More internal bleeding ideas

Remove IB, Replace it with arterial bleeding, it will not make actual severity different. this is so to

  • Justify the amount of blood loss it causes. currently IB causes insane blood loss into the void.

  • Marines cant ignore arterial bleeding anymore like they do with IB. It wont make the severity different, but rather make the blood be everywhere constantly(sprays of blood around the marine) and supported with sound.

  • Gives better symptoms about such serious condition. currently the marine has absolutely 0 idea he has IB but “You feel something ruptured”(if that’s still a thing) and in case he didn’t notices it and only understands it after he gets “you feel dizzy” message, he has <30 seconds to get help before he passes out and dies.

  • quick clot… who came up with this name?

  • Marines can apply pressure to the place where aorta is ruptured. this will stop the bleeding but marine will have to stay on one place and it will not stop it forever.

  • maybe xenos will need to slash chest to cause more severe bleeding? this will give a reason to slash chest instead of limbs.

  • remove bica OD heal IB, leave Quick clot where it’s at but rename it into something less straightforward to, ahem, undumbify medbay (maybe make the chemical go through metabolism faster and lower the od to make go back in combat while on quick clot more unsafe. Maybe just apply slowdown to marine) Quick clot now has become MUCH more important as a tool to stop bleeding while a medic stitches him up

  • obviously, bleeding stops when marine dies.

  • more realistic. The chance you get get a artery ruptured in combat is higher than just bullet/slashes delicately causing IB.