Mistfrag - Moderator Application

Moderator Application - Mistfrag

What is your BYOND key?


What is your Discord username?


What characters do you play on CM-SS13?

Talia, Lucille A.W. Kabar, Marcela De Silva, Kerina C. Haar, Sabriyya Al-Faheem, LZ (Xeno)

Are you 16 or older?




On average, how many hours are you available to moderate in an average week?



Do you have previous experience in game or community moderation?

  • I ran last year an Aliens RPG server via discord that peaked at 200 members. Besides that, I ran a Starship Troopers server over GMOD in ‘22 worked on the same server in ‘21 and ‘23.

Provide any links to any previous CM-SS13 whitelist, mentor or staff applications:

I can’t find my previous WL apps as they were on the old forums, but I was accepted for CO and Synth

Have you ever been banned for more than 24 hours on CM-SS13?

Yes, back in early ‘22 for joking on a former owner CM-SS13.

Can you actively engage and communicate with the team through Discord?

Yes, I use the discord for lore team and development stuff.

Final Details:

Why would you like to join the CM-SS13 staff team?

I’ve been interested in seeing the server do well, since I’ve been involved in it for a while now. Under the head of Frozen, I have more trust that the server is heading in the right direction.

I want to run some events that help with the atmosphere of RP and help get easier relationships between staff and players.

What makes you a great addition to Staff? (Experienced Tabletop DM, Aliens Lore Buff, Super Organized, etc.?)

  • Experienced with the Aliens universe, from work in the lore team and hosting my own RPG server for the Aliensverse.
  • I’m a junior coder, working to do development work IRL and I do dev work on CM13 on the side out of passion.
  • I’ve got experience with running servers and moderation from running previous RP servers.

In your opinion, what is the most important quality of a CM-SS13 staff member?

Friendliness and transparency. CM has long suffered with the reputation of staff members being shady, partly due to a hostile mindset on both sides.

I think it’s important to start a new step with players and work to promote better relationships within the community.

Anything else you want to add?


I want to run some events that help with the atmosphere of RP and help get easier relationships between staff and players.

Moderators can’t run events only seniors can under permission from a manager (this is from the wiki so it may be 100% false so take it with a big part of salt)

Other than that I have seen you around I believe I haven’t seen you doing anything dumb or something that stuck out, With your experience I think that would be great to join the staff team

I’m not sure what questions Moderators/admins get so I’m not going to do any of that anyways good luck!

Due to concerns around your attitude/ability to remain calm when dealing with others, and recent conduct on the discord, I’m going to deny this application for now. You may reapply in 30 days.