Mentor Application - Rubenblades

Mentor Application - Rubenblades

Byond CKEY:


Discord ID:


Character Name(s):

Calvin Long

Why do you want to become a Mentor?:

I want to make new players have the same safe feeling I did when I was taught the ropes of engineering, my mentor was patient, funny, and cool all around. I want to be like him and help new players to make this community the best it can be.

What gameplay areas do you know and which areas are you strong and weak in?:

I’m going to make a little list with explantions since I think that’s the “fun-ist” way to do this.

  1. Engineering, my top three roles are engineering roles (this includes OT shit).
  2. Unga boys, marine isn’t that hard though and I won’t be teaching new players “Advanced pro gamer strategies!” but it is my second most experienced role.
  3. MPs, I know marine law and SoP so I believe my hours and CMP and MP are adequate.
  4. Command, I only recently got into command, but I’ve been loving it so far. Sure I’ve had some bad ops as XO, but haven’t we all?
  5. Medical, I’m very bad at research and I plan on doing a lot more of that soon, but overall I think I have a good understanding of surgery and drugs.
  6. Req, I’ve probably done more req as CE than I have as CT, but I don’t find it to be complicated and I think I understand almost all of the thingys that come with the role.
  7. Auxiliary support, least experience so far, but like I said in all of these, I understand the basic premise of both piloting and intel. But if the VC ever comes back I’m screwed

How often are to able to play CM?:

Probably two rounds every day? I’m on summer break right now so that’ll change in a few months.

A screenshot or transcript of your human and xeno playtimes:

Chief Engineer 56.1 hr
Maintenance Technician 27.2 hr
Combat Technician 26.2 hr
Chief MP 20.6 hr
Doctor 17.2 hr
Staff Officer 14.6 hr
Military Police 13.9 hr
Rifleman 13.8 hr
Squad Leader 12.1 hr
Executive Officer 11.1 hr
Cargo Technician 9.8 hr
Military Warden 9.4 hr
Corporate Liaison 8.8 hr
Ordnance Technician 6.2 hr
Mess Technician 6.2 hr
Nurse 6.0 hr
Pilot Officer 3.6 hr
Combat Correspondent 2.4 hr
Intelligence Officer 1.8 hr
Head Surgeon 1.0 hr
Researcher 0.9 hr
Chief Medical Officer 0.9 hr
Dropship Crew Chief 0.9 hr
Bunker Crew 0.7 hr
Fireteam Leader 0.2 hr
Weapons Specialist 0.2 hr
Hospital Corpsman 0.2 hr
Bunker Crew Master 0.1 hr

Now for the xeno playtimes…
Runner 0.3 hr
Bloody Larva 0.2 hr
Drone 0.2 hr
Facehugger 0.1 hr

Anything else you’d like to add?:

Bro I swear I’ll play more xeno! Please believe me! >:)

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So in general you seem very new to the community. Your playtimes are kind of decent, but we are usually looking for more experienced players and your complete lack of any xeno playtime at least of your application posting is a big notch against you. Wanting to help people is very much a trait we’re looking for, but I’m not sure if you’re entirely ready to be a mentor so I’m wondering your own thoughts on that as well?

My general metric is ~six months in the community and ~300 hours of combined playtime across marine/xeno, with emphasis on a bit of diversity in roles in each. You marginally reach what I consider the minimum qualifications, though your xeno is severely lacking, which itself isn’t bad, but it’s something to work on because sometimes we get some weird xeno questions.

I vaguely recognize the character name, and can’t say anything good or bad.

Do you intend to play/learn more xeno, or was that addendum on the end a bit of a shitpost? It’s hard to tell with the face.

I do intend to play more xeno, I’m just silly by nature even if it’s bad for me. Also, sorry I didn’t respond soon I was on vacation.

That makes a lot of sense, I saw Andy’s application (the one right before mine) and I was really debating whether or not I should post my application, but I reckoned that it couldn’t hurt and maybe I could even get some feed back on areas I need to learn. I think it’s the right choice for me to take a little more time learning roles like: xenos, DP, IO, researcher, and medical.

Hello, I do love new people coming in to becoming a mentor, it is always nice to have another deck of hands helping. Though you are pretty new, while in other games these hours could be considered “high” places like SS13, CM these would be very small, it is a complex system that takes some good dedication to learn, hell even I check the wiki every now and then.

What I’m getting to is, you should wait another month, grind on the game and try learning a vast majority of the roles, you don’t have to know everything but having a strong grasp on 3 major branches (ex. Medical, game settings/cache/etc, xeno) would be the best.

Ps. -1

Whenever I’ve seen you, especially on a recent round, you’ve been very kind, and very willing to engage, RP with, and assist whoever is around you. You RP very well, and seem to have a great grasp on game mechanics - perhaps owing to the fact that it’s been about a month since your playtime post - your hours probably look a lot better by now. I have no doubt that you’d be an asset if you were accepted. Even if it’s not accepted, I hope you keep up what you’ve been doing, as access to mentorhelp is certainly not required to help people around you. Big +1 from me in any case.

Made my decision on this, please do feel about reapplying in the future but I believe at this time you could use a lot more experience with CM before becoming a mentor. Denied.