Mentor Application - Yayyay007

Mentor Application - Yayyay007

Byond CKEY:


Discord ID:


Character Name(s):

Koki ‘Koi’ Mamoru
Brian (Synth)
Baln’Frim Avrhek (When I used to have pred WL)

Why do you want to become a Mentor?:

I want to do something for CM13, but I don’t want to return to being a Moderator. Game knowledge is something I’m familiar with, so I thought becoming part of the mentor staff was probably the next best thing.

What gameplay areas do you know and which areas are you strong and weak in?:

I’ve been playing since early 2017. I’ve played every single role, every single caste, every single department. The ones I’m the worst at are command, research, and Ordanance Tech. Everything else I had a pretty solid knowledge in, even if I might have some hazy spots from not seeing a recent changelog or two, but I quickly re-adjust to where it should be.

How often are to able to play CM?:

Been on a bit of a binge recently, but if I’m being honest, 4-6 hours every day, or whenever I get a good enough break in time.

A screenshot or transcript of your human and xeno playtimes:

I used to be a Prime Runner but I guess my data got wiped somewhere, these times aren’t very realistic to how long I’ve been playing.,

Anything else you’d like to add?:

I will be honest–sometimes I get really competitive in the game when I die, and I’ll be briefly mega-malding, I’m man enough to accept that I’m salty, but at the end of the day, it’s a game–and I hold nothing against the players I get upset with in that manner. Will I manage it better when I’m an active mentor? Yeah, I did the same when I was a moderator here.

It’s a horrid shame no one has shown interest into your app sooner so let me be the first, here are a few questions for you. (ignore my deleted comment before that was me accidentally sending the comment before ready)


  • “I am new to SL, any advice you can give? ”
  • “I am a PO and the dropship launched without me ordering it, Why?”
  • “why can’t i turn on comms, the apc says its fine and its reparied yet the apc is not giving out power?”


  • “What does the Warden strain do for prae?”
  • “im new to queen any advice you can give?”
  • “what do pharos do?”

ICly/SEA Actions:
(Note there is no wrong answers for these if you are helping, I just want to see thought process)

  • You are at the Chem line, you notice there is 3 nurses, 1 seems to be very new to the game and the other 2 have stable footing but ask more questions than the nurse who is really new to the game. How would you as the SEA handle the situation? What would be the methods of teaching you would employ? Who would you prioritize first and why?
  • You notice a MP who is new to ML and SOP, they seem to have unemotionally broken ML and SOP, They have arrested and pressed charges against a person who you saw did not commit those crimes. How would you advise them to do better?
  • You notice that a Medic is under equipped and overwhelmed with bodies, You have medical gear on you and are fully able to treat bodies, Will you give advice after the Bodies are reved, during the process or after and how will you reassure the medic to help them better cope with situations like this arising again?

“Make sure first and foremost you listen to Command when possible. SLs, FT Leaders, Smartgunners, and Specialists are mandated by rules to listen to orders from command and squad leaders. Otherwise–don’t be afraid to make decisions for your squad based on how combat is going. Should you push a wounded T3? Try it out, see what works. Did the push go horribly wrong? Pull your squad back. In the end, leadership is a learning experience that has no correct answer 100% of the time, but if you want to be really solid–stay alive and make sure your squad stays together.” -SL Answer; really long-winded, but I think it’s fitting given the new changes, and how much SLs can effect a round.

“You might want to check on Command comms if someone launched it, there may be an IC reason as to why it has taken off. If you are unable to call it back up, there may be also a reason for that.” -PO Answer; avoiding spoiling the truth incase they haven’t experienced hijack yet

“Is the communication tower repaired? If it hasn’t been fixed, communications will not come back up.” -IF ON GROUNDSIDE
“Has any of the vital machines been destroyed? If it has, you may want to ahelp.”

“Warden strain is a great strain for protecting your fellow xenos. You get to spray a large cone of acid, use a point and click to pull incapacitated xenos to you–or use your Aid Xenomorph (kinda like DnD Lay on Hands) to either Heal for a large amount of HP, or to cure any negative status ailments (except Fire!).” -Warden Answer

“Queen is a pretty important role. There will be quite a lot of commands to your choosing, but make sure if you have a secure hive–that you use the ‘Order Construction’ command and make a Hive Core if one was not already made. This will make a spawn point for buried larva (important later!). Once that’s done, use ‘Grow Ovipositor’ in a spot nearby, while not exposing yourself too much so that you can start Evolving your underlings overtime. Once on the ‘Ovipositor’ (referred to as on Ovi, or if going off–“de-ovi”), you should see an Enter Eye Form button that will let you look around the map akin to an RTS-style game. In this form, you should also use Hive Status to see what aliens they are. At the beginning when you don’t have any T2s, you should make some drones into leaders (Watch them on Hive Status, and then click the xeno with a star icon). If someone shouts, “HEAL ME”, you can use the Heal command on the Hive Status panel to quickly heal them! Long-winded reply, but in essence; Queen is all about learning and making mistakes, and inevitably, you’ll become the one thing tallhosts fear most; don’t feel afraid to ask for help, those aliens listen to you.” Queen Answer; long-winded answer, but the Queen is very important to gameside progression and deserves a decent explanation.

