Nerf IA, add a brain damage effect

Currently, I feel that ImiAlky/IA is too OP right now, I don’t see the logic behind an oral medication that has the ability to permanently heal brain/eye damage. How can other medicine like Peridaxon or advanced machine such as the AutoDoc not be able to directly heal organ damage, yet the two most complex organs like the eyes/Brain can be healed directly by taking a dose of medication?

I suggest that perhaps IA be adjusted, to temporarily pause the effects of brain and Eye damage, instead of permanently fixing it, just like Peridaxon except it’s just for the brain and eyes. Alternatively: Just nerf the eye/brain damage heal, if we pretended that the brain could be healed with medicine, it is still OP right now the way it is.

To add onto this, IA makes certain surgeries such as the brain surgery kind of pointless. Brain surgery should be a necessary thing, not just some optional surgery

Add slurred speech for brain damage
Makes you instead of go “I need some medical help”
To “I n’ED somM e’deICAL Hel” or something

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You do have a point, and medical nerf is planned. Autodoc nerf was planned, that’s why it an no longer heal those.

However, anything related to development begs several questions including the following:

Fun? Yes then go ahead
No then discussion/approval/etc

We’re not trying to be realism simulator 101, I mean cmon xenos in real life? since when? kinda thing.

Ultimately, I’m not for or against. Just saying this is something to consider.



Mannitol is used before/during brain surgery in order to reduce brain swelling, therefore it’s still not a permanent fix for the brain, and it does not directly heal the brain either

Mannitol is in some cases also simply used after brain injury to delay the effects of the brain injury until proper treatment can be applied

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Im gonna go ahead and say no just for the fact that people who dont live in peak hour timezones often deal with having no fob doctors or synthetics. There have been way too many times where on many rounds fob docs were too bald to fix simple organ damage or fractures.

I dont think removing these chemicals are a good idea, since most people dont even take them and if I could just tailstab someone in the face and break their eyes/brain before leaving resulting in them going shipside and waiting for the bald PO to launch after 15 minutes of walking around, I dont think a lot of people or late night players would apprecieate this change.

Now the way you say it sort of implies that its intended that they should delay rather than fix, but I mean come on nobody wants to wait 15-20 minutes for some baldass doctor or PO while being coked up on meds.


Unless it was removed there are speech effects for high levels of brain damage.

You start “yelling like an idiot” and all your text is in all caps. Then some sluring and all caps.

I know there is an effect that occasionally interupts you as you “forgot what you were doing”.

Has to be pretty high damage and I have only seen it by poisoning people

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Hell no. Year 2182, researchs can make stims that make you faster than a runner. Now your saying you shouldn’t be able to fix brain / eye damage through pills?

Man do you really hate marines