Mentor Application - SlippyJoe

Mentor Application - SlippyJoe

Byond CKEY:


Discord ID:

Bonnie Fluff#1249

Character Name(s):

  • Elia Zanhuesa
  • Willow White
  • Mallaidh O’ Broin
  • Molly Turner
  • Bonnie Fluff
  • Grace Lettford
  • Sadie Mason
  • Ashwiyaa Glanton
  • Katie Tedrow
  • Shelby Laylington

I once in a while change or remake characters, so this list is just of the current ones I have in my slots as of [13/06/2023]

Why do you want to become a Mentor?:

…I like helping people.
Simple as that, there’s nothing that brings me more joy in this world than being able to assist someone.
Plus, I’ve found myself playing CM again as of late, so I partly feel obligated to give something back.
It’s also summer, and with Summer comes fresh meat.
I don’t know what else I should put here. I have no elaborate motive. Helping people gives me a dopamine hit.

What gameplay areas do you know and which areas are you strong and weak in?:

-Engineering, mainly cading is my strong suit I’ll admit.

Which is like saying “I can use Microsoft Word” on a CV. But it’s typically the first area new PVTs go when they don’t want to be a Marine.

I would say I know the differences of Marine loadouts, I know the drawbacks and buffs to the basic armours, items in the machine, etc.

My weak spots;

  • Medical beyond what the scanner tells me.
    Tell me a Chem name and I’ll typically blank at whatever you say. Say ‘the orange one’ or ‘the red one’ and I’ll have a better idea. Ish.

I’ve played drone and a very small amount of Hivelord. Beyond that I don’t know much.
Obey the Queen, use some type of magic thing to buff your allies. Weed.
That is the extent of my game knowledge related to Xenos.

##Neutral spots;

-Marine Law
I’ve not had many direct encounters with MPs. I’ve been arrested twice in all my hours.
I do have a working understanding of it though, I hope.
Show respect to those who outrank you, obey orders that wouldn’t get you sent to the Hauge, ask permission before taking things, don’t steal/fight/break into places or things.

Same with ML. It’s just common sense stuff that I’ve never had a direct interaction with.

How often are to able to play CM?:

It depends on my mood, and my fluxing time schedule. I don’t have school or work if that’s what you’re asking. But I’ve as of this posting have been waking up at around 17:00-18:00, going to bed at 08:00ish. All GMT. Exact hours vary, but I typically have the server open at the least.

A screenshot or transcript of your human and xeno playtimes:,

Anything else you’d like to add?:

Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 is literally one of the greatest horror sequels of all time and you’re doing yourself a disservice if you’ve never watched it.

Go watch The Wall if you haven’t. The film. Then go listen to Is There Anybody Out There: The Wall Live 1980-81.

If I get accepted, wonderful! If I don’t, then I’ll hopefully know what to focus on for my next application.
I’m bad with time as a concept in general (Either the ASP or the ADHD, haha.) so sorry about that section!

Whay in the name of the sacred pepperoni does that mean? Besides that, I suppose that it’s a good application, but I’m not a mentor, so I can’t tell. Good luck!

It means I usually have it open in my taskbar.

I should mention those hours are, slowly, increasing, as I continue to play and such.

I’ll be giving a -1 on this one, it’s a well put together application, and you seem like quite the nice and excited person, but I believe you lack experience. Come and apply again with a firmer understanding of medical, ML, and command. (Me and the applicant talked privately)

As I don’t believe I can edit the post now. Hours have slightly increased.

Mainly MP and XO.

Since I’m not sure when I should reply to this:

Further updates, got a bronze in MP.
I also spent quite a bit training a very, very green Private, something that has only strengthened my desire for being a Mentor.

On Burgz post: I can mechanically use all the machines in CIC well enough, my experience in commanding is getting better as I continue to play XO. I will fully admit Medical is still my weakest suite, though.

Its hard for me to say if I have seen you since you have played under so man characters. But thats not a bad thing in it of its own, only makes it hard to recall. From the few times I can recall you were pretty nice and seem like the kind of person who likes to help when they can.

Over all your medical, MP, and command hours are low for my liking also try to get zeno hours too. As of late more zeno mhelps have been coming in and it would be nice to get more mentors on the team that have more zeno hours. On that I will give a -1 for now, but its not the end of the word. Keep playing, get more hours and knowledge, and keep making a good name for yourself. If you have any questions or want to pick my brain my DMs are open both here and on Discord.

I wish you the best of luck and hope to one day see you join us.

What would you consider “enough” hours?

Further update:

More hours in Doctor. No medal yet, but I have a decent grasp on Surgery I think.

I wouldn’t say I’m a master of Medical, but unlike before, I’m confident I have enough to get by.

