Mist - now Byte-Boxer - Discord Ban Appeal

Discord Ban Appeal - Mist - now Byte-Boxer

What is your Discord ID?

Missing ID on old account

What is your BYOND key?

Misting_Mist / Byte-Boxer

Total Ban Duration

Unstated at time of ban, if I remember right, but having tried to join back recently it seems was a perma one.

Reason for Ban

I was banned for an argument with Morrow during the time he attempted his coup d’état after I had gotten uncouth and acted narcissistic.


I’m not quite sure exactly how long it’s been since that ban, but from my memory it happened around August 2023… So that would make it a year since then, roughly. I’ll admit, during my argument with Morrow, I got a bit hot-headed and had some uncouth language.

Since that argument, I’ve taken a break from SS13, and organized RP as a whole. I’ve used that time to focus on my work, schooling, etc. There are details of this equation that I don’t feel comfortable sharing in a public setting, but I’m more than convinced after my break and some personal work on mental health that I won’t be snapping on others, nor directing that kind of energy towards CM.

I’ve started playing CM again a couple weeks ago, and things have been fun again. With that in mind, I’m looking at making a return to the community. My old discord account was deleted by myself some time again when I went to work on myself, so I do not have my ID or formal ban reason. I do have my old Byond account, but it’s been inactive since I had staff transfer me to a new account.

I do not mind sharing in private why I’m sure I won’t be snapping at others, but since it relates to my health I’d rather not put it out in the open. Thank you.

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Not sure how to edit my appeal, but I did some log digging and did find my old discord ID:


Should be the right ID, but I’m having some troubles trying to make sure it works.