Morrows Lost PR

I never understood why this never got merged

The PR basically says you have to damage a marine to make him more cappable. No more 100 health two tap tackle.

No one likes to be tackled from two clicks ( About 3 seconds ), hell even marines can’t kill a drone that fast. Xeno’s like to tackle 24/7 I know its how they cap. However, the current capping for backlines is too shitty, imagine your going from LZ to T-fort, BAM a drone pops out and clicks you two times and your fallen over, unable to react due to the sheer rate of attack from them. At most you could of wipped out your rifle and shot one round one handed from panic.

My suggestion is we give morrow’s PR a test, and see if the community likes it.

If it doesn’t, fair enough. We won’t keep it.
If it does then morrow 1 : 0 CM Xeno’s


Xeno mains, unleash your salt

because its a shit pr


Honestly, I think this is a good idea. My only problem is that this is just another xeno nerf. Capping already been nerfed to hell and beyond, and making it even more difficult will cause xeno’s win rate to drop even further (it’s already very low). Only alternative I see (except reverting to 2 or at least 1.5 larvas per burst) is to remove oxy damage from moving crit marines (at least when devoured? Make devour stabilize marines?).

On the other hand, this change will probably make solocapping easier, and I am not sure if this is what we want.

I mean, give the facehugger a way to stabilise the marine. I mean lore wise from aliens, the facehugger actually does CPR on the host to keep them alive. ( I think it does, read it from somewhere )

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Marines after being hugged by a lore accurate facehugger:

MFW we want to actually have xenos engage with combat and attrition mechanics instead of some wack ass slot machine as you gamble for your stun.

The limit for maximum disarm effectiveness needed to go up a bit (as in like 60 HP instead of 80)

Xenos needed a way to examine and see general “damage” of a mob

Some of the tackle amounts needed tweaked

Anyone who is arguing to hold back removal of one of the dumbest parts of the game feel of CM because “muh balance” needs to go wipe off the clown facepaint.


The PR is fine besides the nerfs to the tackle cap (just why?) and the damage part, if you’re slashing somebody chances are everybody else is going to start slashing them too, and they’ll be dead before capping is even on the table.

This was one of my favorite changes Morrow tried to enact. It wasn’t numerically perfect yet, but the idea was in the right spirit and the numbers could have been tweaked.

Tackle is an incredibly lame shitty mechanic that sucks…

But can we get a replacement… lined up first.

I will gladly trade high tackle for hugger AI that is worth a damn.

I thought this change was interesting, and I had hoped to see it continued and adopted. I do believe RNG tackle is a bad mechanic.

Rewarding Marines for staying topped up on health to reduce their cap chances, and encouraging xenos to wound marines before they go for the cap, seems not only logical but healthier for the game.

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I think people complain too much about solo capping, for me it just illustrates how xenos are actually terrifying strength wise when they get in melee. Them being unable to tackle a marine much less heavy and strong than them makes them feel anemic.

Still, I understand why some people may feel frustration when getting tackled and dragged (especially when you have oblivious marines around you). I think instead we could have a system for if a xeno takes some damage regardless of weapon, they drop their tackled marine, some kind of response to pain or something.

With this, we could still keep strong xenos who are able to punish players going solo while being able to be countered a bit more easily if no one got a stun weapon.


As a surv gamer this change makes no difference to me because you gutted the Surv role so badly that we can get IB from a single drone slash, unable to shock doors most of the time, no flames that arent rng suicides, and to top it off the whole focus on “realism” but that rail flashlight surv grudgenerf that isn’t very realistic at all.


RNG is important IMO because Gramps would take a RNG chance to self-PB than 99.9% perma vore-stun, autocap xeno hand-holding. Pulled off a self-“BUCK FUCKS” chest PB with 3 xenos tackle drag-spamming for capture and it felt GREAT, even 4 screens from where I was capped. Giving bugs more reasons to not Vore because they can gang**** tackle spam whiile dragging negates existing mechanics. Tackle-drag gang**** is bad enough already. Why does Vore exist if all that happens is indefinite stuns, tackle-drag spam, etc?

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they outheal on weeds, can spit you out to disarm weapons over and over, queens heal, 100 roundstart tunnels. yeah capping be cancer


Btw killing yourself to prevent cap should perma you or at least give additional heart damage.

Also interesting idea.

This should be tested out, afterall. We like balance :+1:

Had a sentinel tell me that killing myself after being hugged by a “veteran facehugger” who admitted he observed me and then doubled back and “just came upon me” he gets the hug hiding under a shocked door but I woke up just as the carrier was about to devour me and stun close the shocked door, as im running north infected a sent who already failed to capture me with 2 defenders sees me misses his first neuro and cuz im infected and permastun sucks ANYWAY and its late I PB buckshot myself and he tells me with “that im metagaming because I don’t know what happens to those hugged” Im a survivor on the colony with multiple bodies holes in their chest facehuggers at their corpses but I just gotta let it grow because xeno massive skill issue cant capture as a sent with 2 defenders. They wont be happy til survs start nested in hive, and even then if they brung back resist outta nest they’d still manage to lose.

Damn you wrote an entire cope post because of one wrong xeno and one possibly metagaming hugger.

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Damn and you did a reply because you know me but I don’t know you, that’s crazy, it was more to inform him some xenos think you shouldn’t be allowed to kill actually but stay hating because I dunno you?