“Pheromones apply buffs to nearby xenos. Recovery makes healing speed and plasma regeneration faster, Frenzy increases movement speed and attack damage, and Warding increases the bleedout time for Xenos in critical (red flashing bar) state and reduces damage they take while in that critical state. Different xeno castes have different strength pheros, making the effects stronger or weaker.” -Phero Answer

The first important thing in my opinion is to make sure those players would like to be taught. Part of SS13 is the beauty of discovery, and figuring things out. When I first started in 2017, I didn’t know jack about Medical. I figured out what each chemical did on my own–and some people may want that. If they however, WANT to be teached, then that’s a different case. Let’s say they all 3 volunteered for Chemistry training. I know in the past, it was a bit of a gray area for a SEA to know Chemistry, so I could perhaps see if the CMO would like to get involved just incase (I’m still not sure what policy is on this), so inviting them over and getting them to handle training those new chemists would help while also freeing me up. If no CMO is avaliable, I think I would prioritize the newer player, and try to answer the other two in an agreeable timeframe when possible (if they understand the basics, they should know to use the Chemistry page on the Wiki, which I would reference repeatedly). -1st Answer

I think the first thing would be asking them if they understand arrest procedure, and to lay it out to me. If they don’t understand arrest procedure, they need to be taught how to do it.
“Inform the Suspect he is under arrest.
Take down the Suspect if he resists and securely restrain him.
Move the Suspect to the Brig.
Inform the Suspect of his Charges before the brig timer starts.
Inform the Suspect he may file an appeal should he wish so.”
Arrests go by principle of de-escalation. If the Delta SL is willingly turning himself over, do you really need to restrain them? Do you need to taze them? No. Furthermore, arrests need a reason. Is two marines horseplaying in Briefing before it starts “Hooliganism”? If we read the Law where it says, we’ll find the answer there:
"Behavior that is generally disruptive to the ship and crew that classifies as low-level shenanigans not deserving of more severe punishment. Things such as excessive window knocking, force-feeding other marines or failing to conduct oneself properly during the briefing, such as climbing the Briefing overview. "
You can see the Law reads “during” the Briefing. So we know that if we were to arrest people “before” Briefing, this arrest would be reasonless. It’d be a crucial thing to make sure this new MP player knows that you need to make sure to have a proper reason before arrest, and when making the arrest–to make sure that they are following the procedure for it. -2nd Answer

I would be trying to help after the treatment and during the treatment as needed. Distraction could make the player more stressed out, so gauging how they are taking it–making sure they are able to get the information they need without overloading them is essential. Once it’s all wrapped up, comfort them, and let them know, that sometimes, it’ll be like this. If they wish to talk a bit out of character, I can definitely relate with them about my more hectic synth rounds. There WILL be times where there is no other medic but you–all you need to really do is just steel your mind for the moment, and get through the worst cases first (triage); dead but revivable, critically wounded, wounded, dead bodies but unrevivable. -3rd Answer

Hope you like these answers, they’re a bit overdetail, but I think some things require more expounded explanation than others (had they been any other question, I don’t think I would’ve drafted so many paragraphs).

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As I’m busy today I won’t be able to respond in great detail.

However I adore these answers and it shows you have an eye for details

I’ll voice my biggest concern and that is you consider yourself salty and toxic, I am no saint when it comes to this either as I’ve been in dchat complaining more so then not.

How will you manage frustration when handling new players?

Interpret what they’re saying, and what they are trying to mean. People who are new are ignorant because they don’t know, not that they’re choosing to ignore stuff. Give them that benefit of the doubt. Everyone makes mistakes.


After doing some thinking
I’m going to +1 this.
But I’ll be keeping eyes on how you act in game.

If I feel you cannot handle your competitive nature when dealing with new players I will withdraw it.

Good luck on your application as I do feel if you can manage yourself you will be an amazing mentor.

And I Highly encourage other mentors to ask more questions with their concerns

You’ve got my word that I’m gonna tone it down, starting today and as of this post. Thanks for giving me a chance.

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New hours: some notes; still doo doo fart at Command, I just kinda ain’t a good feel for it. However, I did familiarize myself with Chemistry and OT stuff now. Also caught up to date with Surgery to the point where I can play Hybrid playstyle Synth again.
EDIT: Also research stuff. I know how to make an abom (sort of).


Added mentor:approved and removed mentor:waiting