Moderator Application Rules

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Moderator Application Rules

  1. No bumping your applications. They will be replied to and processed at the discretion of staff & the Mod Manager.

  2. If you are denied you may re-apply after 30 days.

  3. You must be clear of notes for the past 30 days to apply for Moderator.

Feedback Rules

  1. Keep all feedback constructive, no throwing shit at people.

  2. Community members may give feedback on applications but no +1/-1 only posts.

  3. Please also make sure that you aren’t repeating what other folks are saying without adding anything, since those kinds of posts aren’t really useful and will get removed.

  4. Trying to sabotage someone’s staff application or being needlessly toxic in replies is not tolerated at all. Anyone who does it risks receiving a forum ban along with being blacklisted from becoming staff themselves.