Morrows Lost PR

Personally, my issue has never been that solo-capping happens, but that a marine who is perfectly capable of fighting can be removed from the game outright simply because someone got a lucky 2 tap slot machine tackle on him.

Now he’s permadead from the round, despite being perfectly capable of fighting, in fact having essentially been DENIED the opportunity to fight and have fun, simply due to mechanics largely out of his control or influence.

Changing it to simply require a marine to be wounded before he can be solo-capped at least lets people feel like they had a chance to fight back fair and square and provides some mitigation through player choice.

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A solo xeno should almost always win against a solo PFC, bring a battlebuddy.

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RNG bad, more skill based disarm good.

Xeno capping should be buffed in another way that doesn’t rely on RNG.

On the record, I hate the concept of xenos capturing marines which permanently removes them from the round.

When you have two Marines who are jumped by xenos, but one dies (or kills themselves) but the other is dragged off half-dead to be capped. One gets to keep playing, the other is gone forever. Your actually rewarded for killing yourself.

I don’t know if there is a solution.

  • Could we turn on hardcore and balance the game around Marines permanently dying?

How about

  • Remove the concept of xenos needing to capture Marines alive, but they can infect a marine corpse which will burst/perma after a period of time, make it that a marine who dies has a longer revivble time when not infected

I dunno.

The guy that gets capped literally gets a free spot to continue his round as a xeno.

If they don’t wish to play xeno because of some kind of “I only play marine and i’m awesome” elitism, that is on them.

They lost a fight and got into consequences, things like that happen all the time for both sides, we shouldn’t start hand holding too hard. Otherwise, I really enjoy some of these new roles like facehugger and lesser drone that allows ghosted players to still contribute somewhat in the round and still have fun, perhaps something similar could be coded for marines.

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I do not even play xeno but this is true. Go read a book or something.

Killing yourself should give additional heart damage, at the very least. When I play xeno, I sometimes encounter marines who shoot themselves the moment they see me, because they take this over the 1% chance to be capped. I think change like this is easy to make, we already can check who caused the death.

the true solution is to copy TGMC and port psydrain wait nvm this isn’t acid goop I mean skill issue the marine allowed a xeno to be in tackling distance for too long while having too few (competent) allies that are willing to shoot the slow moving xeno as it drags them off into the darkness never to be seen again.