Mr. Minimoose - Player Report: Unknown (Ah'kui Nhon?), Predator Honor Code

Mr. Minimoose - Player Report: Unknown (Ah’kui Nhon?), Predator Honor Code

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Mr. Minimoose

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Kate Saiga

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Au’te Eaul’haa

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Predator Honor Code

Description of the incident:

I had decided to play DCC this round, and had popped on and off the Normandy to check on whichever minor event shenanigans had been going on every 10 or so minutes when I hear that there’s another intruder (apparently a sentinel was onboard earlier?) on the Almayer again. Much earlier, I had seen that research had a predator corpse, medcomp, used up thwei crystal, and some other object I don’t remember, all unattended, so I had assumed it was going to be another 5 or 10 minute panic. Instead, I ride for another two or so CAS runs and come back to hear that all of CIC is dead. I go check, find about 3 command staff and a member of Dutches’ dozen, leave to research after hearing there’s been killings, and find a pile of corpses. Unfortunately par for the course, this is where trouble starts. And also where I make an assumption about which predator did what, because I obviously cannot see their names and didn’t even get to examine one I had seen earlier, so if the wrong predator name is listed, I’m sorry, but that’s who I’m guessing did most of what happened judging by appearance. As a DCC, I obviously go to work on checking the bodies, since the screaming had just started and people were filtering in. As soon as I go to work reviving one corpse, I see the chief engineer walk up to me on fire and begging for help, after which I’m immediately gunned down by a plasma pistol. I have observed enough predator hijacks to know the chaos gets in the way often, but I’m also now a witness and victim of a predator attacking both a chief of a completely unrelated department, and a working medic, when predators aren’t supposed to attack either according to the honor code. It’s obviously hard to keep track of who’s trying to protect predator gear and who’s trying to fight, but that should be reason to take more care rather than firing on any living marine around. The entire research area was already cleared of living marines in the first place when I had gotten there, anyway. But fine, happens a lot, let’s skip forward. Dutches’ dozen had almost all died, about 10+ marines have gone permanently dead, 5 or so marines were being revived, and about 10 people total were in the lower medbay. The only living humans in the area that would even remotely be targets were two or so Dutches’ dozen members standing around at critical health, trying to protect all of the working medics. Things seemed fine, I figured they had even gotten the predator equipment that had been sitting in the research cells. Only for my motion detector to ping one more than usual, and I see an invisible predator running through the medical area, bumping people and slipping around just to… do nothing? I don’t think they had hit or shot anyone, they were just running through making a nuisance of themselves for no apparent reason? Maybe they were looking around for leftover equipment? Tracked something into the area? As far as I’m aware, there should be much better ways to do any of what they were trying to accomplish, unless they were actually considering trying to fight barely-living Dutches’ dozen in the middle of a bunch of medical personnel and corpses just to have an excuse to keep killing people. Thankfully, after a few seconds of scrambling, they had run off and left the place alone. That’s the extent of any actual problematic behavior I personally saw, but also what I see a lot in predator hijacks. And this isn’t just a report only made because I was personally wronged for once in a chaotic predator raid. I don’t seek a WL termination, I only make this as guided by an ahelp when I was confused regarding whether or not predators were actually allowed to do what I had just seen and always saw on the Almayer when it had stolen predator items on it. Many rounds where predator equipment and corpses are taken to the Almayer almost always devolve into a predator killing marines and unrelated people en masse with weapons they aren’t normally allowed to use, and I feel the rules surrounding it should be tightened rather than leaving the issue as “well it gets confusing sometimes,” with how often these issues derail rounds.


No recordings, I hadn’t thought to shadowplay any of the described situations until after they had long passed, logs will probably be necessary.

i dont really remember making more than one or two uses of my plasma pistol especially not in lower medbay
i made use of my plasma pistol in upper medbay when i got engaged by a marine and a DD soldier, you should also ahelp for the ckey of a pred next time cause i dont think you’re talking about me (ah’kui nhon)

I was probably the other pred, “Au’te Eaul’haa”. I may or may not have shot you with a plasma pistol - probably from offscreen, as is the nature of the gun. I only used it when groups of either marines defending gear or DD were swarming in groups of 3, 4, 5, etc. So I apologize but collateral is collateral - I try to ICly and OOCly minimize it for the sake of player fun and return bodies of noncombatants.

Otherwise, yes, preds are allowed to use any tool in their arsenal to get people who are withholding gear or being combative towards them on the Almayer. It is also not an honor code violation to merely walk around in medical while cloaked looking for gear. We were probably looking for gear, as there was a body and 12-14 pieces scattered around the Almayer like an easter egg hunt.

Although it is just player courtesy to minimize collateral for the enjoyment of the round, and myself and others try to practice this, sometimes stuff does happen. Until they add a specific penalty or stringent restraint for the “little things” in gear recovery though, these small hiccups will just remain part of the chaos of that kind of event. I do apologize if I interrupted your round, but nobody broke the honor code here.

Accused name edited, sorry, but it really is literally impossible to identify predators as a human. And for the record, the lower medbay segment is VERY speculative, since I have practically zero knowledge on the actual capabilities of a predator. I know a lot of what usually happens is just a constant of the chaos of gear retrieval, but I would like to keep this up in hopes that we do see some sort of increased standards regarding shipside raids.

Reach out to the council instead on discord for getting things changed, these reports are for sanctions.

As it stands at face value what you are reporting are not HC violations.