Mentor Application - settlerking

Mentor Application - settlerking

Byond CKEY:


Discord ID:


Character Name(s):

Billy Bob Lemoyne

BS - B5

Argyle ‘Nessie’ Loch

Why do you want to become a Mentor?:

Used to be a mentor, I like helping baldies, pass on tips and tricks ive picked up over time and help make the community more welcoming.

What gameplay areas do you know and which areas are you strong and weak in?:

— Strengths:

Medical (medic) is my strongest role, I’m pretty good at the rhythm of snatching wounded, treating in the right places and managing many wounded at the same time.

Engineering (mostly non combat engineering), I enjoy repairing, manage the ship and building fob. I’m a decent builder i’d say.

Military Police (mostly as a regular red beret), I have a good grasp of marine law id say, although im by no means an expert or anything. I generally prefer a laidback, non-confrontational MP style where i largely respond to called in disturbances rather than actively seek out crimes being committed. I advocate this style OOC too, which is to me a mark of a good MP player.

Cargo (RO mostly), I’m a decently experienced RO player. I’d say I’m pretty good at managing whatever CTs i have and i know a lot of ways to cost save on supplies.

Corporate Liaison, I know a lot of ways to spice up corporate liaison gameplay, the type of mindset that makes CL enjoyable and I personally believe i know a fair deal on how to play a fun, yet not disruptive CL.

Marine frontline, marine frontline either as rifleman, squad leader or smart gunner are some of my strongest roles. I’m no uber robust shotgun juggler but i know how to coordinate, stay in formation, minimise FF and adapt to the front.

Another minor but still quite significant strength i consider i have is a lot of knowledge that isn’t really on any guides, wiki page or etc. Small mechanics and map knowledge etc that i consider vital for mentors to have.

– Weaknesses:

I don’t enjoy playing xeno at all really. I prefer roleplay even if its quite minimal and ive never liked xeno gameplay. I kinda like observing in dchat, so i rarely join in after perma either. That said, i still know how to play castes in broad strokes and I’m an okay spitter/sentinel and runner player the times ive played it. I’ve taken effort to learn how xenos work, but i rarely play them.

Command is something im quite weak in the role of, i can XO decently enough, especially with a CO around. I’m told im a decent XO but i find it too stressful, so i dont play it enough to say im any decent at it myself.

Never played any research roles at all, just never gotten in to it. dont know ANYTHING about how it plays. although i still know how it works in broad strokes

How often are to able to play CM?:

a few times a week on average

A screenshot or transcript of your human and xeno playtimes:

Anything else you’d like to add?:

yes, a few things in fact.

Used to be a mentor until the end of ITOs period as mentor overseer which i assume is about 10-12 months ago? (time is not my strong suit). I would link my old app but i cant find it in the old forum archive. I was most likely removed due to inactivity (I started university studies and could not play a lot anymore).

FOR TRANSPARENCY - I was briefly job banned, (on my own request) after a round which i behaved very badly as SEA. I engaged in LRP and was disruptive, in a convo with ITO i requested to be job banned, i returned to SEA after about a month. My approach to playing SEA is very different now. Feel it would be very deceptive to not mention this episode even if it was resolved amicably between all parties. Edit: i found the note, it was Moonshanks that banned me, I talked with ITO afterwards and he offered to lift the ban after a discussion over DMs and i asked for the ban to remain while i took a break from SEA. ( Banned from Senior Enlisted Advisor - Jbanned for suiciding mid round, and breaking ML as SEA - subject to review by mentor manager by moonshanks (Moderator) on 2022-01-23 10:03:24)

I have played since before some playtimer wipes, even if the last one was years ago. some of my times are less than they would be but its negliable, but i do have quite a bit more play time in some roles than its listed like medic and squad marine and xeno roles.

(i wrote this whole app and then i lost my draft, if anything is weird or missing please let me know and i’ll elaborate)

alt links to playtimes: Imgur: The magic of the Internet , Imgur: The magic of the Internet


Hello settlerking,

I’ve seen you around quite a bit recently and I also remember from back in the day. I’ll get the ball rolling with a situation I see a lot.

