Nail Gun

Nail guns should be available in vendors for engineers, synths and etc.


I like and support this idea.


Synths already have a nailgun they can buy, they just don’t take it.


Not just for synths, its for all engineers. MT’s CE and anything else.


Nailgun maybe would be considered OP if it was unlimited use. But with it needing nails I think it would be a cool addition to techs.


Well, the dev who made nailguns designed them specifically for survivors. The description of the nailgun explains that it is only viable for certain civilian construction projects and is economically unviable for military application. They’re pretty powerful, so it makes sense they be limited in quantity.

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It should probably be a downgraded version without the ability to fire

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The nailgun is very powerful. 1 metal to repair a cade that would’ve take 4 to 8 metal/plasteel to fix? As it stands Synthetics can get access to it. I genuinely feel if every ComTech had access to it, then it might be seen as overpowered.

You can repair a cade faster than even a small group of xenos can attack it.

Maybe if Req was issued one or two of them? But even then it might still be excessive.


Main selling point of nailgun tho is its ability to repair cades in «falling apart» state. I don’t think a tool that lets you do exactly this would be overpowered.

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you ever stop to think that maybe you’re unable to repair falling apart cades for a reason? Adding things that let you circumvent existing mechanics almost never ends well. Why would you propose even more cadehugging buffs in current game state anyway?
Besides, even if we ignore the cade repair nailgun slow/stun would be broke as fuck were it widely available. And no, adding a weaker version for marines isnt really a good solution since then you end up with a confusing situation where there’s 2 versions of the same gun that you cant easily tell apart without examining.

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I don’t see a big deal here. We already have nailgun, that allows you to circumvent this mechanic. Never was that big of a deal. Even opposite, it is quite balanced. You have to sacrifice some space in your inventory to carry nailgun, plus you spend resources to use it (metal and nails). In exchange you get ability to repair falling apart cades, instead of rebuilding them. So again, wouldn’t see a problem if such a tool (not exactly nailgun obv) was available to engineers for points.

as a limited surv weapon, yes. Same logic as why you cant nor should be able to buy PMC guns, thermobaric rocket launchers, etc. Or why you can’t buy a mateba despite it being essentially just a revolver with heavy rounds.

Even if you make some separate tool for this thats not a nailgun, wouldn’t it run into balance issues vs trapper boilers, making engineers able to outrepair them and thus forcing buffs? Risk of this becoming an annoying must-buy for engineers? If it’s being made widespread shouldn’t you just allow welders to repair cades in that state instead? Is this a better way for both sides to handle engineer gameplay than the current one where engis should prepare a fresh cade instead of eternally repairing?

I think it’s a pointless buff that’d bring with itself a bunch of issues on top of ruining a cool rare item by making it commonplace.

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You can outrepair trapper boiler with a regular wielder. Problem is you are going to suffer a lot of acid damage while doing so. And even if you can somehow avoid damage from trapper (which is not easy because of, well, traps) while repairing cades with nailgun, you still have to spend precious metal instead of expendable fuel.

Don’t think it will ever become a must-buy, because most engineers ignore nailgun even if it’s lying in FOB.

Nah the mechanic is fine and kinda interesting.

It’s a tool after all. You have a choice. It’s like with walls, you can C4 them, you can shoot them down with masterkey, you can dismantle them.

hard to tell how much would this matter though, since there’s both plenty of metal and the cost would probably have to be low to even be a relevant option - would it be worth it even if it cost a single sheet? A cade’s worth 5 rn iirc?

I think its overcomplicating simple repairs with more boring steps if introduced on a wide scale but opinions be opinions I guess.

The thing with choices is that there tends to be one that is superior. Like with attachments. Introducing bad choices aint exactly good and choices for choices’s sake is just bloat.