Mentor Application Rules

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Mentor Application Rules/Expectations

  • Discussion and advertising your application is encouraged. Discussion should remain civil and have relation to the applicant or application.

    • Example of civil discussion: "I think you don’t know enough to be a mentor and your behavior as a community member is bad.”
    • Example of uncivil discussion: “You’re fucking stupid and a shitter.”
    • Both convey the same thing: one is acceptable and one isn’t.
  • You may post as a reference of character/knowledge be it positive or negative.

  • You may ask questions related to behavior in-game/on Discord or questions to test applicants on their knowledge of the rules and game mechanics.

  • All applications will still be subject to Mentor Overseer/Management approval even if feedback is mostly positive or negative.

  • Severe/consistent violations of these rules may lead to you being banned from participating.

  • If you have any questions regarding the rules, being barred from participating, or want to privately share feedback feel free to contact the Mentor Overseer. If you believe that it’s not something you can speak to the Mentor Overseer about or the Mentor Overseer is being unfair you may consider speaking to Management.