Nerf the larva from pylon

Pylon is good on paper.

But as someone that likes captures because that’s a good way to perma, the pylon is ass. “Queen we don’t have to cap we can just get the pylon!” Some rounds you cannot just get the pylon, and on top of that it just undose all the kills the marines got.

Wow the marines had us down to 8 xenos…

“Burrower go burrow through the wall and get us the pylon!”

Now we are making larva per minute and soon we’re back up to 20 with absolutely 0 input from captures. Pylon also encourages marines to hang around the fob/comms instead of pushing, but if you move comms deeper it just encourages xenos to sit on the comms tower to get larva as soon as possible.

Idk, need another solution. Pylon larva is gamey and zzzz.


With the fact that capping is must harder now I do not agree with this. The xenomorph community has basically said we are just going to kill not cap

My guy, rounds where comms and espacially FOB are left alone are usually the rounds where marines lose the hardest. There is a good reason why an entire squad gets FOB duty. If you dont like to do it, you can chose your squad in the roundstart prefrence menu. FYI, Brvo is FOB duty.

Maybe if this were still the old tackle system I would agree. And Esp. if we were back when that one iteration of Eggsac where it could plant anywhere was around. But now? Absolutely not. Xenos need the pylons moreso then ever. That is even if they get to that point.


Plan was to lower it when the “siege” castes were introduced.

F rip, makes sense now then

How about this, Marines also get a pylon but it generates 1000 req cash per minute.

Echo squad go brr brr flank?

Xeno’s and marines now both have weaknesses?

Maybe Req can now buy cool stuff for marines rather than buying ammunition and metal 24/7 like NVG’s!?

This won’t lead to somebody’s PR on pylons being removed that they worked hard on, plus will give memetainers to work on something in the free time.