weak in?:

Engineering: I know almost everything regards engineering, hacking, repairing, construction and demolition.

Medicine: I know how to heal and revive, know the use of most chemicals and I know by memory most surgeries ingame, but I kinda suck at custom chemistry, if someone asks me for MB or IA I might need to pull out the wiki.

Research: I know how to mutate plants, craft stims, modify chem properties and how to make unstable chemicals without killing myself, the only thing I haven’t tried is making other hives. I used to play OT a lot before too.

Command: I used to be an SL main before, I also played a lot CIC roles such as SO and XO and I can work pretty well with leadership roles.

Requisitions: I know the categories of the 3 vendors and I know how to handle req line, how to prepare supply drops and such, how to fill ammo boxes from marine vendors and i play with BM from time to time too.

MP: I’d say I know SOP and Marine Law, I also know how to work with the police tools.

Marine Specialist: I played with all the 5 (6 including Spotter) Specialist Roles and i’d say i know them decently.

JTAC: My weakness, I can’t be around whatever is CAS, Mortar or an OB Warhead without totally wasting it or hitting friendlies, I know how to use them and how they work but my skill with the artillery is awful.

Xenomorph: I’m familiar with most castes, mostly Backliners as Runner and Lurker is the castes I play the most (without including Defender), I also know how to build resin defenses properly, but i’m not pretty good with roles like Carrier, and I haven’t tried all the strains avalaible.

How often are to able to play CM?:

I’d say I spend around 6-25 hours in a week.

A screenshot or transcript of your human and xeno playtimes:

Human Hours: Screenshot - b9e53ca8ca70af0d65c70bfbf49a93f8 - Gyazo
Xeno Hours: Screenshot - bb0c88ce30b3ae013bfa6c8926244531 - Gyazo,

Anything else you’d like to add?:

I grinded some more Xeno hours as requested in my previous Mentor App!
Edit: Fixed the Spec part


Erm boss, there are 5 specialists not including spotter.


Scout, SADAR, Grenadier, Sniper and it’s Spotter, am I forgetting someone? I didn’t counted the SG o.O


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Fireman Sam, Anyways… Looking at playtime great spread in medical, engineering and req, pass application was denied from Xeno hours but looking at it now much better than some others I have seen, also looking at it SEA… that was also iffy

This has a lot on what SEA can do/shouldn’t (this is old BTW)

Some questions for you, you don’t need to answer

1: A acid runner Mhelps asking "why isn’t one of my abilities not working? it is saying I need more acid what does this mean?

2: A Marine Mhelps asking ‘‘how do macros work? and can I set one up to say ‘‘OORAH’’ and if so how?’’

3: A XO Mhelps asking ‘‘how do I get points for techweb?’’

People forget that getting notes/being too salty can get this decided but don’t let this stop you from playing and having fun!!

Hello my bad for not replying!

1: Acid Runners have the ability called ‘For The Hive’ which allows you to explode into a massive ball of acidic gas, and to activate it you need to reach the max level of acid which is 1000. In order to get acid points you could just wait until it slowly fills, but a faster way to fill your acid is by slashing living mobs, you’ll get a decent amount of acid points per slash and your ‘Tail Slab’ ability gives more acid points than slashing, you can also check how much acid do you have in the status tab at your right.

2: Macros are configurable actions you can set to ‘custom’ keybinds. In this case to set it up to say something, right click on the CM-SS13 tab, then, Client > Macros. Once you are there hit on ‘New Macro’ below and a new tab should pop out. Now we are ready to make your macro, ‘Key/Action’ is the keybind you are about to make, click on ‘Find Key’ and press the keys on your keyboard you want to set for this macro, in this case you could use Alt+1. Once you are done go below, the tab ‘Command’ is the action that this macro will do. To set it for your character to scream something we can use the verb Say, for example: Say “(whatever you want it to say)” in this case Say “OORAH” and once you are done hit ‘OK’ and proceed to test it!

3: There’s some ways to get tech points, one is by hauling the corpses of perma marines to morgue. Another way is almost the same, just hauling the bodies of dead xenos to Research contaiment cells. And lastly the faster way to get points is by IO’s field working, Intelligence Officers task is to search around for documents and floppy disks that will later be taken Shipside for processing, if done properly you can get quite a sum of tech points thanks to IOs, but there’s also a chance IO’s will fail and die horribly so that makes this option pretty risky too.

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I should note this is something made by a mentor multiple years ago so I don’t exactly endorse it. Just don’t want anyone to yell about this.

Yea that is why I say

This is old Btw

As it is, but it still has many things in it that are helpful but still has the problem of being old so fair enough

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I’ve noticed an interesting gap in your knowledge. Hours-wise, you seem strong in field leadership and leadership positions in general. Despite your time in the SL role, you mention you have a weakness with JTAC capability. This does seem unusual to me, considering how much of a force multiplier your equipment as an SL makes you in this capacity.

I can’t think to ask questions in this regard, only to give you a challenge. Call in one OB that has a positive impact on mission, or for that matter work with fires (mortar) or CAS to coordinate some effective hits on the enemy. When you do that, get back to me and see if you can answer the following.

What did you feel you were weakest in before you attempted to challenge yourself?

What did you feel you did well when you attempted JTAC in your role as a field leader?

What did you feel you could do better?

I’d be interested to hear back from you! Thanks.

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I’m sorry for the delay, I had a mild case of ‘Modem/Network malfunctioning and my local internet service taking half of a month to send someone to fix my issue’ so i’m afraid i won’t be able to finish this challenge. For now!

(Reason why I haven’t even played CM or SS13 or anything in particular recently)

Just wanted to say Rios is a great player and I’m sure they’ll make a great addition to the staff, good luck Rios

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Rios is def mentor material. +1

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I should note that acider runners can use “for the hive” with less than 1000 acid (usable after 200 acid), but its’ effectiveness is massively reduced.

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Rios i’ve been watching you… +1 :3!!

your mentor material it would be a horrid shame not to see you on the team

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Hey sorry for my late response, thought I replied here but never did. Thats my fuck up.
Moving on, overall I think your a good guy and pretty nice, and can RP well from my interactions with you. But I feel your knowledge gap might be a bit bigger then I thought. There has also been a bigger push in our mentor team for more zeno hours for new mentor apps for the past while now, something that I see you are lack in a bit. Its not the end or impossible to still become mentor.
I for one would like to see you play some more zeno and overall close the knowledge gap a bit more down. As such I wont vote +1 or -1 yet but keep watching you and come back at a later time here and ask you some questions.
If you have any questions or anything at all DM me by all means here or in discord.
I wish you the best of luck!

Was giving this awhile for your internet to get back up. I imagine it isn’t at this time, so whenever you’re sorted and have stable internet please reapply again and given you’ve already had this one up awhile I’ll expedite it. As a not happy to see you’ve worked on your playtimes, especially xeno.

Added mentor:denied and removed mentor:waiting