How would you respond to this situation? What might the issues be?

M-Help: Help! I can’t do surgery! I keep cutting them open but when I try to clamp their bleeders/progress the surgery it says I can’t use the tool in this way!


There’s been awhile since i did proper surgery. There’s a few things that i would do potentially. 1. is ask if surgery mode/help intent is on, most common surgery issue when i answered mhelps was related to it. 2. is ask what role they are as some roles like medic and nurse only have limited surgical ability.

This however sounds like they’re using the wrong tools, so id ask them what surgery they’re attempting and what tools they are using. guiding them through the relevant surgery steps if needed. For example if they have an IMS and are unfamiliar with it etc.

Edit: thinking about this, there’s some more obvious things probably wrong. Possible the player in question is attempting to do surgery in ways not possible. on the dropship etc.


Hey SettlerKing, first off great seeing you want to come back! I was going to ask about xeno hours but…

have played since before some playtimer wipes, even if the last one was years ago. some of my times are less than they would be but its negligible, but I do have quite a bit more play time in some roles than it’s listed like medic and squad marine and xeno roles.

This answers it, anyways good luck on this application I Hope to see you as a SEA again!

have some quick questions:

An SG Mhelps asked “Where can I find a DV9 cell?”

A doctor Mhelps asking “I don’t have access to marine preps, I want a gun as there is a larva ship side”

A Crusher Mhelps asks “how do I become a charging crusher? and how does its abilities work?”


I’ve found that a player’s ability to answer that question is one of a few very strong litmus tests to see if they’re use to dealing with more nuanced problems. I think your answer was good and I think you’d be a good mentor.



for the SG - to my knowledge, the only place to get a DV9 cell is from your SG prep or possibly req. the battery change is a new feature that im not fully 100% on. I assumed the change was to combat battery hoarding that usually occurred before with sgs.

For the doctor - if there is a larva onboard / xeno i would tell them to announce that over comms and ask for code red. if they dont know where the red lockers are located id point out the research ones are right above medbay. depending on phrasing i might also point out that being a doctor they should propably not seek out a xeno alone as they have no combat training.

For Crusher - first off, if they havent changed to the charger strain id point out the strain menu in the ‘alien’ tab. secondly id point to the top buttons (left top side) for switching between abilities. Personally these buttons are good for new players as hotkeys are mostly muscle memory anyway. learning a new caste its better to use the buttons, even if its slower and less smooth. I’d still point out the hotkeys in the character creation menu can be set up for xeno abilities, but i wouldnt put emphasis on it.

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They all seem right to me.

Goodluck to you +1 from me!


Saw you a ton when I first joined mentors, loved your old rim world stuff you posted way back too! From what I have seen from back and now, your still about the same well behaved guy. It has been a while for sure and good bit has changed, but if you go through the change logs and play all the roles and try things out(yep I have seen you play the last little while so I know you are doing this already) I would like to think your all set to rejoin, hope to see you back on the team soon! Best of luck!


It’s always good to have experienced people around, particularly those who have made mistakes and demonstrated remorse for having done so.

I don’t see any reason to not give you my support. I hope to see you back on the team helping out the players.



I in no way wish to seem rude or impatient but seeing many other apps get processed ahead of mine, and seeing how its been well over a month at this point, id like to know if its going to be denied or if theres any sort of issue with my application. I’d like to fix or clarify problems if there are any.

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As far as I can see you’re fine.

You have support from the community.

I give you my support as well.

I’ve known you’ve been a long time player here.

You chose to cut yourself out when you were wrong.
That takes guts that many don’t have in fear of losing what power they have.

I think you’re ready to come back and I’m ready to give you the chance.


If you’ve been watching the other apps you’ll notice I’ve been putting a lot of emphasis on increased xeno playtimes/knowledge so I was truly hoping you’d take the time to buff them up despite your lack of interest in them. I’ve not made a decision because I wasn’t truly sure. Upon consideration though I’ll go ahead and accept this.

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Added mentor:approved and removed mentor:waiting