Mikisx1234 - Synthetic Application

Synthetic Application - Mikisx1234

What is your BYOND key?

What is your Discord ID?

Do you usually play a specific character? If so, who?
Felix Bifel

What whitelist applications have you previously completed?
well i wantted to be a predator but it didnt work out

Synthetic Info:

Name of the Synth Character you wish to play:

What is your Synthetic’s Personality?
bob is a kind synht who likes to work specialy in medical

How will they react to the different ranks of the USCM, what would they talk about in a one on one conversation? What are their interests? What is an advertisement logline that could be written for them?
well its good that the technology is geting better every year

Why do you want to be a synthetic/why should we whitelist you?
im not here to be a synh im here to be a sigma male working joe

What is your most memorable interaction with a synthetic?
hellping working joe fixing the researchers lab after they explode it

Synthetic Character Story:
bob was build in poland 1960 warszaw by enginear named Franciszek Stolas in 2nd bigest lab in poland he was like other synths like helping with the lab cleaning it and fixing it but in 1975 russians attacted poland bob was chosen to be a military synth but poles werent able to stop the enemy so when the russian pushed the front line bob was shoted in the torse 2 times after 3 days in the war the poland called americans for backup and when the americans came they fighted off russian allong side poles when the war was over he was found and repairded but not by his creator but by an other enginear named Grzegorz Źimny when bob was fully repaired he ask were is my creator and Grzegorz replided that he was shot dead when russiand broke throu warszaws defences 2 days ago bob was sad about it after 4 helping in the office the mesterious men in black came in to the office and they came for a synh that could help in the operation the ceo invited the men in black in to his office one of the men in black men said that they need a synh for a operation and the ceo said that they have some synhs for them ceo showed the the 3 synhts named joe jerry and bob they chosen bob when the ceo agreed them to take bob the men in black left with bob and bob was transported in to america and he was puten on a ship that was named U.S.S almayer and he was send there to clean the shp and help the ship staff if they needed something.


im kinda good with it

well with comand i dont realy play those roles

im very good at it espacily with research

im kinda ok with REQ

Final Info:

Have you been banned from CM in the last month for any reason? Do you have any active jobbans?
well not in a last month but i was baned long time ago cuz i deployed as a researche without permision and didnt listen to an admin

Are you currently banned from our Discord?

Let us know why you were discord banned.
i wasint baned

Do you have anything else you would like to include about your application?
i dont know

Going to be honest. This reads as an April Fools post. If that was the goal. Excellent!

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-1 not funny, didn’t laugh.


Jane and or Katie. I agree

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2 of 5 star April Fool’s joke, application denied.