Mentor Application - StukaNuka

Mentor Application - StukaNuka

Byond CKEY:

Discord ID:
~A Salty Person~#7128

Character Name(s):
Aiden ‘Tired’ Mueller as per Marine | AI-DN as per Xeno

Why do you want to become a Mentor?:
I’ve spent several time in this community, and i’ve also seen a rather large amount of newcomers arriving to our doors, along with several people trying to play command roles but becoming afraid due to the responsability they say it would imply along with due to them saying it’s a bit complicated and exhausting from time to time, so i’d like to use my experience in such areas to be able to aid them further.

What gameplay areas do you know and which areas are you strong and weak in?:
I know mostly all areas in CM regards, the one that i’d say i’m mostly lacking in is in Chemistry since i haven’t really dwelled into it compared to the chemistry of other code like TG, Baycode or Civ13 code, although i am starting to slowly but surely master this areas, same goes for more complex surgery areas too.

CIC/Command/Administration areas - I’ve spent around 650-1000 hours in CIC roles, mostly as a CO or XO, time in which i’ve had to teach new SO players and new XOs how to handle things more smoothly should it be required, along with providing advice should they be unsure of taking a decision in an area.
ML Related Affairs - I’ve also had to learn a lot of MP related things, mostly to sort out shipside affairs and other things in the quickest and smoothest way possible in order to avoid such with getting in the way of my duties in CIC, after all i like to remain aware of the situation at hand to be able to act and respond properly.
Engineering and Cargo (Aside from OT engineering) - I’ve memorized most if not all engineering related steps, along with cargo duties and similar, it’s not that hard really, after all we don’t posses that much engineering affairs compared to other servers.
Basic Field Triage - While i’m not that experienced when it comes to surgery mostly due to being burnt out of surgical roles after playing medical doctor and CMO for hundreds of hours in other servers, i’ve memorized the steps to bring back someone back to life just from muscle memory at this point, it’s not that complicated either.

Weaknesses: Surgical and Research Areas - While i’ve mastered the chemical fields, genetics field and surgical fields in other servers (and chemistry IRL), i don’t posses such experience in CM being completely honest, i know the steps of some basic surgeries from memory but that’s about it, i haven’t really mastered all of them, even less with research related affairs.

How often are to able to play CM?:
I can’t really give a solid time schedule currently due to a recent work promotion and due to my line of work, along with due to being a mentor in another server. But more often than not i should be able to be on at least 1 or 2 times a week, depends on other affairs.

A screenshot or transcript of your human and xeno playtimes:

I have around:
450 hours as the role of Commanding Officer
175 as Executive Officer
75 as Staff Officer
100 as Chief Military Police
50 as Military Police
25 as MP Cadet
100 as Hospital Corpsman
120 as Squad Leader
150 as Squad Specialist
125 as a regular Marine
100 as a Squad Engineer
50 as a Maintenance Tech
75 as a CL
15 as a Doctor
5 as a Nurse
25 as Chief Engineer
10 as a CT since i mostly done CT affairs as an SO or XO depending, so if you count those then i’d say around 65 hours as CT

If Xeno hours count, i’d have around 600 hours as a Xeno

Anything else you’d like to add?:
I’ve had some drama way in the past with other people, but i’ve sorted out such affairs and worked it out with them, i have some notes here and there from years or months ago, mostly related to EORG affairs and forgetting about certain things, but that’s about it. Nothing more, nothing less.


Going to reiterate what I posted on the prior application. Stuka is a solid dude. A great player. Man has taught me a few things. +1. It would be a crime to not make this man a mentor. Good luck.

So I won’t repeat myself. Stuka is great guy, he would bring nothing but good to mentor community, and so I’ll be leaving a strong +1.

Just remember that all OOC rullings are handled by staff, and so it is not mentor problem.


Like I said on my old post Stuka is a great player who also has the CO WL and is in good standing. Man knows his shit and would be assist to the mentor team. A reminder from the old app and moderation related questions should just be you redirecting people to make a ahelp and have them send staff the full details there, as mentors have no power or authority on rule breaks, etc.
But yes this man a great dude he has my +1!


Good player with a good reputation. Trustworthy and responsible in all roles they’ve been seen in, including WLs. They would be a good addition to the mentor team.


+1 Lots of experience and a positive reputation. I can support that.


Stukanuka is one of my friends, so take everything I say here knowing that bias.
Stuka and I have been playing CM, and LC13 for over a year by now, and he is one of the most generally competent players I have met. I have seen him as a mentor on other servers; and he was always active and helpful.
As for him in this game? I am sure that he will excel as a mentor. He has more command experience than almost any two players combined. +1.

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When he messaged me asking if I thought it was a smart choice to apply to mentor, I laughed at the idea. But the laughter was directed towards the absurdity of the question.

Yes. StukaNuka would be a boon to the role.

He’s a fun person to be around both IC and OOC, and I’ve never had an interaction with them that was not amicable. He’s proven he can roll with the punches and RP, exude leadership, and provide a serious overtone as required by his WL. His knowledge of CM is just as sharp as any who’s been a long standing member of the community.

StukaNuka has my full support and I wish him luck.



dudes been around, great community rep and everyone said what needs to be said.



Application is accepted.