More Pamphlets for Points

New types of Pamphlets:

Fireman Carry: For PFC and Medic vendors.
Surgery 1: For Squad Leader vendors. To treat IB at least.
Leadership: For FTL vendors and Req Vendors.

Those sprites need some work…


No PFCs and medics should not be able to fireman carry. That’s one of the most busted abilities in the game. Also leadership shouldn’t be available for req.


Care to say why?

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Pamphlets are rare because they infringe on niches which very specific roles have to fill. You can’t give the SL the opportunity to perform surgery (even if it costs points to gain this ability) because that just makes the medic borderline obsolete. Everything the Medic can do, the SL can do just as well if he were to take an autoinjector pouch and the surgery pamphlet. Everything an SL can do, anyone with the Leadership pamphlet could do just as well.

The Fireman carry one doesn’t do this (though it does infringe on the viability of roller beds, i.e. nullifies the use of them?), but is the worst of them all because fireman carry is busted in actual combat. There’s a reason only MPs and the CO can do it.


Leadership isnt only used in the Orders buffs? Everyone as aSL can already do it but just not as well as them. Leadership would only count when and if you become aSL.

In the same way: Jtac Pamphlets doesnt make FTL borderline “obsolete”? Everything they do is call support weapons, everyone can do that with a few tools and with a pamphlet everyone can be just as good as a FTL. Even the radio font size can be arranged. Even the telephone backpack. Hell, I Mini FTL as PFC everytime, ask anyone that uses radio that “John Morrison” is frequently there to call.

SLs having surgery can save the medics themselves. SLs have way more things to do than save marines BUT when their only medic is going down it gives them the chance to do something about it. Its the same reason we skip Medics as aSL. They dont have time to stop and Lead the same way the SL dont have time to stop and heal.

I can’t say much about fireman carry on combat. To me it looks like a hell of a rescue tool that takes time to perform. If the reason is because you can grief using this on other marines as far as I know you can resist out of a Fireman carry if not cuffed. Also, SLs can do it too.

Are you confusing CQC with Fireman? CQC is the skill that allows CO, MPs and SLs to grab others and do the maneuvers needed to cuff them, no?


Fireman carry would be somewhat balanced because unless you are the Synthetic, it takes a very long time to fireman carry someone. On a frontline you leave yourself highly exposed whereas if you use a roller bed you can instantly pick someone out and sprint away, in fact you can grab someone without having to stop.


“fireman carry is busted” is one hell of a thing to hear considering we have half naked guys running through the xenoball to instantly clip a crit/dead marine onto their roller bed and proceed to gtfo without an issue. but a marine spending several seconds to hoist a guy onto his shoulders for a stylish rescue is overpowered? like i’ve genuinely never heard of this before

roller beds aren’t some rare expensive item that takes up a valuable slot in your inventory. they’re everywhere in medbay and a rifleman can buy one for 5 points and put it into their webbing or whatever. if they want to spend 15 points for the ability to carry people, let them at it.

leadership pamphlets could be cool for FTLs who actually want to lead a fireteam or act as proper 2nd-in-command. it should be entirely restricted to them though.


Xeno slashes roller bed, it’s destroyed. Naked guy gets slashed twice his legs are broken and he can’t go at mach 2 to save you. Fireman carry is limited to Synth, MPs, CO, and SL for a reason. Try using it as SL sometime during combat and you’ll see why it’s powerful.


Again, it takes quite a few seconds to carry someone, and it can be interrupted by anyone pushing them.

Conversely the roller bed can literally drag out someone without the person dragging it having to stop.


synths have max level fireman carry. it takes almost 7 seconds for someone to hoist someone onto your shoulders with 1 pip in fireman carry. you also get a speed penalty. if you force someone to drop their carry (maybe they’ve got no weapon that can be fired effectively with one hand, so they have to shoo off whatever is chasing them) they’re putting themselves and the other marine in big risk. just one pounce and they have to reconsider their options

compare that to just pulling out another roller bed, which is pretty much instant.

also, this is getting locked behind a purchasable pamphlet. not everyone will have it. not everyone wants to use points on a purchase that might not see any use.

the only problem i could see happening is combining this with a roller bed and dragging 2 people at once. but that can just be mechanically restricted (but like, damn, if someone wants to go the extra mile to save people, why not?)


What about Melee pamphlet?

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Play SL and use it, it’s pretty powerful. No reason to give it to everyone. We had it back in the day with techwebs, just no one used it because it was on the implant people didn’t like because it didn’t give night vision or super bones. That implant was busted then and the ability is still busted now.


I really believe you are over-stating how strong fireman carry is

Just to emphasize I made this clip just for you, showcasing the speed diff between a SL using fireman carry versus using a roller bed.


Sorry if this is necroposting, but yeah, I gotta agree with ya. Honestly, the fireman carry sounds like a great pamp, but I’d restrict it to Corpsman as I see no reason why a PFC would use it at all. The other pamps are fine to me, but I just fail to see why a SL would ever use the medical pamp.