Mr. Minimoose - Player Report: Bloody Larva (16), Baneful Hugger (513)(?), Rule 6. No Metagaming or Metacommunication

Mr. Minimoose - Player Report: Bloody Larva (16), Baneful Hugger (513)(?), Rule 6. No Metagaming or Metacommunication

What’s your BYOND key?
Mr. Minimoose

Time of incident:

Your character name:
Elder Sentinel (XX-650)

Accused BYOND key:

Accused character name:
Bloody Larva (16), Baneful Hugger (513)(?)

What rule(s) were broken?:
Rule 6. No Metagaming or Metacommunication

Description of the incident:
Unsure if this was ever handled considering no staff were on at the time and my ahelp about it went unanswered, so I’ll just leave this here.
I didn’t personally see the situation but the chat alone set off a lot of red flags. LV-624 LZ2 had been taken in a successful siege and we were all waiting for the hijacked dropship to land when a random freshly-spawned larva yells about the location of the marine scout specialist. At first I think they made it to hive but once I watched and listened to them they made it clear that the scout was just facehugged by them. I’m not entirely sure about the ruling over what you’re allowed to “remember” from playing as a facehugger since a successful facehug gives you an immediate respawn, let alone when playing as something else afterwards, but judging by the accusation in the hivemind chat afterwards, this is probably a particularly bad move on this player’s part.


Short clip and i can provide a 6 min vid of this too.

Every time i die during a fob siege i almost always go hugger to try and sneak hugs in during the chaos. Here im just listening to music running around after marines left, notice random buckshot in the jungle, i always right click tiles that look weird to me as well which funny enough 6/10 i catch a marine hiding in some obscure spot, i right clicked the buckshot and scout popped right up which is why i paused, my mouse does not appear on recordings though, i ran up and hugged him which is broadcasted to hive in chat and warrior also watched me hug them as well so now all of hive would know per funny hivemind, me spawning and saying i got scout was just me celebrating for actually randomly finding them which was pretty damn funny

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That seems fair to me, if it was all unintentional then I don’t think this is a real issue. The timing and chat at the time just had me very suspicious in the moment. I know using ghost is a thing people do to scout out potential hugger targets but since the video doesn’t show this and also captures you getting force spawned after, I’d like to withdraw this report. Sorry about dragging you into this, bud.


Withdrawn have nice day