More survivor COs on other maps

You can roll for surv co on every map, with this, you actually get a roll on something that isn’t CC
LV-624 could he the commandant(the blue office guy in the nexus)
Solaris ridge chief marshall of the CMB on that colony
Fiorina The prison warden
Trijent chief marshall or foreman
Sokorne I don’t know, upp commander since its a upp colony
I know I’m probably missing some but, leave some ideas for this, expand it a bit


Survivors should have more different roles, not only the COs!


great idea, also definitely suits the new survivor meta of deciding somewhere to cade and hold

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Theyre kinda all fulfilled

Personally? I would rather see a Forcon nightmare insert on some maps. So every so often you’ll see a squad of recon marines. I think from a narrative standpoint it’d be a fun new twist icly provided the twist is kept fairly rare.

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I dont know wether this is sustainable,

You can have them have a bunch of skills like CO and Forecon CO do which will make it very unbalanced as people wont have to roll engineer or they will have a ‘one do it all’,

Or you can have them just be flavor roles, in which case I dont think CO’s who are rolling will roll for them to begin with unless they get something special or unique that would entice them to play a role like survivor meaning that survs would probably get a supersoldier or something in a sense which would make the shit really wierd to fight as a t1 xeno. (like imagine getting shot by a mateba as a drone weeding alone)

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Could be cool just for an RP sense I guess. But of course, the trijent foreman would get high engineering skills cuz ya know, hes an experienced techie.

people shouldn’t ‘have’ to roll engineer anyway… I don’t get your point. They’re not a supersoldier just because they have skills which all survivors used to have anyway

Remember, they are civillians

They got nerfed because they were batshit monsters being able to not get bone breaks, ib, stunned by neuro, tackled, have hacking and folding skill… (I played when this was here, at least 100-150 rounds and while it was very fun to kill aliens it was also really annoying to get rushed by 5 runners a minute in, so from what I see the developers made a reasonable comprimise and removed the surv complete batshit skills and put xenomorph cooldown) I infact, still main surv so I guess this is a bit of credibility in itself.

Right now survivors actually still have more skills than marine, and CO on chance’s claim (which my point is based off of) gets almost ALL the skills needed, so it would end up making other roles obsolete as long as one person rolled CO surv. In where I think many people share the same concerns with everyone rolling security survivor getting jackets and funny armor + helmets with m16s or HG shotguns which will kill most xenos almost instantly)

all of what you listed is reasonable, I think. Permanent damage for a survivor like that is literally round-ending unless there’s time and a synth. Hacking and folding made it so that they didn’t need to rely on engineers to do everything for them. they need the skills so that they can rely on themselves, as it’s a very number-limited and personal skill-based role. You’re not obsolete because somebody else has the skills, it just means that you’re able to do it as well. You’re even more obsolete without the skills…

I don’t have a clue what you’re talking about ‘kill xenos almost instantly’, clearly you have no idea what you’re talking about in that regard.

Remember, it’s a game, and the viability of a role should not be limited by a weakly RP supported point of view

also, they’re not just civilians, they’re civilians that have been forced to survive for an unknown amount of time against xenos

I think this is a pretty good idea, perhaps there can be multiple CO survs and depending on your surv choice you can pick a specific one.

Example being if you pick security surv you can be the Colonial Marshal, if you pick Corpo you can be the second in-command to the Colony Director.