- Discord Ban Appeal

Discord Ban Appeal -

What is your Discord ID?

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Total Ban Duration


Reason for Ban

You were warned in SS13: Colonial Marines - Official for admitted racism and harassment and of a community member in DMs. Discord perma. | Manager Ban. -forest
[2:51 PM]
You were banned in SS13: Colonial Marines - Official.


I would like to say that I was completely in the wrong. It was a bad month for me and I took the game way too seriously, leading me to take out my frustration on a player in their Discord DMs, like it was a COD lobby. I would like to apologize to Elizabeth Knight’s player if they feel uncomfortable or offended to what I said in the DMs. I understand now that what I did was immature and unacceptable.

If i’m let back inside into the Discord server, I promise I won’t do such a thing again, and I will also tone down my shitposting. I acknowledge that I have a history of being banned or warned for that aswell, and I promise to fix that.

Hello, you have two permanent bans on record, as such, you are not eligible to appeal.

Resolved - Denied.

Added appeal:denied and removed appeal:waiting