Mikisx1234 - Yautja Application

Yautja Application - Mikisx1234

What’s your BYOND key?

What’s your Discord ID?

Do you have a regular character? If so - what’s their name?
Felix Bifel

Yautja Info:

What’s the name of your Yautja?

What clan are you joining?
Antarctica Clan

If minor: Give your clan lore.
The Antarctica clan (also known as the Isolated clan) was a big clan of Predators that sent their young blood on a blooding ritual to Bouvet Island every 100 years. The hunt in 1904 was probably more successful than the one in 2004, as no Predators survived in the later year. The clan was situated on a big mothership, with smaller scout ships attached. The clan’s and it’s elder’s failing was not detecting the Predalien inside Scar Predator, who spawned on the ship and caused a scout ship to crash back to Earth. Wolf Predator was called into the clean out the situation later. However, it is not known if Wolf was part of the same clan, but probably not.

Yautja Character Story:
Mukaun is a trained hunter from clan named Antactina Clan also Mukaun likes some times capture a human pray and make him fight for him and for his clan and some times likes to steal xeno eggs and grow a xeno to just kill him for fun


Have you read the honor code and do you understand that if you breach the honor code you may be subject to disciplinary action and have your whitelist revoked for a set amount of time?:

Did you read the application process page?

Do you understand that any behavior that is unbecoming of a member of the community may result in you having your whitelist revoked? Such things include, but are not limited to: Racism, toxicity, excessive or malicious trolling, abuse of staff or etc.:

Do you understand that you may face having your whitelist revoked, or other disciplinary action undertaken, should you be banned or warned on the CM discord?

Do you understand that you cannot advertise your application on any platform for votes. Do you also understand you may not edit this application 1 hour after it has been posted?

Do you understand that community members may report your in-game actions on the forums, and that you may be asked to defend your actions.:

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Your story should be over 200 words. Easily.

For example, mine was: 1429 words and easily wasn’t the longest pred story.

On top of this it looks like your custom clan is based in Antarctica… on earth… in 2004.

I would suggest reading some other applications before you write your story. I would also suggest applying to an already existing clan unless you have a really strong idea about what you want your minor clan to be.

If you need help with creating a pred story feel free to visit our discord and ask for help in #whitelist-app-help.

-1 from me. The story needs more content, needs to be somewhat lore friendly, and also need a bit more effort put into it.

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im not realy o good story writer

So we use the story to gauge how your character might roleplay on the server. Roleplaying a realistic predator is key to the WL.

I’m dyslexic dyspraxic myself so I understand it can be difficult to get a story perfect.

But you should at least spend a weekend writing, reading, and re-writing your story. This looks like you did it in an hour or so, not to be rude.


well ye your righ but i writen my last story 2 years ago

Then my advise is… show the application a level of respect equal to what you want from the role.

If you spend an hour writing a story and it’s rushed or not there, it becomes apparent the role is only worth an hour of your time.

If you spend a while writing an interesting, detailed story that’s within the setting then people are much more likely to overlook spelling mistakes or minor errors. If you prove you’ve put in the hours you’ll find the application easier.

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ok il try to write a desean story

I’ll look forward to reading it. If you need help with any drafts contact me on discord and I’d be happy to read them and give you feedback. Moonshanks#3223

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I’m going to save you the trouble. This application was dead before it started when you named your clan Antarctica, theres no way it would be moved forward.

I suggest you join discord and use the channel for application help, and try again when you are able to.

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