morrow & harry appreciation thread

post what u think they did that was good

it took me pestering morrow for like an entire year+ but he did allow eggsac carriers to place off of hive weeds (nerfed again now tho :frowning: )

uhm, uh, storage nerfs are pretty poggers.

Uh, they made lesser dr00ns i think, pretty based

hijack changes overall are aight

their vision seemed cool and they were open to criticism


Best direction CM has had in years.


underappreciated co council service
maintainer stuff overshadows it
though tbh one is much harder than the other i feel


I will post here what I said on Discord:

@Morrow Just read the post. You were a good one. Did not always agree with your changes but you never hid and addressed the issues. Good luck on all your future endeavors. To quote Frank Sinatra, " I took the blows and did it my way". Also Lannes one of the best Marshal’s of France. I tip my hat and raise my glass to you.

@harryob Harry, I know I am one of but many people that graced this server. You were always kind and patient with me, Even when I asked the stupidest Luddite questions. Without fail,you would be show up to help. I am genuinely sad to see you go. However, I know in my heart of hearts you will be in a better place. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you did for CM. God speed you magnificent bastard and space cowboy.

I am genuinely sad to see both of you go. CM is a lesser place without you. However, take what you have learned here, warts and all, and apply it. I have absolutely no doubt in my mind you will achieve success. The sky is the limit for you both.

God bless you both.


I wasn’t there for like 99% of Morrow’s time as lead but he made some pretty cool PRs (while I was looking at them, anyway) and I vaguely remember him (I think) from before I tried to escape CM so that’s another point in his favor.


All together all the nerf and buffs made a great path for CM for the future devs to follow and take example

Thank you two for all you have done! Godspeed


I feel like they watched me play and fixed all of the mechanics I would regularly abuse for shenanigans. Farewell being able to run sideways and ride on the front of the dropship cockpits. I’ve appreciated all the new content they have brought to CMM and enjoy the game in its current form.


Losing one of them was a very sad thing to hear man, losing both I got no words to describe the loss our community is feeling man. Say what you will about them, both of them have given so damn much to all of us and for what? What did they get in return? For real man I am copin here guys. I poured one out for each of them for them being treated this way man.
To @Morrow and @harryob thank you for all you have done for CM, we wont forget you!


No joke, some of the changes they made to the game rivaled the changes some other staff members made to the community that brought me back after a few years away. While I can’t play as much as I like, it felt like each time I managed to fit a round in, there was always some improvement one of them made since the last time I played that made that night’s game better than the last.


Their departure is a huge loss for the game.

No matter what the reasons are, they did both render huge contributions to the game.

True man. Big shoes to fill whoever takes over. I do not envy that position. I have a feeling CM is going to get really wonky for a bit.


neither of them ever banned me :slight_smile:


i forgot to mention harry, who was incredibly chill and passionate too, and put an insane amount of time into things. I vaguely remember I think morrow saying he did a ton of stuff behind the scenes

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Harry is sticking around so
good news for u

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I dont think they did anything that truly broke or ruined anything. Made harder definitely but I can’t say they did anything to put the game in a worse state and keep in mind im not mister “played since 2015” but the fact that i had a idea what was happening with the game by just peaking in was very nice.

They fixed a ton of bugs which is arguably far brtter than doing what they wanted like some past devs.

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They nerfed candle packs. I will never forgive them.

I miss morrow


He banned me once, but i miss him.

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