Mizolo - Yautja Application

Yautja Application - Mizolo

What’s your BYOND key?

What’s your Discord ID?

Do you have a regular character? If so - what’s their name?
Anekcahap ‘Kneecap’ Volkov

Yautja Info:

What’s the name of your Yautja?
Ethan Inaho

What clan are you joining?

If minor: Give your clan lore.
The Inaho clan is a clan of rather interesting qualities.
Described by other clans as rather lacking in strength, they make up for in dexterity and intelligence. The primary purpose of the Inaho clan was to be a military presence, but also to eliminate Bad-Bloods of all types amongst the Yautja.
Since most Yautja who are bad-blood are rather Strong, and usually fast and dexteritous (feeding into their ego that they don’t need the honor code), the Inaho clan was known for luring bad-bloods into the most brutal of traps, and then summarily executing them if the trap didn’t already. Bad-bloods who fell into these traps had a very, very slim chance of escaping alive.
It is commonly known that to fall into an Inaho trap is essentially an execution, rather than an un-advantageous situation.

Yautja Character Story:
(pre-face: some of you will know this character ‘Kainde Vayuh’ta’ as my old Yautja character before I was de-WL’ed 3 years ago for reasons … well … let’s just say I was a little child-ish back then. This little cameo is on purpose. 11th time/application’s a charm??)

Ethan is very patient, but decisive when needed. He usually takes a ruthless course of action. Some know him as rather cold, even amongst their kind, never seeming to care if someone dies or not.
The main thing Ethan prizes is intelligence, and information.

Ethan woke up to his father, Ellys Inaho, opening the door to his chamber.
The un-blooded immediately stood up from his bed to greet the Elder. His father looked him over silent for a few seconds, then said
“You ready for your first hunt, Ethan?”
Ethan nodded, then politely asked
“What are we hunting, Fa- err Elder” he immediately corrected himself

His father shot him a glance that said a silent message of “you should know not to do that.”
Ellys then said
“We’re going on a … Bad-Blood hunt.”
The Elder seemed almost nervous, something that didn’t sit well with Ethan. Ethan nodded, and geared up with his father.

“Do we know who or what we’ll find down there?” Ethan asked the Elder in an almost business-as-usual type tone.

“Our target is Kainde Vayuh’ta, a Bad-Blood who’s essentially let his emotions take over himself, and is helping the humans by providing them technology. Of course, there will be humans in the AO-err hunting grounds, and they are free to hunt as well. But keep in mind Kainde is our primary objective along with the gear.”
His father replied. Ethan and Ellys both knew that the military terminology was always a problem for both of them when referring to hunts, as they would call them different things than what was expected.

They arrived planet-side near a human military encampment where the ship’s sensors had told them technology was being reverse-engineered by the humans. Ethan and Ellys stalked silently through the canopy of the trees, leaping from tree to tree as they had so expertly and methodically practiced.

They came upon the encampment, and came near to one another.
“See that transmitter on top of the tallest building?” His father asked him.
Ethan nodded
“I want you to go and disable it so they can’t transmit long-range data about our technology. Always keep in mind, they can see you through IR and thermals. I’ll track down the bad-blood and let you know through comms where he is.” His Elder added.

Ethan nodded, and they went their separate ways.
“First time on my own, here goes.” Ethan said to himself in his mind as he surveyed the complex.

The first thing he noticed wasn’t on the spectrum, it was on his IR sensors, but not his thermals.
Turret scan-lines.
He knew theses turrets could spot him, even while cloaked.

He located the local turret controller, and smiled to himself.
“Time to test this thing out.” Ethan said to himself, almost chuckling.
He got the frequency the turrets were communicating on, and cracked the encryption protecting them. He then cracked the turret systems’ IFF modules remotely … causing them to start firing on their creators.

Automated turret fire erupted from 3 places in the compound as scrambling marines didn’t know what to do, though after about 2 minutes, the turrets were off and medics were scrambling around trying to get to wounded marines.

He heard the voice of his father through his comms “Ok, that was pretty good. You always were good with electronics.”

Ethan turned his attention to the data tower, which was now much, much more vulnerable and un-protected now that the turrets were off.
He hopped and leaped silently across the building roof-tops and poles as he reached the transmission tower, and climbed up it.

He placed an EMP charge near the base and the top node of the tower and started the timer of 30 seconds.
It was then that he noticed

3 red dots in the plasma-caster targeting reticle directly on his left shoulder.

He was up on the tower, too high to jump less he risk breaking his legs; and he knew the bad-blood Kainde had him dialed-in.
Ethan couldn’t run or jump, couldn’t hide, and couldn’t dodge. So he did the only thing he knew would save him.

He activated his plasma-caster and put as much power as he could into it at the split second he had, and fired at the building he guessed where Kainde might be hiding.

It wasn’t where Kainde was hiding, but the eruption of rock, stone, metal, and smoke from the blast caused Kainde’s plasma-caster to miss just barely off-target against Ethan as he climbed down the tower, almost at a falling pace.

“Kainde’s in the compound, father! He’s got me dialed in, but I’ve got an idea! Get on the east compound wall in case this goes horribly.” Ethan said quickly as he finished descending the tower, receiving a silent ping from his father’s mask of acknowledgement.

Ethan lay low near the base of the tower, making his gamble … and it paid off.

Kainde jumped onto the roof where Ethan was, and started charging his plasma-caster to finish Ethan off. Now he truly couldn’t run, hide, or even pull the same trick off.

In that split second, the EMP charges went off at the top … and base of the tower, sending both Kainde and Ethan’s equipment into overload. This caused Kainde’s charged plasma-caster to go off. Right next to his own face.

Kainde hadn’t put it at full-power, but it was enough to blow a mandible, a part of his face, and a part of his mask off.
“Predictable” Ethan taunted Kainde as he pulled out his sword, and Kainde drew his.

They stood for a solid 2-3 seconds there, gauging each others’ en’ guarde stance before Kainde made the first move.

It was a simple feint attack, attempting to bait Ethan into attacking.
Ethan feinted going forward with a false-step as well, causing Kainde to attempt a riposte against a counter-attack that never came.
Seeing this, Ethan kept the distance by stepping back, and slicing Kainde’s wrist. Making Kainde flinch.
And that’s all that was needed.
Making Kainde flinch gave Ethan the time to twist the tip of his sword in Kainde’s wrist, making him drop his sword in pain as he cried out and flinched further. Ethan didn’t hesitate or gloat, he simply made his 3rd-intention attack towards Kainde’s throat, piercing easily through his mesh-armor.

Kainde made a blood-curling gurgle as he went down, dead on the roof. Ethan quickly took off the gear from Kainde’s corpse and immolated the corpse with a plasma-cast. He then made off towards the east-side of the compound where his fa- Elder was.
“I’m gonna get schooled for that.” Thought Ethan as he realized he called him “father” earlier in his panic.

Ethan met up with Ellys.
“Good job Ethan …” Ellys said appraisingly “… that was quite the show. I’m going to … ignore what you called me earlier, but DO NOT let it happen again. Anyway, are you alright?” His father said, almost concerningly.

“Yes sir, gear’s fried to a crisp though.” Ethan responded.
Ellys looked at him and said, matter-of-factly
“Then this hunt is over. I’ve already gathered the missing gear pieces. I had expected Kainde to be there but he wasnt. Fortunately you handled yourself.”
Ethan nodded and they returned to the ship.

Hello. I apologize for inadvertently getting your hopes up when I messaged you through Discord, however, after double checking with the council and looking at your past, it looks like you are in fact blacklisted from the Yautja whitelist. The application is to be denied, and I apologize for wasting your time.