Move Food Vendors, Give MST More Time

This was kicked around in Discord today and I think it deserves a proper ideasguys. Currently troops wake up and immediately eat in prep to not have to deal with the hunger slowdown. It would be much more RP friendly if marines woke up and had to go to the mess hall to eat. The current layout and order of operations gives the MST almost no chance to cook anything before most people have eaten to immediately rid themselves of the hunger annoyance, and it seems almost inverted from what makes sense from a roleplay standpoint. Some ideas that were mentioned were:

*Marines don’t suffer hunger for 10 minutes after waking, giving MST more time to prepare food.
*Move the food vendors to the mess hall/expanded mess hall

There are probably more suggestions those involved in the conversation could add below, but I can’t remember them at the moment. The only downside that was pointed out in discussion was the fact that forcing everyone to eat breakfast in the mess hall is apparently homoerotic ERP. This, in my opinion, is a bonus and should be mandatory and compulsory anyway. Jokes aside, it promotes camaraderie, promotes roleplay, gives the MST a bit more to do, and makes a little more sense objectively.


Imagine this okay, I will write this as a stroy as a PFC.

You wake up with your squad 20, other marines. hungry famished, you have not smelt food in literal months, your body craves food. hungry as shit you all walk to mess, you see 60 other marines all fighting for the single piece of bread that the mess tech made. Chairs are being thrown marines are being shoeved.

even with the 10 min timer this will happen. This is just unavoidable


How is any of this a bad thing? Sounds like fun.

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Honestly sounds like it would be good RP and create good interactions between marines.

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This entire idea is dumb and stupid and makes the MST a role that is vital to the ships function (a role thats ment to be chill and open up for goofy shit to happen)

it will create a rush to be the first person to eat food which to be fair happens Irl in deployments. Early birds nd shite. But the issue is that this aint real life, food vendors aint going away even if it opens up RP

Excuse the harsh words but like its true, Its a dumb idea that will create unescesary chaos something that should be avoided

I think you missed the part about moving food vendors to and expanding the mess hall a bit more in all this. If there’s no MST or a slow MST you get what is supposed to be cornbread from the vendors. :slight_smile:

I made a very rough jpeg sketch of what I would really like to see with this idea:

The massive open area in brief with tables and vendors only used for Charlie breakfast or cleared out for brief holds would be the new kitchen/mess hall and food vendors would be moved here/removed from squad prep areas. The flow would be Wake Up->Gear Up->Req->Mess->Briefing. The hunger slowdown would gradually set in over 10 minutes from round start. This is a big change, however, with reworking parts of the ship. Even just removing the squad prep food vendors and adding 10 minutes to when you get hungry and keeping literally everything else the same would be perfectly fine, as marines would still all flock to the Mess or Brief area to either hit up a food vendor or the MST to see what’s cooked.


I got mad at this idea until I read marines dont wake up hungry, it happens after a bit of time. I am all for it, I think it would add more RP moments. You could even move food vendors to hangar and have the shutters to keep marines out for a certain time.


Shutters to keep them out unless CO/XO open them would be funny as hell. We might end up woth food riots if there’s no MST.

I admire the creativity. My question is what happens if no MST spawns or they are completely bald? How does this effect the round?

There are still food vendors, they are just now located in the Mess Hall or Briefing Mess area… Potentially locked behind shutters ala hijack. If we got this bonus locked shutters, we could potentially see food riots and mutiny! What fun. Otherwise, yeah, if MST is absent or slow you just take a few steps to the relocated vendors for some cornbread.

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This is the thing that will make mess harder better stronger and faster.

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This seems like a great idea if you enjoy playing as a MP and want to get involved in dealing with a mass riot involving 80 marines fighting over a few pieces of toast.

Actually, I lie. 40 of the marines will be fighting over toast. The other 40 will be rioting around the food vendors as they all try to push and shove their way in to grab their food or escape the growing mass of marines.


Finally a reason to start the biggest mass arrest in history.


This is an MP false flag operation.


could always give MPs access to the kitchen and then just limit their ability to cook any thing good. Make it so all they can make is shit food, so if theres no chef, MPs are making horrible slop to stop marines from rioting over being hungry. even more RP opportunities.


I am pretty sure MPs already have kitchen access for arresting the cannibal cook (me still using breaching charges to enter kitchen as MP).


With Pride Month now over it is once again illegal to have Homoerotic Breakfast ERP. Sorry, Charlie mains.

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