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Yautja Application - Mikisx1234

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Do you have a regular character? If so - what’s their name?

Felix bifel

Yautja Info:

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What clan are you joining?

Belize clan

If minor: Give your clan lore.

Like in several other Predator stories, the Yautja clan in Predator: Hunters III showed up at the end to collect their dead. Two members of this clan, a brown-masked and silver-masked Predator, had been hunting near the jungles in Belize while using an underwater cave as a trophy room and base. The silver Predator grew increasingly reckless and even killed unarmed humans, prompting the brown Predator to kill him on top of an ancient pyramid in the jungle. Soon after, a Predator mothership arrived, dispatching the other clan members and an Elder Predator, distinctively wearing a golden cross around his neck. The wounded Brown Predator was helped onboard and the body of Silver was taken away on the ship.

Yautja Character Story:

Achou was born in 2160 into the Belize Clan, one of the most prestigious clans amongst the Yautja. As a young Yautja, he trained hard with his mentor, Marqhar. Marqhar was a trusted member of the Belize Clan and had achieved many accolades throughout his life.
One day during a hunt, Achou and Marqhar stumbled upon a tribe of humans who were lost in their territory. Achou was about to make a move when Marqhar stopped him.
“Let’s observe them for a while,” said Marqhar.
“Why? They are just prey,” replied Achou.
Marqhar smiled at him. “Remember this, Achou. We are hunters. We don’t just kill for the sake of killing. We observe our prey and then hunt them down with respect.”
As they watched, Achou couldn’t help but feel curious about the humans and their way of life. He wondered if there was more to hunting than just killing.
Years passed and Achou became an accomplished hunter in his own right. However, he never forgot what Marqhar had taught him about respecting one’s prey.
During one particularly challenging hunt, he found himself face to face with a human who had managed to harm him with her weapon. As she raised her weapon again, ready to deliver the final blow, something inside Achou changed.
“Why do we fight?” he asked out loud.
The human paused for a moment before answering cautiously, “For survival.”
“But is that all there is to it?” asked Achou.
The human looked at him curiously before lowering her weapon completely.
“Perhaps not,” she replied softly.
Achou spared her life that day and even formed an alliance with her people. From then on, he saw hunting as more than just killing prey but as an artform that required respect towards all creatures great or small. Achou would go down in history as one of the greatest Yautja hunters of all time, not just for his skill with a weapon but also for his philosophy on hunting with respect.

might wanna work on that pred name and clan name fella

wot the clan name is an existing one and the name is well kinda a yautja name or you mean the story

the clan name is literally a country named Belize. It doesn’t exist within CM, nor is it existing in actual predator lore (not that that would be allowed for you to have as your clan name anyway, were it so).

The name ‘Achou’ definitely does NOT follow predator naming convention, but it’s also onomatopoeia for sneezing, which I don’t think is in the spirit of predator names.

first i didnt know that the belize is a country second i got the pred name from the pred name generator

The Council voted, and determined that your application is to be denied. I recommend looking at accepted applications, looking at the pins in the wl-app-help channel in the Discord, as well as asking anything you’re curious/unsure about. You can reapply in 30 days.