Mentor Application - Skateboreding

Mentor Application - Skateboreding

Byond CKEY:

Discord ID:
Pablo Excavator#4325

Character Name(s):
Alexei ‘Ramius’ Trofimov
Jackson Chernov

Why do you want to become a Mentor?:
To share my wide wisdom with the new players, well I’ve always wanted to pass a whitelist .

What gameplay areas do you know and which areas are you strong and weak in?:
Strongest area I’m in is command

  • Medbay
  • Police
  • Paperwork
  • Engineering
  • Requisitions
  • Weakest, Bomb cooking
    (took these from my playtime)

How often are to able to play CM?:
Mostly I play everyday.

A screenshot or transcript of your human and xeno playtimes: - Don’t know if this will work, if it doesn’t I’ll post it in the chat.,

Anything else you’d like to add?:

Pretty good to me, though I’d like to see more medical hours. I’ll stay neutral for now

You have solid experience in infantry and command roles, I think you’d be a great asset to the team if you were willing to help teach players in those areas, particularly in the SEA role.

The only question I have is would you be willing to devote time to assist & advise the departments you’re most experienced in as an SEA?

very wide range of experience and playtimes
easy +1

-You receive an Mhelp: “How do I attach pictures to a fax paper?”

-You’re playing SEA and a nurse wakes up with 0 hours. What is the process in which you would help them?

-You receive an Mhelp: “How do I laze for an OB? Also, how do I fire one while I’m at it? This supply drop thing is also confusing.”

-You receive an Mhelp: “What’s the difference between the lifesaver belt and the medical belt. It looks like the lifesaver one is just better.”

-You receive an Mhelp: “I want to do a mutiny against the CO. Can I?”

  • I’ll tell them to hold the paper they want to send in one hand and the picture in the other. Select the hand with the picture on click on the paper. That will attach the picture onto the paper. After that you can use the fax machine like you would with a normal paper.

  • I’ll come up to them and ask if they want help(tutorial) over the nurse role. First things first, I’ll teach them the basics of damages I.E. Brute Burn Toxins and oxygen damage. After that I’ll move onto the treatment. Explaining that you can setup macro’s to ease the speed with bandages. About sutures and injectors. I’ll then request a dummy from admins, and teach them how to revive and what to look out for on the medhud and scanner. Moving onto that I’ll teach them the basic surgery skills they can do with that role. Then tell them that they can create(cook) chemicals(Space Drugs) and send them the link through LOOC. I’ll also teach them about tech points/Morgue if I don’t forget about it. Then I’ll move on with my day.(Ask them if they need help with anything)

-First off, I’ll tell them there’s two different types of lasers they can use. Green laser to get coordinates which are used for OB’s, Mortar and Supply Drops. Then the Red laser for CAS to switch between them I’ll tell them to hold ctrl and click on the binoculars in their hand. To use them you need to stand still, use the binoculars and hold CTRL and click on the location they want to get coordinates from. Once you’ve lased you can move and then examine the binoculars to get the coordinates. For CAS you need to lase and stand still without moving as moving will remove your laser. The laser works as the starting point for CAS to start their firemission or direct fire.

-Lifesaver belt carry’s light medical equipment and has better storage than the medical belt. It can hold bandages, pills, and injectors as well as splints.
While the medical belt carry’s heavy medical equipment like defibrillator and stretchers it can also carry ammunition for pistols. It however has smaller storage than the lifesaver belt.

-You can mutiny the CO if he doesn’t activate the evacuation when asked twice to during the xenomorph boarding phase. However be prepared to answer some admin questions (unlikely if you’ve done everything correctly). You cannot mutiny the CO if there is no threat to the ship. Or if the xenomorphs aren’t crashing into the ship. You will need admin authorization for a mutiny most of the time

Yes, else I wouldn’t of made this application if I wasn’t going to do that.

So I admit at first I could not recall you at all, thats on me. None the less I asked around and recalled you did infant apply for mentor last year but were denied by thesoldier for telling staff to “go fuck themselves”
On top of that you also have been command job banned 2 times from what I can see and seem to have a bunch of notes for LRP and, this next bit something I was told when I asked a few people a few 18+ notes too?
For my point of also clarification on the old forum I never checked someone’s appeals or WL apps for notes and such till after your old mentor app. With these points brought up can you clarify anything that I have brought up being wrong or in some way explain that your past is your past and why I shouldn’t just give you a -1 right here and now?

I have no 18+ notes.
Most of the notes that I received are from last year and the year before. I have improved from that time.

You seem quite knowledgeable in fact, very good at explaining topics it seems. While the notes and behavior are a little concerning, we all change with time, and a year is a lot of time.

Giving this a +1

So, we’re trying to finish the application up pretty soon, that being said there are some concerns I have. Most especially regarding your most recent ban 5 months back. Telling a player who FF’d you to kill themself and seemingly it’s pretty consisent? As a Mentor you’re going to be dealing with inexperienced players, hard headed players, etc. You say you’ve improved in the last 5-ish months how is that and how do you feel about that note?

I don’t hold any grudges against the note, as what I’ve said, has already been said and dealt with, and I had time to take a break from that ban.

Few more hours in medical roles and also spending more than a couple rounds giving xeno a go would help you, in my opinion.

Do this and you shall have my corporate blessing.

Right, let this sit for a few more ages, can you show us your updated playtimes I was especially hoping for more xeno playtime and when I asked about your note I wasn’t really asking about a “grudge” but how you felt and your opinion on receiving your notes and their validity. I will hopefully actually finish this soon. If I haven’t resolved this by end of the next week after your response please DM me just incase I forget.

The notes were well deserved at that time I will still young and was still growing however I am now mature and now know the rules well to not get noted again, however there were some notes that did feel unfair to recieve example being the one I received on 2022-10-08.

I am also not intrested in playing xenomorph, however I know the basics and most of their skill usage. Mostly from spectating and getting killed by them. I do know every single one of their skills.
This ranges from all castes.

I still don’t understand your question on how I felt getting noted? Like I’d feel angry and shut my game down for a few days till the duration of my ban to cooldown my emotions then come back.

I have seen Pablo grow over the time I have interacted with him. He has greatly improved as a player. Most of if not all of us have Notes we are not proud of. All we can do is own up and be honest with our faults. I can +1 this. Do not let me down.

Application accepted.