Mortar "HRP"

half assed shitposts continue

  • Mortar does not require training to fire or adjust. However, there is a channel time for someone who is not trained on the mortar to adjust the weapon.
  • Ammunition now comes in a tidy lil crate! Works like a standard ammobox, but clicking opens the storage menu by default. If struck by damage or lit on fire, it may explode. Hint: MAKE A MORTAR PIT WITH SANDBAGS OR BARRICADES.

The mortar ammo box would be such a nice QoL update. Just having stacks of shells is always just… annoying and inconvenient. Especially when req is trying to move mortar shells groundside and not have them take up most of the crate space.

Might also help with the “Mobile” mortar idea that floats around every so often. Because like there’s a mortar operator belt rig which is designed for just that. Oneself could make a tidy loadout for that express purpose.

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The boxes would be amazing but not for putting them down next to the mortar. For a box cannot beat the limitless pile of shells that one sorts around the operator. But its better for sending the shells down to groundside. Honestly i think it would be fine if you get rid of mortar bags and belts and just allow req to make mortar boxes with like 5 cardboard or something. The bags and belts are only, only used for filling creats. No one uses them for a practical reason besides that. Having an option that shows what type of shells that are stored(ie: box for incen, HE, Hefa, and custom) would make sorting them into the piles groundside better as well. Also it would allow req to pack the supply boxes better, without needing to hope FOB people send any of the belts or bags back up.

I have seen various marines do the frontline mortar strategy to varying degrees of effectiveness. Which is what the mortar belts, and bags should be used for.

But you do make a good point.

The amount of shells held is laughable, this idea is good.

I think frontline mortar is just something that spawns from salt. Not getting any cords whole OP so you take the mortar with you to front and get your own cords. It is madening i admit that. Still bad idea.

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Can definitely see how it would come from salt.
I’m debating on trying it out myself if the right map comes up, as some are less cavey than others.
Still a terrible idea though. I’ve played a ton of req so I know very well how much a replacement mortar costs (6k points) and what an annoyance it is.
Also carrying around a mortar and the mortar belt/backpack or both. Doesn’t leave you with much room for meds, ammo, etc.

I would love a way to compartmentalize and transport mortar shells, since that’s a large percentage of what you do when dealing with req crates. Using a mortar shell crate as an improvised explosive would also be really fun.

Also setting up a mortar battery of like 3 mortars who can quickly loose 2 shells each sounds like a busted strategy