Mentor Application - RiosTheGunner24

Mentor Application - RiosTheGunner24

Byond CKEY:

Discord ID:

Character Name(s):
Rios “CorpseMincer" Kishop

Why do you want to become a Mentor?:
I want to get more deep inside this community and helping it the best way I can, I don’t know spriting nor coding and my english isn’t exactly the best to be working on the Wiki, but something I always wanted to try and that I would be happy to do is teaching and guiding, spawning as SEA and helping any new player to get introduced in this game or helping any veteran player to get a doubt cleared with the Mentor Help Ticket sounds nice to me.

What gameplay areas do you know and which areas are you strong and weak in?:
When it comes to medicine I know how the 4 types of damages + Clone Damage works and I know how to heal those, I know the basic pills and how to make advanced ones, I was used to play a lot Researcher and I know how almost everything regarding the CM Chemistry and it’s tools, I also know the basic surgeries such as Bone repairment, Larva Removal, Organ Treatment and Limb Replacement.
I know my basics regards Engineering but I’m not an expert, I know how to craft stuff as OT, how to handle and repair APCs, messing with doors, construction and repairment, reparing reactors and Telecommunications so far. I know how to work with JTAC, how to work in Req, (Even BM) MP stuff too, how marine advanced stuff works too. I think I’m just bad when it comes to leadership, piloting the Dropship on CAS, combat or surviving in general.
Plus I know nothing about xeno gameplay!

How often are to able to play CM?:
Depending on how free I am but I usually hop in every afternoon or night almost everyday.

A screenshot or transcript of your human and xeno playtimes:
Human Roles with 333 hours:

And just 5 hours as Xeno roles:
Screenshot - 71729693db3d8705f45326d4ee6ecd11 - Gyazo,

Anything else you’d like to add?:
I know I don’t have a lot of hours like other Mentors do but I still want to give it a try!
Plus I re-applied :slight_smile:
And let me know if the screenshots are not working it’s my first time using Gyazo.


So you know you didn’t need to make a new application, I only needed people in the old format to make a new one. Could you please inform me which one you’d rather keep up?

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Eh my bad then
I would like to continue with this one because it’s a little bit more in detail than the other one.


Hmm. I know you are a solid role player. You have from what I can gather a good reputation in our little community. I will +1 this.


You’re hours are a tiny bit on the low end but that isn’t much of an issue as knowledge doesn’t necessarily come with hours played. But, I still do have some questions for you.

-What would you do for “fun” as SEA when there are no privates awaking?

-How do you process a survivor?

-Can you load the OB as an SEA?

-How do I fix a synthetic?

-What is the difference between the medical belt and the lifesaver belt?

-I think I would look for more people in seek of help in certain departments such as Research or OT grenades working, as far as I know these 2 are pretty complex and sometimes there’s people who would need help with it, in other case I would help around with normal operations such as dragging xeno corpses to containment and such. Or in another case I believe SEA would work as a roleplay job too and I could start talking with other characters to pass some time by.

-Once I find the survivor I tell him to give me it’s weapons and to follow me to brig for processing purposes. Once in brig, I do a full inspection on the Survivor’s stuff, pouches, belts, packs, even the uniform if it has a webbing, take all the stuff that would oppose a danger to the Almayer and I would start talking to the survivor for RP purposes, asking him how did he survived and stuff but I wouldn’t extend too much, after that I ask him if he’s redeploying or wants to stay, in case he wants to redeploy he can keep all his weapons and I would take him to Hangar so he can start fighting again. In the case he wants to stay I would store all the weapons and then take his ID to give him a new job, I would ask him what is he good with and depending on the answer I would assign them to that respective job depending on their skilltree, then I would inform the Head of that department that they have a new employee, and lastly I would take the survivor to the respective department.

In the case it’s a CLF survivor I would process them like any other inmate and keep them in a perma cell for being in a faction that is against the USCM.

-I think SEAs are trained with the Powerloader and can load and chamber the OB by themselves, I ordered a SEA to load the OB as XO when the MTs weren’t listening before, but I personally prefer to call out an MT for that.

-I don’t have too much experience in Synth healing but as far as I know they don’t suffer Toxic and Oxygen damage, to fix Brute you need a blowtorch and to fix Burn you need cable coils if I remember correctly, Synth “organs” can be repaired with Nanopaste, they can be revived with a debif like a normal human, if they lost a limb it’s just a normal limb replacement surgery. And lastly if they lost their head it’s just another Level 2 Surgery, pretty easy to do, Retractor > Attach > Fix-O-Vein > Cautery and lastly debif.

-The Lifesaver it’s equiped by default with more medical stuff, more pill bottles, autoinjectors and such but it’s unable to storage pretty big stuff, more comfortable for shipside docs.
In the other hand the Storage one it’s like the Lifesaver belt but has less medicines by default, but this one can take bigger items, such as roller beds, defibrilators and even ammo.
I personally prefer the Lifesaver one.

(edit: I forgot to reply to you D:)

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I like your enthusiasm, and your app is okay.

BUT if you are going to only know marines then you should be an expert at all things marines. And it doesnt seem you are

So the bad news is this is a -1

But the good news is i think you literally just need playtime which you were going to do anyways!

So put some time in, master marine and you can get the tag next month.

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Thanks for your opinion.
On a sidenote just reached 400 hours by the time i’m writting this

Oh my word. I keep forgetting to reply to this. I apologize.

I was more or less referencing the SEA guidelines, on whether or not they are allowed to do it. I should have clarified in my original question. Otherwise, yes, SEAs do have powerloader skills.

Overall, your answers are ok. As previously stated, your hours are a little on the low end but that is hardly a leg for someone like me to stand on, as when I applied I had roughly the same hours as you (Infact, I actually had less hours then you. They were just more spread out.). You aren’t required to be a master at everything, and nobody should expect such (IMO). I think denying you purely based off that would be a bit silly, as you seem to have the passion to be a mentor. I just advise you to play quite a lot more xeno, and I think you’re fine.


Remember, even if your application doesn’t get accepted, that doesn’t mean you cannot be a mentor. It took me 2 tries to get it.

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My thoughts echo a lot of what’s been said here, you’ve got somewhat decent spread of hours but the severely lacking xeno hours when compared to what is a “low” for SS13 standards of game time. Your response to the SEA question is a bit iffy, as SEA you should always be assisting not doing unless you absolutely must and that’s especially iffy around MP duties which are basically a never. I’d like to see you get a bit more experience especially in the xeno department.

There are plenty of mentors now that know almost nothing about xeno and sure human gameplay is the vastly more complex side. Going forward I’m trying to look for mentors with experience on both side as both side of the player base are equally valuable and someone who’s meant to be a “mentor” to our community should have a broader understanding.

So this is going to be denied but I imagine I’ll be happy to see you reapply again.