Military Van

Why don’t we have a military van? Just grab a colony van and re-sprite it. Hell I might do it myself.

Put a price on it like Budget or Intel Points and it should be OK.

At least the command could count on it and maybe even plan on using it.
Like with backliners going rampant and killing or capping everyone? Spend a few $$ or Points and the Military van may be used.


we technically did have a military van… 2 infact.

1; an APC, which in the context of the history of CM13, would do the same stuff as a truck if it were in the same context of transportation.

and 2; a Logi truck for a little while.

APC eventually got canned as it was more of a hinderance and small pocket of stuff with a doctor which gotten removed later, and then was eventually removed entirely, and was also abused in some ways.

The truck got canned for being too slow (loading 4 crates took a while, and wasnt easy) and took up alot of space in the alamo. Along with requiring a groundside loader to unload. In general, it was really encumbering for the price/time it needed to operate.

Because vehicles suck.

The APC was fantastic back in the day for supporting marines getting to the frontlines. However, half the time, the VCs kept front lining with it, so instead of being a helpful tool, it was a funny 4 X 4 Block box that just annoyed everyone.

Colony vans get pwned by backlines, especially once they start having to drive on weeds.

Logi truck is something I’d like to re-test. Take a look at the “foxhole” pull request on the github if you’d like to take it up and remake it.

HA it was 3x3

But yea, no command would hop in to use command apc and medical APC lost its surgery table and can’t even hold a medvend anymore

it lost all of its helpfulness making it better just to frontline

Only reason logi truck failed is cause its a downgrade of the req supply system, if only it had a better purpose like transporting the goods to the frontline.

Makes me think about the APC test we had a bit ago. The APC driver went pendeling about 2-3 times and after that just frontlined. Had to tell them to not hug cades with that thing as well, wich makes me think they might not have been the best for that test. Then again, no one from command really told them to resume being a buss so… maybe good test

The medical APC was really good if the VC’s knew they could use it as a mobile medical strongpoint, they could use it to ferry hugged/in need of surgery people from the front to the FOB.