More AvP: Extinction units

I’d like to suggest some more Marine roles, taken straight from the Extinction game: after all, benos already have some like the Ravager and Carrier!.

My chief proposal would be the addition of an Exosuit, and an Exosuit pilot of course: they would be locked by pop (meaning no exos on lowpop, one at midpop and two on high pop) and function basically like a heavy fire support mobile platform with high durability. They could start out with twin heavy smartguns (a threat to all T1s and some more T2s, but not to Ravs, Crushers or the Queen, who could counter it with their high damage/high armor).
Further weapons could be autocannons (good AP and damage, but with no IFF, so watch out for that FF), a manipulator arm (to melee with) and maybe a twin barreled rocket launcher (expensive ammo, long external reload time, but a LOT of damage even on T3s, depending on the rockets used). Some mutually exclusive upgrades could also be thrown in the mix (longer sight range, heavier armor, better engine, and so on).

The suit itself would provide high protection from acid based attacks, with armor working similarly to how the Charger strain of the Crusher works. Some of its guns (like the aformentioned starting ones) would have IFF, however, the suit itself would still be hit by IFF guns, so SGs would have to pay close attention to not damage the expensive piece of tech.
Furthermore the exo would be effective when properly supported by a marine infantry squad, as a pack of runners could run circles around it and slowly tear it to pieces.

In short, a proper replacement for the APC and tank.

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really like the no IFF idea, but this probably shouldn’t have smartguns because more than 1 would be a huge threat even to T3s i think and it would also belittle SGs. low ammo would be a great way to balance this out too, I think.

Fair point, maybe then just a maximum of one heavy smartgun per exo then. I’d also like to add that the HGS would not have all of the abilities of an SG (chief among them the scanner), meaning actual smartgunners wouldn’t have their role become obsolete.

Ok i like the idea of combat mechs and was it based off of TGMC?
Anyway i would really like some more armor even if it is a mech idea the only thing that worries me is that some of the weapons are not gonna be added but that does not really concern me here have some ideas

XL-230 rail cannon

Basically a very hard hitting version of the sniper rifle but it only gets a three round mag
But it has a high AP and damage (i’m thinking like 45 AP? And 200 damage or lower?)
But it is a MASSIVE pain in the ass to reload there need to be loading platform in FOB to be reloaded and it takes 15 seconds to reload the mag

C42-hail storm gun

A mobile mortar/CAS basically you can swap between mortar mode and hail storm mode

Mortar mode is where you can set cords but you need to some one to get cords think of it like a small cluster

And hail storm mode is you need a flare or a laser designator

(i plan for there to be more types of ammo later)



How about some armor types now?

Light wight armor

Less durable

More light wight thus making the mech faster


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i like the idea of having a “tank marine” basically soaking up hits while the others do damage, make it sluggish but powerful so xenos have a reason to focus on it as it runs into a choke

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there’s been a few events where an admin spawned in a powerloader with guns and besides that it would also give TL’s a reason to pick exosuit pamphlets

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Doesn’t tgmc already have mechas/mecha pilot role?

Have you played on that server? Maybe that’s what you’re looking for?

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Yeah I’ve played TGMC plenty, but that’s not my idea for an exo. This is more along the lines of what I have in mind:

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Adding more smartgunners doesn’t seem like a good idea, instead make into a melee.

And will it be fucked over by the caves so will it have the same debuffs as a vehicles?

This does look like a TGMC mech

Haven’t devs said like a thousand times that mechs aren’t happening

It’s literally a power loader repurposed for fighting, not a TGMC mech. It would be FAR smaller than the APC, thus not incurring in the same bodyblocking shenanigans as the aforementioned vehicle.

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A fully fledged combat mech is one thing, but a shitty, repurposed, civilian mech with a gun slapped on might be able to pass muster.

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Like the Ronin from Titanfall 2. That’d be amazing to watch.