Mentor Application - Slender_F00L

Mentor Application - Slender_F00L

Byond CKEY:


Discord ID:


Character Name(s):

Christopher “Frosty” Beck

Why do you want to become a Mentor?:

I Want to become a mentor because i genuinely LOVE this game, community and even not being a mentor, I always leap on the chance to help teach newcomers. I have had lots of great interactions with SEA’s, and I think they are one of the most important positions to play as I Also believe i can take my experiences and help people avoid making similar mistakes later on as well as providing some interesting roleplay.

What gameplay areas do you know and which areas are you strong and weak in?:

I’d say my strongest knowledge is in general gameplay mechanics as well as marine law.
I’ve played a lot of different roles and there is still more I need to learn. such as research. engineering I know the basics of. I haven’t played as the Xo yet. i also feel that my roleplay is pretty good. And I’m very willing and eager to learn more I also need to work on my xenomorph game times I’m more of a marine main myself.

How often are to able to play CM?:

i play CM at least 3 or 4 times a week if not more

A screenshot or transcript of your human and xeno playtimes:

Rifleman 296.2 hr
Hospital Corpsman 126.4 hr
Combat Technician 62.7 hr
Fireteam Leader 60.4 hr
Cargo Technician 41.3 hr
Military Police 37.2 hr
Smartgunner 29.3 hr
Staff Officer 20.9 hr
Corporate Liaison 14.5 hr
Pilot Officer 11.4 hr
Doctor 11.0 hr
Survivor 10.8 hr
Weapons Specialist 7.4 hr
Mess Technician 6.6 hr
Maintenance Technician 6.6 hr
Nurse 6.5 hr
Squad Leader 2.7 hr
Honor Guard 2.6 hr
Combat Correspondent 2.0 hr
Field Doctor 1.9 hr
Requisitions Officer 1.0 hr
Bunker Crew 0.8 hr
Veteran Honor Guard 0.7 hr
Combat Reporter 0.5 hr
Intelligence Officer 0.4 hr
Marine Raider 0.3 hr

Drone 14.2 hr
Hivelord 10.6 hr
Runner 5.9 hr
Bloody Larva 3.8 hr
Facehugger 3.4 hr
Lurker 2.9 hr
Sentinel 0.2 hr
Defender 0.2 hr
Queen 0.1 hr

Observer 78.7 hr ,

Anything else you’d like to add?:

I did have 150 Hours on mp Cadet before it got taken away. Ive had a long road of ups and downs but i have been striving for improvement always so i can avoid making the same mistakes and I understand the seriousness that this title will bring. I hope that I will have the chance to show what I am capable of. If denied I will continue to try and reach the peak knowledge of this game to live up the standards of the community. Thank you for your consideration.

Beyond key- I believe I threw the underscore in during all the excitement It Should be SlenderF00L … well that looks horrible on an application. can I get some whiteout please ha-ha…

Okay marine main, listen up. I also do not see any researcher plays. For now I will stay neutral until you know the basics of nerd power (research).

I’ll give some questions. Some of them are quite easy.

1a.What would you teach a new nurse?
1b. What would you teach a new marine?
1c. What will you teach a new MP?

2a. There is one mp on the server right now he has no idea what he is doing, you were deputised to do an arrest, are you allowed to do this?
2b. You are teaching a doctor on how to do a special mix ( IA, Octagen etc) are you allowed to show him how to mix that exact chemical?
2c. A marine Mhelps on how to set a macro to setup and use the weapon attachements example being the underbarrel flamer or the U7 Underbarrel shotgun.

1.a For a new nurse I would first go over basic treating wounds splinting and defibs and explain the differences of all the damage types brute burn toxin and oxygen. (if they have no previous experience in medical which im assuming they dont) and show how to use the autodocs as well as explaining there use. my 2nd priority would be once they understand the concept of keeping someone alive and reviving move on to the chem line and direct them to the chemistry guide for recipes and explain the main types of meds they should produce being Unga Mb Kd Ia Nw and iron.

1.B A new marine is my favorite thing to teach, first off ill show them where to get there food where there vendors are ask what kind of weapon they would like to use explain a few basic attachments for there chosen weapon suggest a webbing and pouches once they are geared up with a basic kit ill take them to the training range where i will teach them how to use the grenades and grenade launcher as well as the pump shotgun going over setting up a macro for the underbarrel if needed after we finish a quick weapons training we will move on to basic medical procedures checking yourself for injuries and patching up bleeding and burns where i would suggest keeping a few of the basic medical items on you at all times. then id show them to the dropships explaining which one is the dropship and landing zone for the current mission and which one is air support teach them the names and give them a good ole DOUBLE TIME when the shuttle lands.

1c. For a new mp i would show them around the brig explain every spot and its purpose. id give a suggested load out from the vendors. after they are geared up id start showing them there new kit starting with the recorder and disabler gun explain the 2 modes free fire and the targeting mode in this time id show them how to mark someone for an arrest on there security hud as well as a demonstration of the disabler gun. i would then do a brief rundown of the stun baton and pepper spray as well as the evidence collector probably by tampering with a door so they can use the evidence scanner and see how it operates then explain njp’s for minor crimes or being able to fix the door back to its original state. . after we go over the gear id move on to the fireman carry after we finish that we will move on to arrest procedure id let them know how to approach someone when performing an arrest we would then do a mock arrest in the brig to see how they handle the situation id have them take the suspect in a fireman carry to the computer sit him on the chair explain the paperwork he should complete change the suspect into the jumpsuit and put him in his bed tell him the crimes he’s charged for explain the ability to appeal then flash him take the handcuffs off and start the timer. next we would run through the appeal process and what to expect. we can then move on to making id’s and survivors after we complete this id ask if they have any more questions if i have completed everything i will send them on there way.

2.a No
2.b no just guide him to the chemistry book and recipes.
3.c I would send them an Looc message about opening there preference tab in the top right of there screen there they can see the hot keys selection in the list then once they find it have them scroll down where they can set up macros for underbarrel attachments.

Also I will start working on nerd gamming and learning all i can thank you for the suggestion and please any feedback is much appreciated

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All the answers look good. +1

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Follow up on research i now know the basics and have

Researcher 7.6 hr

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This is genuinely my bad man, I should have replied to this much earlier but I had overlooked your notes and was hoping to see more feedback first. Around your application time you received an EORG ban, then a ban due to your RP. More concerning though to me is your earlier ban in relation to the mortar crew not dialing your shot therefore you generally griefed them and according to the ban you didn’t really care about them. It speaks a lot to your patience with possibly non-proficient, non-receptive players, and I would have certainly denied you right then.

As it was my bad I hadn’t addressed these concerns earlier I’ll allow you to reapply as soon as you like and you believe you’ve shown some improvement in these last two months, but I should note I’d also like to see you get a lot more experience with general xeno gameplay. Denied.