At-least to the point where you would know each dept/roles duties, SOP and how things work for them mechanically. So people would say idk like 25 hours or so, but I have found this really varies from person to person.
Lets say person A might pick pick up medical very well and pretty much masters it under 10 hours but still has problem with engi things 25+ hours in. While for lets say person B they learn engi thing in 10 hours but cant get a handle on medical 20+ in.
It all very much depends on the person and what they experience I find.

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I’ll say that I still can’t do Chemistry without reading a wiki page, nor can I get mixes perfect, but I feel pretty confident in doing surgeries. Even if it’s not great under pressure.
Though, Mentor isn’t a display of working under pressure.
I dunno if this is what you meant, but this is, in my own words, the Jobs in the Departments you and Burgz believe I need more hours in. If it’s a bit rambly, sorry. Just trying my hardest here, haha.

Nurse - Grunt/CT of Medical, get the metal for the machines, load blood into the IVs, keep the place clean. Be ready to deploy if granted permission/ordered, wear a helmet at minimum.
Doctor - Do surgeries, surgeries surgeries surgeries. Larva removal. Chemistry too, mainly IA and other non-vendorable chems.
Researcher - Process Intel into usable stuff. Make Greenos once/if permission has been given. I’ll admit Research is a blindspot, but juggling numbers isn’t my thing.
CMO - Run the department, ensure those former jobs are doing all that, consult the CO on medical related stuff, mentally evaluate prisoners. Fill in the gaps if there’s no Doctors.

For the department as a whole: Don’t get armour, guns and other typical Marine gear unless it’s Red/Delta alert. Treat to the best of your ability.

MP - Enforce Marine Law, OOCly know when something (minor only as Rule 11 permits). Be ready to act as honour guard for the C/XO. Don’t deploy unless in twos and ordered for an arrest. Don’t leave the FOB unless honour guard.

Warden - Know ML pretty damn well. Sit in the Brig, monitor cameras/be MP overwatch on station. Make sure your prisoners are in a good state. Get people in to patch gaps in Perma. Maintain the Brig.

CMP - Know ML like your backhand. Be the Prosecutor essentially. Teach new MPs the basics of ML, ensure they’re on patrol. Be ready to be hated by everyone.

SO - Ensure that the OB is loaded since Engineering typically doesn’t. Have a keen eye, be ready to click through helmets a lot looking for anything. Know the basic operation of an overwatch console, mainly the OB and Supply settings. Double check coords to avoid incidents, Relay important information to and from your squad/the CO. Handle appeals in place of a busy XO.

XO - SO on steroids. Running, plan the operation, ensure that everywhere is properly staffed, ensure the CO’s orders are being followed assuming you have one. Handle appeals or delegate them while you run the operation. Choose the right landing zone so Marines don’t need to trek all the way across the map to set up comms (made that mistake a few times.) And the most important for all, and every job; Take advice. You don’t know as much as you think you do. No one is perfect, we’ll all mess up.

And in the sake of fairness. What would you consider a “firmer understanding of medical, ML, and command.”

Update whatever.
I can’t remember how many.

One hour away from my bronze in Medical.

Heavy update.

I’m pretty confident in Medical now.
I’ve just done a round, a four-hour round where I had to do nearly ten larva surgeries back to back, in addition to dealing with bad blood transfusions, clone damage and more IB/Fracs than I could count.

If this is not considered sufficient Medical experience @Copper-Wilson I’m unsure what would be.

Suppose I ought to post my most recent hours as well.

You know what, consider me convinced. You’ve really arrived in medical from what I’ve seen, I trust ya. +1

Further update.

halo, mentor man here. I’ve seen you around alot and you’re fun to rp with. You also seem interested in being a mentor.

Im confused as how you can say you are familiar with medical, when you have only barely 10 hours as shipside doctor, yet you have more hours as an MP (and hours as warden) and you dont believe yourself to have had very little if none (implied) with SOP?

Your skills that you noted here seem to be pretty basic (even though they might not be), with engineering only noting cading. You did not mention Jtac at all, without any mention of research, ‘hobo’ surgery isnt mentioned here at all. My issue is not that you dont understand what you say you understand (or not) its that you pretty much that you did not display or showcase any nieche ingame experience that you know which tends to be passed on player to player or through trial and error. Only the newest of players will struggle with fundemental mechanics like cading, bone fix and larvae removal surgery, which they can all find up on the wiki. When I started out, my issue was not knowing what step in surgery was next, it was trying to figure out what in the damn I was supposed to do in research, how do firemissions work, how can I set up engineering traps, how do I make a new apc and make sure that it is connected. etc

For that reason my honest answer will have to be a -1