MPs having access to rifles on green

It doesn’t make much sense to me on why MPs are only allowed sidearms during green as they are meant to be the “Onboard-Security force” in the middle of a military operation. If hostile survivors or unhappy survivors come up picking for a fight who do you think is going to win. A pistol or a fully loaded rifle?

It also adds the fact that the entire marine force is loaded with rifles and various others and if one decides to go hostile on the others it shows a problem in the ability of security’s capacity to stop it.

There was a time where MPs were swapped over to Vietnam era with rifles as their main weapon and nothing went wrong and the MPs were more than able to deal with incoming xenos and other threats on the alamo giving them more time to instead get defenses set up or get the rest of the MPs to the dropship instead of rushing them all the way over to the Brig armory then back (by then the alamo would arrive back so its not really worth the run)

Just my take on it. On why maybe we shouldn’t punish MPs with only pistols during a military op where every second counts when it comes to onboard lethal problems.


pistol or a rifle ? on green ? my bet is on the disabler gun few of that and honestly it dosent matter if he is using a rifle just dont get shot

You clearly have never used the disabler. It’s a very situational weapon that is not at all suited for use on someone at range. You can quite literally dodge the incoming bolts with ease like you’re playing a bullet hell game. Disablers are good for CQC or crowded areas as they’re ability to only hit affect one person and pass through others is great. If you’re dealing with an armed threat, forget it, you will be dead before they got into stamina-crit.

I’m glad that the topic of running to the brig and back for guns was brought up. That is such a time consuming chore and in emergencies where reaction time is paramount, you do not have time to get the weapons.

I think being allowed to carry long-weapons would be a fine change to MP, albeit not necessary in the slightest. The sidearms can definitely be used to take down lethal threats, even multiple in the right hands.

If this were implemented, I think it would further push rubber guns into uselessness, which I don’t like at all. If MP are carrying strong lethals, why would anyone go get non-lethals, especially when people always love some good HvH. Rubber guns are already used once in a blue moon and I’d hate to diminish any chance of them being used even less.


Disagree fully as a CMP main.

MP’s are given every advantage under the sun, and this peeves me somewhat as it lowers the skill required to MP. Having a sidearm reintroduces that skill in a incident where you are forced to fend off a marine with a rifle. Some of my best moments have been mutual kills on MT gang members like Murphy

I’d suggest just placing weapon vendors that you get in firing ranges to be placed in the checkpoint. Rather than doing a whole overhaul of the SOP and ML.