mr.mustafa - Staff Report: Enforcement Action Taken - lynxsolstice

mr.mustafa - Staff Report: Enforcement Action Taken - lynxsolstice

What’s your BYOND key:


Round ID:


Your character name:

bbq preatorian

Their BYOND key:


What are you reporting?:

Enforcement Action Taken

Description of the incident:

again same TrialModerator… soo what happend is i didnt click shift L for looc and i acidently messaged in the IC messages . i sayd “dont you have the tc map opend”
then the stalking trail pm’d me that i cant do that, i told them i miss clicked and dint see where it was sending , they didnt care and noted me for a tiny misstake.
real this trail is getting on my nerves , all other admins, moderatiors are cool and understanding but this one keep pm’ing me for the smallest thins i do.


somone teach this trail some manners. they dont understand what is warrning. real my notes are all him, get me another modderatior to talk to me. im getting stressed

Use a translator, or a spell checker if you’re gonna make official reports in the future please.
OOC in IC is against the rules and a warnable offense, it doesn’t matter what staff member issues it.

Based on this, it was not a violation of staff protocols.