MsLoveShacker - Staff Report: Behaviour involving Misconduct - Moonshanks

MsLoveShacker - Staff Report: Behaviour involving Misconduct - Moonshanks

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When did this incident occur:

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Nina ‘Salt’ Steiner

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What are you reporting?:
Behaviour involving Misconduct

Description of the incident:
An SG wearing a gas mask was doing CPR on me in caves, not getting me to a medic. Lot’s of players don’t know medical. That’s fine. So when I was revived, I quickly and curtly told him in LOOC to just drag me - or someone else - to a medic/synth, don’t do CPR endlessly.

A few minutes later I get an admin DM telling me I shouldn’t use LOOC to give out information that would help me. I was not doing that. I told him after I’d’ve already been helped information for them to use in the future. And using LOOC while unconscious is also physically impossible, and has been for months. I was then given a verbal warning to watch what I say in LOOC, and asked why I didn’t just say it ICly - suggesting that was a better thing to do.

An admin shouldn’t be suggesting the proper course of action is say OOC information ICly. If I learn where the Hive is when Ghosted, I cannot say it when resurrected ICly. If someone steals my gun while I am dead, I am not walking straight to exactly that person once revived and taking it back. I also cannot use information gathered in the restricted FoV when unconscious once I am conscious. I was unconscious. I didn’t see anything. I don’t even know the SG was doing CPR. I am never, ever saying ICly, “Hey SG, when I was unconscious, just drag me to a medic or Synth, and leave me there. Don’t endlessly CPR me” or anything close to that unless I am regaled for some reason that someone is doing that.

My SL round I was having fun with got sidetracked cause I was told not to do something I am physically incapable of doing. Then it was suggested I should do a rulebreak instead so as to avoid using LOOC wrong. Basically, I am slightly annoyed, and gonna go back to CK2 for the day. See y’all Friday. If I feel like it.


This is not misconduct, as you were not noted. This was him doing his job and making a judgment call. He used discretion to not issue any type of violation. You can’t tell people stuff in LOOC like that, and is technically a rule break. If someone is struggling to do something mechanical you can send an ahelp ticket to notify staff online “Hey this dude might need some help or a mentor.”

When he said “Why didn’t you say it IC” maybe he was referring to “Hey dude, I need xyz”, but regardless, he investigated and chose to give you a reminder.